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Kay (King101) | 117 comments Mod

First Name:

Middle Name:

Last Name:

Nickname (Optional):



Year?: Year first- Fifth: ( first is like the 14 year olds, second is the 15 year olds, third is the 16 year olds, forth is the 17 and Fifth is the 18 year olds.

Appearance: *No anime*

General Style:

Personality: 3-5 Sentences

History: 3-5 sentences
(As in what was their reaction of finding out about being a Spy/Assassin? What is their family background?)


Weapon of Choice:

Skills: What do they do best?

Relationship status:


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First Name: Asher

Middle Name: Koda

Last Name: Knight

Nickname (Optional): Knight. (His last name)

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Year: Fifth


General Style: He wears a tight black t-shirt and black cargo pants when he is training though: (view spoiler)

Personality: He is the kind of guy to take charge of a situation. He doesn't like to deal with drama or conflict, this is why he is the best Assassin at the School. He doesn't let anything get to him and can come across as emotionless at times.

History: His father and mother attending this school when they were younger and become great Assassins. His father is now the head assassin (Director) for the Government. Asher hopes to follow in his footsteps.

Asher was always getting into trouble with the law and even with his parents before he got to the Academy. He learned fast when he got here that he was meant to be an assassin, he is fast on his feet and his aim is deadly, everyone knows not to mess with him.

He is pretty popular at school, ever knows who he is because of who is parents are, but he holds his own when it comes to popularity, he is the best at the school, holds most of the records and has a great future in front of him.

His two younger brother and little sister also attend the school. They are all deadly and everyone knows it.

Family: Gavin Knight (Father), Willow Knight (mother), Lucas Knight (Brother (17), Xander Knight (brother (16)) and Haven Knight (sister(16))

Weapon of Choice: Sniper Rifle:

Skills: He is a great sniper, his aim is amazing. But he also excels in hand to hand combat.

Relationship status: open

Other: his tattoo:

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kuseyo First Name: Kharisma

Middle Name: Zharia

Last Name: Honors

Nickname: Risma

Gender: Feminine [F]

Age: Sixteen [16; birthday - 3 May]

Year: 3


Height: Five-foot-three [5‘3“]

Hair Color: Dark Auburn -

Eye Color: (view spoiler)

General Style: (view spoiler)

Personality: Kharisma is warm in spirit, eager for action and is driven by a desire to find adventure. She is magnanimous leader and a faithful servant. Her motto might be "What you see is what you get." She tends to live her life straightforwardly and with a flair for drama. In fact, Kharisma is attracted to the performing arts and public relations. Sometimes as she blazes through her life, she needs to remember to take time to acknowledge the feelings of those around her. If she forgets, she could unconsciously hurt someone she loves. Kharisma likes to explore the different avenues of life to make her life more exciting and interesting. She loves freedom and will never let anyone dictate the terms of her existence. Impatience and a hot-headed nature are some of the problems. Once she can bring these emotions under control, she has a much better chance of not only being successful but finding happiness.

History: Kharisma Zharia Honors was born to Evangeline and Haden Honors on May 3, 1995. Based on her family's bloodline, her ethnicity is Puerto Rican, and Trinidadian, although she was born in Brooklyn, New York.

One day, Evangeline soon had to leave for a business trip when Kharisma was about three, and developed a cold. She never went to a doctor, and died during the night after calling Haden. Haden then went into a trance-like state, where he didn't notice anything or anyone. At one point, he ran out of his home to the sea to meet Evangeline, when he heard a little girl, no older than Kharisma, and her mother fussing about finding a train ticket. This caused her to snap out of his trance and remember that he had a child. He quickly ran home, wondering how long it had been since he'd talked to his daughter, remembering that Evangeline's father had come by a few times to make her meals, but not knowing how often. When he arrived, Kharisma was sitting and waiting. She smiled and said, "Welcome home."

Overall, Evangeline was a good natured woman, but could get jealous quite easily. Haden taught his children everything he knew such as ways to protect themselves, find a job, etc. Haden was the man that supported the family, and he couldn’t fill in the empty whole of his wife’s job. Evangeline was the one that tucked the kids in, brought them to school, etc. He was only so new at it, and was quite terrible in the beginning. Kharisma hated school, because she was considered an “outcast” since she had no mother. When she found out she was an assassin, she hadn’t believed it at first. Though she grew to like it a bit more.

Family: ♛█ 」 Haden Honors - [Father]
♛█ 」 Evangeline Honors - [Mother; Deceased]
♛█ 」 Johan Honors - [Older Brother]
♛█ 」 Caleb Honors- [Twin Brother; Missing] (view spoiler)

Weapon of Choice:
『 ♤ Tessen 』 - A tessen, which translates as "iron fan," are used as both a defensive and an offensive weapon. While an ordinary fan was made of paper and wood, a tessen was forged of hard iron, and although it was shaped to resemble a paper fan, the warrior could easily use a tessen to block an incoming attack from a knife or sword. By sharpening the end of a tessen, the weapon could be used in a counterattack if necessary. Wielding these fans in conjunction with a specialized fighting style that was based on the concept of turning an opponent's energy against them and exploiting openings. These implements were used for defense and attack, but they could also be thrown elliptically as boomerangs or propelled as projectiles. At the end of Kharisma's fan are sharp blades used to kill her target gracefully as well as lethaly. Kharisma has a pair of these, though she has many more of different blade shapes, and sizes.

Skills: ( ♛ ) Agility - Kharisma is extraordinarily agile. Even at a young age, she was able to execute cartwheels and somersaults in mid-air with a skill that surpassed even the agile of her father’s. As she grew up, her agility continued to improve.
( ♛ ) Flexibility - She was also very flexible, able to contort herself into positions nearly impossible for an ordinary person to achieve and walk on her hands without any difficulty. These abilities allowed her to scale almost any surface very quickly and squeeze through most barriers and small spaces. This makes up for her lack of strength.
( ♛ ) Pressure Point Martial Arts

Relationship status: ( ♛ ) Single
( ♛ ) Crush - None

Other: 1.) I know it's shorter than what you might be expecting but I'm too tired.
2.) My male will be coming soon

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Kay (King101) | 117 comments Mod

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Kay (King101) | 117 comments Mod
First Name: Haven

Middle Name: Echo

Last Name: Knight

Nickname (Optional): Her brother's call her Angel because her name sounds like heaven. It makes her really mad.

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Year?: Third

General Style:

General Style: (view spoiler)

Personality: Haven is very serious about what she does. She has been training her whole life for what she is doing now. You piss her off, she'll let you know and regret it. She has three older brothers to help her.

If you are her friend, you see an entire different side of Haven, she is fun and a happy go lucky kind of girl. She likes to have fun and do things she probably shouldn't do.

History: Haven grew up knowing what she would be when she grew up. She always knew she would be part of the family business of assassins. That had been engraved into her brain at a young age. Being the only girl child, her parent's treated her different, like she was fragile and breakable. But the truth was, she could take down her brother's easy in hand to hand combat and has better aim then any of them.

Family: Gavin Knight (Father), Willow Knight (mother), Lucas Knight (Brother (17), Xander Knight (brother (16)) and Asher Knight (18))

Weapon of Choice: Bow and Arrow: (view spoiler)

She has a knife strapped to her thigh at all times. (view spoiler)

Skills: She has killer aim and can speak French, spanish and a bit of Russian.

Relationship status: open


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Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (DraxxGetScared) First Name: Shaant

Middle Name: Malik

Last Name: Johnathan

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Year?: 5th


General Style: Shaant is the kind of guy who just throws on whatevers infront of him, although it almost always ends up looking good or at least on him. I guess you could say he has sort of a hipster indie flair.

Personality: Shaant has learned to distance himself and keep his emotions contained. He doesn't get very attatched to people or objects. He see's things as Shaant vs. the world.

History: Shaant's parents were very open with the details of what his future would hold. His father would make him practice at least 3 hours a day on various skills that would be needed for him. He was always pushed to be the best, so thats what he aims to be.

Family: Mother and Father who he isn't very close with

Weapon of Choice: Usually Shaant uses to small daggers, one in each hand, so that he can get up close to an enemy.
[image error]

If Shaant has to fight at a bit further away than the daggers would alow he likes to use two katana's.

Skills: Agility is Shaant's number one thing. He's fast and moves gracefully. Sly and sleek, he can manuver around an enemy,stab them, then move again before they turn around.

He can fluently speak Arabic

Relationship status: Single

Other: Shaant is almost 85% blind in his right eye, but he doesn't tell anyone. It's the main reason he's always wearing sunglasses, so you can't see the blueish white haze in it. He hasn't even told his parents because he knows they would just be disappointed with it.

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First Name: Serendipity
Middle Name: Hope
Last Name: Owens
Nickname: Sera
Age: 17
D.O.B: Feb. 14
Gender: Female


General Style: Sera has a very diverse style. It can go anywhere from classy and dressy to casual and comfortable. When she works out though she usually wears the regular workout clothes. Sera wears what she needs for the situation at hand. If she's trying to stand out she will with her clothes but if she's trying to blend in she will wear something more casual.
(view spoiler)

Personality: Sera's cool and collected. She doesn't let her emotions get in the way of her job and can often seem distant of even cold. She's extremely intelligent and knows her limits even if she tries to push them. Sera has a well developed sense of space and time. She is silent and slow, while not inefficient or lazy, in taking down her victims and won't let things get in her way.

Most of the time she adapts to her surroundings and because of that has become flexible and what seems like laid back, going with the flow and seeing where it take her. However, she is very strong willed and if something needs to happen she will make it happen regardless of what others think or how it affects them.

Sera has learned to become very observant and sees things almost no one would. She is deductive and sly, often figuring things out before sometimes the person does that she's watching. She's like a knife sliding in slowly and sweetly so a person wouldn't feel anything but a small pinch before it was to late and they were gone.

History: Sera grew up with her parents knowing exactly what they were. She was completely fine with it and they taught her all the basic skills of becoming an assassin. She learned fast and her parents eventually became excited by how fast she was picking everything up. They taught her more and more and for longer periods of time and she became sharp and wise beyond her years. Sera didn't mind it because that's all she was taught. She didn't think anything was out of the ordinary in her parents teaching her how to kill and because they lived on a 'farm' in the middle of no where, rarely anyone came by.

Her parents would often switch on and off taking care of her and going out doing assignments. They would rotate as best as they could and she grew up fine. One night though her parents both went out at the same time because they both got mandatory assignments. She was old enough to take care of herself and certainly able to kill.

Next thing she knows, the police are bursting into her house and yelling and screaming at her to get down. Frightened and unsure she does what she had been taught and attacks killing three of the five men sent in. Her parents had been found and Sera never saw them again. The rest of the cops came in and were able to get her out and to the government.

Facing charges of murder and much more, because she was a minor she was placed into a rehabilitation center for children with extreme anger issues. She didn't stay long, almost killing some of the workers and other kids in her section. She was then dropped off one night here without warning and left on the sidewalk wondering where she was. Ever curious she walks into the building and has been here ever since.

Year: 4
Family/Kin: Mom and Dad, hasn't seen them since she was a little girl. Where about is unknown for both.
Weapon of Choice:
*Daggers: Sera often slips these into her sheath on her thigh and they are just small and thin enough that no one notices them except for another assassin of course. She will always have two or three handy. (view spoiler)
*Lethal Injections: Sera loves using lethal injections. It's easy and fats while also being clean and effective. Many times the deaths will be said to be an overdose or possible murder but for no proof she's home free. The syringes are also small and the poison she uses is fast, but also causes serious pain as it kills. (view spoiler)
Flexibility: She has taken gymnastics since she was a little girl while also doing dance. Sera is very flexible and can fit into small spaces as well as slip through tight situations while reaching very large feats without trouble.
Intelligence: This is one of her best skills. Sera has observant skills far higher than any normal human. She notices almost everything and can spot a lie a mile away. She knows the human body inside and out; all of it's pressure points, weaknesses and signs of a lie as well as signs of pleasure, rage, sadness, and despair. She is also able to pick up on patterns very quickly which means learning comes easy to her.
Agility: Plays into her flexibility, she has the grace of a gazelle while having the speed of a cheetah. She can move quick as a whip and as silently too. People are often amazed at the agility at which she can move but she often downplays it because while it's one of her skills, it isn't her favorite.
Boyfriend~Girlfriend/Status: Single
Crush: Open
Other: Tattoo: (view spoiler)

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Kay (King101) | 117 comments Mod
@Sydney Accepted.

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (DraxxGetScared) So it safe to assume that I'm accepted too? xD

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We should rp! :P

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (DraxxGetScared) Sure! Where do you wanna go? :3

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Um...I don't really care. The assassin room thing? Lol

Draxx♫Get Scared♫ (DraxxGetScared) haha okay, i'll go comment

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Draxx♫Get Scared♫ wrote: "First Name: Shaant

Middle Name: Malik

Last Name: Johnathan

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Year?: 5th


General Style: Shaant..."


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Break*Through*Angel wrote: "Ben has been completed"


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First Name: Lucas

Middle Name: Clarke

Last Name: Knight

Nickname (Optional): Lucca (Family members only)

Gender: male

Age: 17

Year?: Forth

General Style: (view spoiler)

Personality: He is the least serious of all of the Knight children. He is always one to to crack a joke at the worst timing. He is the most easy going guy you will ever meet. He is like the complete opposite of his older brother Asher.

History: His family was always in the spotlight in the Assassin/spy community and that put a lot of stress on the Knight family. He always provided a comic relief when things got too serious.

he may be the class clown, but he is still one of the best assassins at school.

Family:Gavin Knight (Father), Willow Knight (mother), Haven Knight (sister(16)) , Xander Knight (brother (16)) and Asher Knight (18))

Weapon of Choice: Hand guns and throwing knives.

Skills: ~He uses his good looks to his advantage, uses girls to get the information he wants.
~He can speak four different languages
~He is manipulative and cunning
~He pretends to be stupid, but he actually really smart.

Relationship status: single and straight.


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First Name: Xander (Haven's Twin)

Middle Name: Mathias

Last Name: Knight

Nickname (Optional): N/A

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Year?: third


General Style: (view spoiler)

Personality: Of all the Knight children, Xander has the worst personality. He doesn't give a crap about anything and doesn't care if he gets into trouble.

History: He has always known he would be an assassin, whether or not he wanted to be one. Even though he fights his family heritage, he still a great assassin. He has the skills to go far with his talents.

Xander is the problem child. He likes to get into trouble and disobey orders and rules. The only person he will take an order from is his twin sister Haven.

Family: Gavin Knight (Father), Willow Knight (mother), Haven Knight (sister(16)) , Lucas Knight (brother(17)) and Asher Knight (18))

Weapon of Choice: swords and knives.
Skills: ~Hand to hand combat
~Can finish the school obstacle course in less than a minute.

Relationship status: Open...but good luck.

Other: His tattoo

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First Name: Rowan

Middle Name: Sawyer

Last Name: Black

Nickname (Optional): Back

Gender: female

Age: 18

Year: fifth


General Style:

Personality: Rowan has a fun and bubbly personality. She is the complete opposite of her cousins (The knights). She doesn't get why people are always serious.

History: her parents were kill while on duty when she was nine. She has lived with her Aunt's family ever since. She has this innocent and sweet exterior and personality, but she is just as good an assassin as her cousins.

Family: Parents are dead.

Weapon of Choice: hand guns and knives.

Skills: ~Very smart
~ Deadly good aim

Relationship status: got her eye on someone

Other: Has her parents names and date of death tattooed on her ribs.

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~*ЇÐℰℱẎṧℴ¢ḯεтƴ *~ First Name: Angie

Middle Name: Lee

Last Name: Davidson

Nickname (Optional): Only close friends call her angus beef and/or anus (yes..that word is in you know's an inside joke between her and her friends-don't ask)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Year?: Third

Angie has a very striking face with slim features and smooth,prominent planes. She stands at about 5'10 and weighs around 110. She has a very willowy build and is pretty much skin and bones.

General Style:
Very Elegant and modern.

Angie is very laid-back, friendly, and a total social goddess. Shes that girl that everyone likes to be around, who you go to for fashion tips, who you call when your boyfriend just dumped you, and who you ask for notes if you missed a class. She's not judgy or opinionated, or the jealous type, like most girls. Angie basically just goes with the flow. People go to her because she "gets" them. She's a listener, and an advise giver...people look up to her. Sometimes its hard on Angie, who always has to be perfect. She has been drilled to never let anyone down, and to never dissapoint. Being the perfect daughter and the ultimate friend is a lot harder than it sounds, and Angie is always constantly working her butt off to impress. Never-less, you can always count on her:)

History: Picture-perfect family..good grades, top of the social pyramid, attractive,boyfriend, happy.

That was until the letter came. Angie's parents let the truth slide loose as gently as they could, but to this day Angie is still finding it hard to trust anyone. She loves them dearly...but becoming a trained killer was not what she had in mind.

Family: Typical mom and dad(Mark Davidson and Kelly Davidson) older sister who died in a car crash when Angie was 14.No one knows except her family, because it still hurts to talk about it.

Weapon of Choice: Angie's an ace and shooting high-quality, technified bows. New technology allows intensified features and awesome add-on's that Angie loves to show off. Poisoned arrows are her specialty ;D

Skills: Angie was always a flexible kid, and she did gymnastics all through middle and high school. Now, Angie is a master at playing defense. She can dodge a blow like no other. Shes known for her twisty, turny moves that always allow her to escape a fleeting blow and her knack for ambushes.

Relationship status: open.


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wanderer (ChloeMai) Accepted :3

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Kay (King101) | 117 comments Mod

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Gio the Oreo ✓ (ghoward) | 90 comments First Name: Vikenti

Middle Name: Dusha

Last Name: Ivanov

Nickname (Optional): Viktor OR Afanasi

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Year?: Fifth


General Style: Turtleneck Sweater with khakis and Sperry's and a Silver necklace with the letter V

[ ]

Personality: Vikenti has no problem talking to people. Vikenti has often been described as Cold and heartless on assignments because the kills, no matter how gory, caused Vikenti to react. Other people think Vikenti enjoy killing and have seen him smile. Both are true statements. Vikenti is strangely religious.

History: Vikenti was named after his Grandfather, an infamous Russian assassin who was often hired by the KGB. Vikenti has always known that he would be an assassin and has been in training since age 8, often in deserted areas like the tundra of russia. Great Assassins in his family are nicknamed Afanasi.

Family: None that go to the Academy

Weapon of Choice: Black Metal Hunting Crossbow (Stryker)

- Multillingual
- Precision Weapons
- Hunting Weapons
- Hand-to-Hand Combat

Relationship status: Open


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Kay (King101) | 117 comments Mod
But in bold and I'll approve him.

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Victoria Shaw (Viktori-ann) | 40 comments First Name: Ruby

Middle Name: Rain

Last Name: Drogan

Nickname (Optional): Rain

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Year?: Forth


General Style: Goes for a vintage look, usually in shorts with knee high socks and a loose top or dresses.

Personality: Rain is a shy person. who usually keeps to herself not letting many people in and always has her guard up around strangers until they can be proven to be trusted. She is very observant to others around her to see if they are truly someone she can trust

History: 3-5 sentences (As in what was their reaction of finding out about being a Spy/Assassin? What is their family background?) Rains grandparents have been enemies for years but her mother and father fell for each other and she had to be hidden from the rest of her family as with either side would kill her. Her father died helping her mother and rain escape and they've been on the run until she had to enrol to become a better assassin.

Family: Selena Drogan. (mother)

Weapon of Choice: aluminium steel knives, and a bracelet of hidden needles.

-Hand to hand fighting/ Martial arts

Relationship status: Single


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wanderer (ChloeMai) APPROVED. :3

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First Name: Jenna

Middle Name: Marie

Last Name: Mackle

Nickname: Jen, Mac, or Mary

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Year: Second


General Style:

Personality: She can be timid when put on the spot. She can be sarcastic or a bit a bitch when annoy at the world or ate you. She very creative and outgoing. She love trying new things and loves a good challenge.

History: She was sent here by her social worker when she couldn't handle me anymore. She lost her parents in a house fire and was given to her abusive aunt. Her aunt died when she was 10 and been in many foster homes. She had problems in foster home like getting in violates fights with the other kids and thereby label the impossible child by many.

Mom: Decease
Dad: Decease

Weapon of Choice: Throwing stars and knives.

Skills: Eye coordination’s, Stamina, and fast reflexes.

Relationship status: Open

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