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Kay (King101) | 117 comments Mod
Welcome to Demophon Academy, students. I understand you are probably confused about why you are here at this school. You were told you would be attending a boarding school meant for child delinquents or problem teens. That's all true, I know for a fact you are a "problem" child. You like the thrill and the joy you get from it don't you? There a reason for why you are l like this and it is because you come from a long line of government spies and assassins.

Here at Demophon, we teach our student's how to be the best assassins and spies there are. We have been doing this for years, even your great-great grandparents attended this Academy. Now you're next.

Headmistress King.

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Kay (King101) | 117 comments Mod
The years at Demophone Academy are First through Fifth, fifth being the oldest, most experienced students.

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Kay (King101) | 117 comments Mod
There is a small town located by the Academy, students are allowed to go there after classes and on Weekends.

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You can make your own dorms

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