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Inspired Writings of a Prophet for Jesus the Christ
Ministering God's Prophetic Word-Reviews Requested

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message 1: by Gregory (last edited Oct 26, 2012 09:53PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Gregory Booker (goodreadscomgreg_booker) | 11 comments This book represents a collection of articles expressing faith and hope in Christ exercising the gift prophecy in declaring the sovereignty of Christ. After detailed study of biblical prophecy I became inspired to write for the benefit of others in sharing insight concerning the return of our Lord for his Bride the Church. It is a different kind of read consisting of a variety of writing styles presented such as poetry, psalms, prophetic utterance and personal short stories of visions and insight. It exhorts, edifies and bring comfort for the purpose of ministering the prophetic word to God's people to be ready. Visit my blog for examples "The Other Side of the Cross" at www.gregb4hope.blogspot.com. Scroll to the bottom of the blog since it is my first entry.

Adrienna (AdriennaTurner) | 208 comments What book format are you allowing people to read it? If I had a choice, I prefer Kindle for Android (mobi). Paperback is okay too. Right now, in honesty, I have many books to review so it may not be completed by the end of this year (2 months left).

message 3: by Gregory (last edited Oct 29, 2012 05:41AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Gregory Booker (goodreadscomgreg_booker) | 11 comments Hello Adrienna, I am a novice with all the social web networking techniques and is not understanding your use of "allowing people to read it" term. My book is available thru amazon for kindle buys as an ebook or paperback but that comes at a cost to you. If there is another way to get it to you electronically without cost, please let me know. Otherwise, all I know for sure how to get it to you for free for review is to send a paperback by pony express...I am all ears as to how to improve my functionality so don't hesitate to educate me.

There is a review already posted on the amazon site. Thanks for the interest!!

Adrienna (AdriennaTurner) | 208 comments Hello:
Sorry I do not typically read books for free as far as a review. However, when I did find an interest to read for free; I do not pay for it since the author is requesting a review to help with book sales.

Format: whether it was paperback, hard copy, or eBook version.

If you already have a review, which I thought you were requesting reviews (plural), then I was willing to do so. No problem. My review requirements are found on dream4more.webs.com under Dream 4 More Reviews.

PS, I still have over 20 books to read anyways. I was just trying to help. And might have asked you to review a book of mines in exchange which I would have sent via pdf file or allowed you to go on Smashwords with coupon to get for free to post a review for one of my reads. I would not charge a person to do a free review. Yet, I agree to exchange books for reviews for both as authors.

Gregory Booker (goodreadscomgreg_booker) | 11 comments A book exchange would be great. The review I had is on Amazon not on Goodreads. I'll check out your review requirements. What do you think of Kirkus?

Adrienna (AdriennaTurner) | 208 comments Have no thoughts of Kirkus since I have never used or familiar with at this time.

Gregory Booker (goodreadscomgreg_booker) | 11 comments Hello Adrienna,
I did receive a review by Emily and was unsure how to proceed once you get a review. Is there any advise you can share as to the promotion of critical reviews either on Goodreads or in the general public? Or any do's and don't you recommend. Is it a good idea to continue to seek more reviews on same boo? Also do you accept complimentary book by regular mail?

Lots of questions, I know...thanks ahead.


Adrienna (AdriennaTurner) | 208 comments I usually answer all those questions on my site. I think I sent you before about reviews, why to get a review, etc. on my site under Dream 4 More Reviews/Reviewer Rating on my page.

You can use the reviews on your site, copy and paste. It helps if they post it on Amazon, BN, and Goodreads. If they have accounts elsewhere, the more it is seen, the better chances to get readers. I explain most of those questions on my site. You can get any number of reviews. I do radio shows to promote my paid clients reviews to get some recognition. I hope this helps. Other answers may be answered on the site.


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