Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients Bad Pharma discussion

Bad Pharma from B. Goldacre - Truth or Fiction? Any related personal experiences?

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I just finished the book and I felt enraged and hopeful in equal measure. But I'd like to know other reader's opinions and arguments about the issues discussed there. Also if they have any relevant personal experiences regarding Big Pharma dark manoeuvres.

Lisa I work in the Health Field industry and have known about these practices for a long time. It is the truth.

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Meghan There are many examples of this in history. Thalidomide comes to mind.

Machado Dos I believe it all to be the truth, i've dealed with lots of of people from the industry. Also i've been in many "conferences" in great hotels and in foreign countries, as an outsider (related to the doctor invited). All truth, no doubt, it explains a lot.

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