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District 1-
Male (open)
Female (open)

District 2-

District 3-
Female (open)

District 4-

District 5-

District 6-
Male (open)
Female (open)

District 7-
Male (open)
Female (open)

District 8-
Male (open)
Female (open)

District 9-
Male (open)
Female (open)

District 9-

District 10-
Male (open)
Female (open)

Distrcit 11-
Male (open)
Female (open)

District 12-
Male (open)
Female (open)










Token (if any):



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Forest (Forestplamt) name: payton grey

gender: girl

age: 16



personality: sweet loving kind very trusting to people who have gained her trust

history: she lost a brother to the games and one of her sisters was murdered her mum died her dad is an achoholic really badly so its like hes not even there she has to put in for her sister and her

weapon: daggers knives and cross bow she is also good with medicine which can be used as a weapon

skills/assets: she is stealthy sneaky to those she is against and doesnt trust fast and fairly strong she is smart and brave and a very good tracker/hunter she has
experience with survival and being hunted down and living in the wild she knows whats edible and whats not.


plan: get food and water find at least 1 ally and get weapons and backpack and dont get killed.

other: she is looking for someone to fall in love with but she doesnt think she will now that she is in the hunger games

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Forest (Forestplamt) name: alexander vine

gender: boy

age: 17

district: 4


personality: nice friendly kind trusting caring she is protective to the people she loves and trust if you have ever done something bad to her and you ment it you have made an enemy.

history: has lost his sister to the games and now is an only child with two parents that spit up.

weapon: good with a sword knives and daggers.

skills/assets: he is fast strong good at knife throwing and using a sword also good with a dagger he is brave and smart but has no idea about medicine stuff and edible things hasnt got too much experience with survival skills.


plan: find an alinance get someone who knows medicine and edible plants find food and water and a weapon

other: he likes his district partner.

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Awesome! Could you add just abit more to personality?

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Forest (Forestplamt) ok sure

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Thanks! Your character is awesome!

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Forest (Forestplamt) thanks yours are too

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Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 5 comments Name: Saria Leafe

Age: 17

Birthdate: May 15

District: 5


Personality: Saria isn't the most into machinery in the district. She would love to be around nature. She sneaks out ocasionally to stay outside and admire nature. She despises the hunger games, other than the fact of staying in a forest. She despises the hunger games becouse her 16 year old sister, while she was 11, was the tribute to the hunger games.

History: She lived as an odd-one-out type of person, but not exactly an outcast. Her father and mother were engineers. She loved her sister until she died.

Wepeon/Wepeopns: she doesn't really use weapons, she uses the environment to make a trap, like a vine so they trip. She sometimes uses kinves and swords.

Stills/Assets: She is very in tuned to nature, but also can use knives and swords.

Token (if any):

Plan: get a weapon, peferably a sword, find a viney area, get an ally, trick the careers. She'll try to avoid killing people.

Other: She hates her district partner.

Getana Torani  - connectedChaser | 5 comments Name: Lars Maron

Age: 18

Birthdate: September 22

District: 5


Personality: Lars is very arrogant. He wants to be an engineer and doesn't care about the outside. He likes staying inside. He slightly is interested in the hunger games, but never wanted to be part of it.

History: His parents were engineers. He was usually the popular person in the place and mocked others.

Wepeon/Wepeopns: A crossbow or a sword.

Stills/Assets: He can make things very quickly.

Token (if any):

Plan: Kill at least one person, not be the first person to die.

Other: He mocks his district partner the most.

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Monique wrote: "thanks yours are too"


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Awesome, Feli!

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Allie | 46 comments Mod
Name: Jasmine Moon

Age: 16

Birthdate: February 23

District: 2

Appearance: Blazing red, hair, that tumbles down her back. Usually held back in a braid. Piercing blue eyes, that make her look dangerous. Average height, about 5'8 or 5'9. Athletic looking and very strong. Sharp features on her face, with bright full lips. Her hair (when she wears it down) frames her face and tones down her sharp features. She is quite attractive.

Personality: Jasmine is quite full or herself. And she has low tolerence for people. She's quite dangerous. Her short fused temper makes her difficult to have an actual conversation with. But if she lets you in, she can be sweet and nice. She is fieercly devoted to her family, her sister especially.

History: She grew up in a small family. With just her sister, father, and herself. Her mom died when she was 5. Her sister got picked to go to the Hunger Games and she instantly volenteered. She promised her sister that she would win for her and that's what she plans to do.

Weapon/Weapons: Knife/ Knife throwing

Skills/Assets: She is very handy with a knife. But she can also be quite stealthy.

Plan: Make an alliance and stay alive.

Other: N/A

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Allie | 46 comments Mod
Name: Jay Smith

Age: 16

Birthdate: January 2

District: 2

Appearance: Dark brown hair that falls over his forehead. It sometimes falls in his eyes. His eyes are light green and soft, which makes him look less dangerous. But not any less lethal. He is very tall, about 6'4, and very muscular. His face has sharp features but his eyes tone them down.

Personality: Jay is mean and cruel. His temper flares and he has a very short fuse. He doesn't care for anyone but himself. Although he loves playing with girls feelings. He's incredibly arrogant which can get him in trouble sometimes.

History: Jay lived with his uncle since he was 9 because his parents abandoned him. Which kind of messed up something inside of him. He cut off communication with pretty much everyone and he turned cold and mean. He doesn't love anyone and he's glad he got picked for Games.

Weapon/Weapons: Sword and his fists

Skills/Assests: He's very skilled with his hands and he's quite stealthy.

Plan: Make an alliance and turn on them.

Other: N/A

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Awesome! I might re-creat my characters. They are to obvious. Haha!

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Name: Star Lovedale

Age: 13

Birthdate: Febuarey 12

District: 9

Appearence: Soft, pale blue eyes that sparkle. They look very innocent and caring. She has a beautiful sparkling smile with pale pink lips. She has soft fetures and pale skin. Her hair falls down her back like a waterfall. It's chocolate brown and goes to her waist. It's silkly and VERY curly. She can never, EVER tame her hair. It always has some sort of nature in it from exploring. She is tall and skinny. She is very small, but she is capable of great things. She's about 5'1" in height. She has a lot of freckles splashed across her face. She is very beautiful.

Personality: She can be sweet and caring. But that's a cover over. Truthfully, she is horribal and cruel.... ok, that's a compleat lie. She really is sweet, caring, loyle, loving, kind, nice. She gets pulled into pranks and traps not so easily though. She can have a sharp tounge and a cruel mind. And that's exactly what she's going to use for the hunger games.

History: Pretty normal. She lived with a kind mother and a kind father. Soon, her mother died while exploring the forest. Now it's just her and her father living in a small cabin.

Wepeon/Wepeopns: She is very handy at throwing knives, but she's better with a sord and spears. She's also good at kicking, biting, and punching. Her greatest use is a sling shot.

Stills/Assets: She is a VERY fast runner. She climbs trees very easily. She blends in with almost everything around her. She's smart and comes up with plans and traps easily. She spends most of her time out of sight.

Token (if any): A traingle with an owl in flight inside of it. There are to spears making an 'X' behind it. It's made of wood and it's a necklace that she keeps in her specile pack.

Plan: Run to find a river or pond, then stay up in the trees.

Other: She has a small flour bag filled with her prized posetions. Her token necklace, a small box with coins and her father's compass inside, a small notebook, and a map. She also has some crackers and a bag of chips inside of it.

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Name: Talon Jones

Age: 17

Birthdate: March 15

District: 9

Appearence: Very strong, large and buff. He is VERY tall. 6'5 in height. He is very muscular with strong, sturdy legs and arms. He has dark black hair and tan skin. He has a amazing smile.

Personality: Very protective and kind. But during the hunger games he wont be this amazing. He can have a sharp tounge and he can be really rude. But he's not planing on killing his partner.

History: His parents died. His father in the mines and his mother in the hunger games. His mother had him when she was 18 and soon was set out into the hunger games. Then she died. Talon's father died when Talon was 16. Then he took care of himself.

Wepeon/Wepeopns: A large rock and a sord. He uses his fists also.

Stills/Assets: Strong, fast, and brave.

Token (if any): None

Plan: Attack.

Other: He cares for Star as if she is his younger sister.

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