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aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 316 comments Mod
For the Lady/Miss. You charries must be approved first by any Mods. State here your:

Full Name:
Status: (Single, Engaged or Married)
Family History:

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Angela (anj-neophyte) Full Name: Annalisse Collins

Age: 17

Status: Single

Partner: None

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Personality: She is like her older brother, reserved and liar hater but she likes to make friends. She hates to be led into something that is not true and she likes to watch theater. She sometimes drabbles into paintings but her parents doesn't approved of it so she only did do her paints when she's with her big brother.

Family History: The Younger sister of the Earl of Devon. People have high expectations about her but she kept her insecurities to her self. She is close to be brother due to the fact that they're the only Collins of their generation. Their cousins are only for the title and the money. She hates that men are courting her for the inheritance and her dowry.


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aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 316 comments Mod
Full Name: Catherine "Erin" Castle
Age: 20
Status: Single
Partner: none
Personality: wild and carefree. She loves to have fun and hates attending parties and balls she is forced to attend. She's playful and sweet but can be a bit grumpy when the word marriage, wedding and her name is mentioned in one sentence, which her mother likes to do.
Family History: She is the younger sister of the Marquis of riverdale. Very close to her brother and avoids her mother like plague when her mother is in her match-making moods. Rejected 7 proposals, her mother is set to find her a husband.
Others: none

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Lucy Tearling | 202 comments Mod
Full Name: Judith Valentine

Age: 17

Status: Single

Appearance: Height 5'1, gold blonde, grey eyes.

Personalities: She's cynic, always treating people badly, naughty, she love to read gossip column in newspaper and her dream is to become a widow. Hmm...

Family History: Living with coldhearted single mother and moody brother make Judith's life bitter. She seek happiness from people outside of her house but being a sister to the handsome duke didn't help her case. Her friends be with her because of her brother and that hurt her a lot. Learn from her lesson, she always be careful and for her, everyone is untrustworthy.

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aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 316 comments Mod
Judith Valentine and Catherine Castle > APPROVED
Annalisse Collins > Work on it for awhile. :D

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Lucy Tearling | 202 comments Mod
Oh my god, you approve yourselve! Lol! ;p

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Angela (anj-neophyte) Haha, :) Wait, Lemme Finish her ♥

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Angela (anj-neophyte) She's Done ♥

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aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 316 comments Mod
lol of course I have to approve myself. hahaha Yayy~!!! Annalisse is APPROVED. :D

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Angela (anj-neophyte) Thank You. ♥ :))

Who would approve you Char except you? Buwahaha ♥

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Lucy Tearling | 202 comments Mod
Hurry, so we can star rping. :)

message 12: by Angela (new)

Angela (anj-neophyte) Hmm, We are all now Accepted. :)

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Let's start this girls~!!!!! :D

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Lucy Tearling | 202 comments Mod
Okay,lets go. You post first. ><

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Sarra *I think I love You* | 5 comments Full Name: Hestia Delafield

Age: 17

Status: Single



Personality: She's pretty, petite young lady who always ready to hunt for husband. She always go to balls and soiree but usually only old men who seems to want to marry her. But that never make her give up. She's charming, sarcastic when she wants to be.

Family History: She grows up with five sister above her in poor family. Her family situation make she hard to catch for husband and sometime her aims is too high.

Others: She always tried to make the Duke of Hastings fall for her but he seems immune to all her charms and his devil sister always there to destroy all her plan.

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aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 316 comments Mod
I like her. :D Hestia Delafield APPROVED.

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Lucy Tearling | 202 comments Mod
Yes! An enemy!

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aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 316 comments Mod
Isadora Duncan> APPROVED. :D

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Full Name: Victoria Ross Finwick
Age: 29
Status: Widow
Partner: Damon Finwick
Personality: Sweet and caring. Likes to mess with other people's business, especially her younger brother's love life.
Family History: Married to Damon Finwick, Earl of Pembroke at the age of 20, Victoria spent just 8 years with her husband and daughter, Sophie until Damon died on a hunting accident. She have been away mourning and now has come back at Mayfair to have her life back right on track. Not that interested in some courting gentlemen, she's into match making purposes.
Others: Victoria has a 5 year old daughter named Sophie (appearance: )

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aStriD_maRie (iichi_yukishirou) | 316 comments Mod
APPROVED I love her. Will she hate Catherine?

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Hmmmmm yeah~!!! I'll hate Catherine. :D hahaha

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Lucy Tearling | 202 comments Mod
LOL! Poor Catherine.

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Lucy Tearling | 202 comments Mod

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kuseyo Full Name: Kharisma Ivors
The name is originally Karishma, which means “miracle”.

Age: Eighteen [18; birthday - 4 July]

Status: Engaged

Partner: Daniel Evers
The man Kharisma is engaged to.They both don’t like each other. More like a love-and-hate friendship they share. But her parents are forcing her to marry him. Which....Kharisma isn’t looking forward to. It is rumored Daniel is the type to jump from woman to woman, though has feelings for one lady in particular ;)

(view spoiler)
When it comes in terms of height, Kharisma is short. She stands at only five feet and three inches, with long legs. Though her parents and her herself laugh when she can’t reach a high shelf. Her skin is a light, and pale olive with cheeks that seem to always be rosy (and they darken when she lies). Her ears are a bit on the smaller side, and so is her nose. Her nose is ever so slightly upturned, which makes her look a bit stubborn. Her eyes are the color of fog in the morning--a mix of a light blue and a pale grey, with a slightly a darker blue around the edges of the iris. Kharisma’s eyes are framed by somewhat long lashes, though envies her brother for having longer lashes than she does. And it is all topped with eyebrows that are always threaded to perfection. Her lips are naturally pinkish and although they may lack in size, the bottom lip is full. Kharisma has her mother's hair, dark, auburn hair, contrasting her father's curly raven-colored hair. Though the texture is like her father’s--thick, soft hair with very curly ends. Kharisma has dark roots which fade to its red-brown color. Even though people call her small, she still manages to retain her womanly curves, but with a larger waist than bust. She cares about her appearance just like Vincent (see male characters), but more of a insecure way.

Personality: Kharisma is like the Moon. Soft, serene, cool yet capable of producing some nasty tides. Kharisma is typically very sentimental. She treasures almost everything from her past. She can cry over anything and everything. She is tender and gentle to her loved ones. She can be shy, modest and a little conservative. Her mother said she has a gifted imagination. She loves poetry, but doesn’t write some of her own too often. Only when Kharisma has some sort of a deep experience, she would write and store it away for keeping. Kharisma is very close to her mother and won’t tolerate anyone ridiculing her mother. Kharisma hates to be criticized. She can’t stand being ridiculed and rejected. So, she will never make the first move. Kharisma loves to keep secrets and she will be no exception. Don’t ever expect her to play Truth or Dare with you. She will never confess. She can be quite touchy sometimes and is full of insecurities. Though she has a spark of temper in her, which she likes to keep under controlled. As a wife, when she is in love, she is in love. When she is hurt, she will retreat to her tough crab shell and it’s difficult to bring her back to this world. Kharisma can be over protective of people, especially those who are younger than her.

Family History: Kharisma Ivors was born to Angelina (Harrisson) and Michael Ivors the 4 of July. She was raised with her two older brothers (one a ladies lover, and the other with a hero-complex), and younger twins--one boy named Charlie and one girl named Chloe. Despite her rather large family, Kharisma was shared equal parental love with her siblings. Her father’s standards are very successful in her opinion, but it’s nothing for her to brag about (Count or Earl because of military rank). Though there were times she wanted to get away from home and spend time with her best friend Conan. Her mother tried to convince her to consider him for engagement, but Kharisma refused.

Michael Ivors worked hard in earning and perfecting his military rank. He would often spend his time with England’s army, and training. Traveling often--and returning home on some occasions. One summer, it was claimed Michael was falsely murdered. What appeared like his body found in a lake. Officers don't know who caused it, and soon they closed the case as "unidentified". But secretly, the death was all a ploy. Michael is alive, under a new name who taken the life of a common folk. Kharisma does not understand why he did such a scandal, and tried to find answers in his journals, though many of them were kept in hiding. Ever since then, she relied on her mother, even through her period of unconditional love for the man. Personally, Kharisma hated Michael and tries to forget him as often as possible.

Other: ( ♛ ) Since her birthday is July 4, it makes her a Cancer.
( ♛ ) Her is Blood Type is O+.
( ♛ ) She has a somewhat large family.
( ♛ ) Kharisma is color blind. And is unsure whether she should undergo surgery yet.
( ♛ ) Kharisma is a talented dancer and violinist (she is a terrible artist!).
( ♛ ) Besides being a good pianist, he is also a good artist.
( ♛ ) Her best friend was a boy named Conan (anyone could make him if they want to. I would but I’m tired :P).

Note: Character is subject to change. I made her shorter because I just wanted to get this over with XD

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kuseyo Thank you :)

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kuseyo I messed up in the 'other' section but I'll fix that later :33

@Jasmine: Thank you :)

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Yeah, I feel like a retard when it comes to writing the history.

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