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Kassandra Patti Clarity was sitting on one of the swings, her bare feet in the sand. Her blonde hair was in a bun on her head. She could feel the sun on her shoulders and arms.

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments When she looked to her right she suddenly saw Samantha sitting a few swings away, listening to her ipod by herself. She was slowly swinging, her long red hair flowing in the wind.

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Kassandra Patti Clarity looked at the girl next to her. It was Sam, her only real-ish friend she had. Sam was the only one who got to really now her instead of basing her attitude as an all time thing. She reached out and pushed Sam's swing, "Earth to you." she laughed

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments Sam jumped and let out a soft scream as she turned to see whod pushed her. "Clarity you scared me you little sneak!" She laughed. "Youre lucky i didnt pull out my karate moves on you!"

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Kassandra Patti Clarity rolled her eyes playfully "You mean your non-existent karate moves?" she laughed

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments Sam smiled "um excuse me but my karate classes in kindergarten taught me a lot thank you very much! Miss 'im the best in soccer' "

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Kassandra Patti "Soccer?" she snorted "Last time i played that i was five, but i could kick your ass in track." she grinned

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments "Yeah yeah you wanna bet?" She asked playfully

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Kassandra Patti "Bet that i can kick your ass in track? Deal." she said outstretching her arm.

((Do you like rp-ing??))

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments "Fine deal.. But im too tired now so itll have to wait for another day!" (And yes it stretches my imagination :p)

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Kassandra Patti "Mhmm, just delaying your embaressment." she said nudging her.

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Kassandra Patti ((Awesome! i told you it was funn thibies!!))

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments "Haha you got me, you know im as lazy as it gets! I cant even get up to throw my gum in the garbage at home! What makes you think i would actually tun with you?" She gives a sarcastic laugh

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Kassandra Patti "And i thought you weren't lazy since you do hip-hop and contemp. all day everyday." she said throwing her hands up in the air.

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments "Shhhh dancing doesnt count as hard work, its called enjoying myself duhhh ;) "

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Kassandra Patti ((Do you want me to make a guy character? And hey can have a thing for eahc other???))

"I give up whatever you say Sam." she said wiggling her eyebrows

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments "Yes its about time you realize that im right" she giggles. (Yes make a guy character hehehe. But he'll have a thing for who? You?)

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Kassandra Patti ((No for you enstien! lool))

She pushed her shoulder causing both there swings to move.

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments She pushes clarity off her swing and onto the sand. She laughs "haha nice fall!"
(Ohhhh hahaha blonde moment :p)

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Kassandra Patti ((Okay i made him!!! His names Landon and he's got the hotts for Sam!))

Clarity laughs when shes on the ground and strikes a pose "I rock even the sand." she laughs

Landon walks into the park and sees Clarity and Sam.

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments Sam immediately looks at Landon and feels her heart skip a beat. She nudges clarity

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Kassandra Patti ((Hehehee so happy u could go on!!)))

"What? That accutally hurt. There better be a damn good reason." she said rubbing her arm

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments (Me too :D) " are you blind?? Look at hottie lamottie coming our way!"

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Kassandra Patti She looked at Landon "Him? You have the hots for Landon? Good luck getting with him every single girl wants him." she sighed getting off the ground.

Landon waved at the two girls.

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments " Yeah but look he keeps staring this way! And what was that sigh all about? Its not like you like him or anything....right....?

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Kassandra Patti Landondidn't want to interput anything that was going on between Clarity and Sam so he sat on the bench and looked around

"No no he's not my type honey, he's alll yours." she tapped her shoulder and winked. "Why don't we invite him over?" she asked

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments (Wait does clarity secretly like him though?) "yessss! But youre the one doing the talking im too shy to invite him over here..please?"

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Kassandra Patti ((No she doesn't don't worry ;) im gunn ahve another person make another guy for me XD))

She rolled her eyes "Landon! Your company is wanted!" she called out to him.

Landon smiled at thaty and walked over "Hi ladies." he sat down on the floor infront of the swings

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments (Ahhh okok, whos gonna make him for you?? Maybe i could im just not sure how :p) "Hi Landon" her cheeks turned all rosy. "How are you?"

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Kassandra Patti ((Lool idk maybe one of the other girls but if you want to make one you have to do the character sheet again but for the guy.:) ))

"I'm good.."he tried to remeber her name he was horrible with them "Samanatha?"

Clarity stifled a laugh Sam was such a dork she needed to relax around Landon. "She wanted me to call you over so she could flirt with you, thats the reason why your here." she said straight forwardly and smiled at him and then winked at Sam

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments (Okk well maybe its a better idea if someone else makes him for you cause im not that great :p) Sam turned red as a tomatoe, she immediately pinched Clarity on the arm and was about to start raging at her but controlled herself. "Haha very funny Clarity... Youre hilarious arent you? What she means to say is that we were bored and saw you walking by so we decided to invite you over to have some company. We figured you were bored too so why not be bored together right!"

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Kassandra Patti Landon looked at her skeptically "I see so i'm just the decoy for when you guys get bored?" she said looking hurt he loved teasing people.

Clarity laughed at Sam "That definatly what i meant my deepest apologies." she said with mock sorriness

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments Sam gave clarity a sarcastic smile. "No no thats not what i meant i mean that we were bored but now you came...and yeah its not boring anymore...and um yeah you know youre entertaining...i mean not that we're just using you as entertainment... I mean, you know... Not that youre not entertaining cause you are... but not that were just using you... cause, um, you know...Oh forget it im sorry i dont know what im saying anymore" *Sam bit her lip to make herself stop talking and shyly looked to the fround*

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Kassandra Patti Landon chuckled "It's okay i was pulling your leg, i actually don't mind being used as entertainment." He looked at Sam and smiled then glance at Clarity

"Your not entertainment your blah." she said sticking her tongue out at him she was used to him they had grown up in the same town went to the same school just never talked much "Sam give up now he's a player." she whispered loud enough for Landon to hear.

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments Sam giggled and gave Landon a cute half smile. "Well then mister player, i hope you play your game well, cause i know all the moves." She laughed. She looked at Clarity, "not that youre any better missy, youre quite the flirt when it comes to guys, dont start with Landon now" she winked at Clarity.

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Kassandra Patti "Pshhh Pa-lease i wouldn't waste my precious skills on him." she said with a smile.

Landon looked at the girls confused "You do know i'm right here? I'm not a player." she looked at Clarity with annoyedness in his eyes but then looked at Sam and smiled warmly "And if i was i wouldn't use that on you."

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments "Were just messing with you, isnt that right Clarity? Dont worry im sure any other girl would die to use their precious flirting skills on you, if shes lucky enough" Sam playfully punched his arm.

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Kassandra Patti "Help the girls that try please!" she called out up into the air.

Landon grinned "Are you using it right now?" he asked

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments Sam just smiled and ignored Claritys comment. "I dont know.. Depends... What makes you think i would waste my flirty skills on you?" She winked at him

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Kassandra Patti He laughed "Girls only really flirt by touching me for some odd reason." he said rubbing behind his neck.

Clarity touched his arm "Am i flirting with you too Landon?" she asked laughing

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Sabrina Thibodeau | 23 comments "Ouuu, Clarity please not in public i know you cant control your deep love for Landon but please try to control yourself" she winks and playfully pushes her, and suddenly puts her hand on landons leg. "Well then, i guess i kinda am using it on you" she smiles

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Kassandra Patti Clarity smiled "Whoop you go girl, work your magic on him." she clapped enthusistically.

Landon laughed "You girls are insane! In the good way of course," he looked at Sam "especially you your right up there with Clarity over there."

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Genevieve looked at the scene, from a faraway bench. Landon was so happy when he was with them. Why didn't it feel that way when the two of them were together?

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Kyle walked down the lane in the middle of the park, enjoying the fresh air and the chance to stretch his muscles a bit after class.

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Maddison (Brainyboots) | 24 comments Paris kicked through the leaves with a big smile on her - it felt good to be outdoors since she had been practising non stop, her turns needed work , but she needed a break more . It helped Simon her half brother who lives with her dad and her whenever she was there called.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Kyle heard leaves scuffing up behind him and glanced over his shoulder to see a girl following him. She looked like she had recently left a studio as well, since her hair was still up. (Hope you don't mind me saying that.)

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Maddison (Brainyboots) | 24 comments Paris kept kicking through the leaves about ready to go and get a coffee

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) ((Want her to like bump into him?))

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Maddison (Brainyboots) | 24 comments ((Yes))

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