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message 1: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
I came across this article while surfing net. It seemed interesting so thought about sharing it with all members. There are nine types of readers. See for yourself what kind of reader you yourself are.....

1:The Chronological Reader.

You buy a book, you read it. You buy another, you read it. Perhaps you borrow a book at the library. You read it, and then you return it, and you get another, which you will read. You may not remember where you began, what the first book that kicked it all off was, and you likely have no idea where you'll end, but the point is, you will go through each book methodically and reasonably, until it is done. You might discard a book, but only if there is very good cause.

2:The Book-Buster.

Is your home strewn with books scattered about, this way and that, their pages turned, their covers folded over, their backs broken and their limbs splayed out on either side? You are a destroyer of books, but you love them so. Your spirit book character is Lennie of Of Mice and Men. You just want to hug the books, squeeze them tighter and tighter, you adore them so much, you really don't know you're hurting them. And then you've got a paperback with a huge chunk pulled out of it, or a first edition that's suddenly waterlogged from bath water. You take your books out into the sun and their pages bleach away to nothing, but you keep them anyway, because they are books and you love books.

3:Delayed Onset Reader #1.

You are without a doubt a book lover, and when you walk into a bookstore or any place books are available, you can't help yourself, you buy one or many. When you get home you put them aside, often reverently, as if they were art, displaying them on a bookshelf or propping them up on your bedside table, pages ready to meet your eyes as soon as you have the moment. But you're very, very busy, and days, weeks, or months may go by before you actually crack open one of these books. It's not for lack of trying! When you finally do, you will be overjoyed by all the learning and emotional depth and humor and writing quality that exists in this book that's been sitting within reach all along, and you will be amazed that you waited so long to ever open it.

Delayed Onset Reader #2.

You are not a book lover. You buy books so you can show them off. If you are wealthy, you may have a mahogany-paneled library for expressly this purpose. Since you don't waste time on books, we won't waste time discussing you, but if you ever do pick up a book and read it and love it, you can consider yourself cured.

4:The Cross-Under.

You are a grown-up who reads Y.A. or kids books, or a kid who reads adult books, and there is a place for you in society, finally. Your existence acknowledged after so many years, you no longer have to feel shame at your questionable reading habits but can instead bask in the admiration of book blogs and feel a part of the vanguard. You are not ruled by categories; you are a free thinker. When you were in elementary school a librarian told you a book was "Too old for you." You read it anyway, and there's been no going back.

5:The Multi-Tasker.

This is the nice way of saying you are a promiscuous reader, but it's not that you don't finish reads. Instead, you just have a sort of hippie reading way about you, free love or some such. You might start the day out with a few pages from one novelist, then read something entirely different on the subway, and when you come home from work, another work as well. Your bedtime read, too, might be different, and all in all, when you count up the books, you've got quite a lot of irons in the fire all at the same time. Do you confuse characters or plots? Do you give more attention to some books than to others? Perhaps. The point is, you're not ready for a book commitment just yet, and you're doing a brilliant job dating them all in the meantime.

6:The Sleepy Bedtime Reader.

Do you feel the only time you have to read is when you're about to go to sleep? You tote your book into bed with you and it's so very comfortable and the book is so deliciously good, but you cannot keep your eyes open and end up waking up with a book on your face and your light still on at 3 a.m.? Tell no one; if you are lucky, there is no one there to witness your shame, save the characters with whom you are becoming quite close.

7:The Book Snob.

You are hard to impress, Little Miss or Mister. You only read books that are well reviewed by critics that you have determined to be of the highest caliber. You would never stoop to read something on a best-seller list, or something sold in a discount department store, or something NOT GOOD. Paperbacks offend you; you only touch hardcover—preferably, award-winning in some form or fashion.

8:The Hopelessly Devoted.

You stick to the authors you like, and you read them, pretty much exclusively, whatever they write, good or bad, regardless of reviews or the opinions of your friends or family. Everyone knows what to get you for your birthday or holidays. You are a true fan, and have been known to stand in line for a book signing from your BWF (Best Writer Forever).

9:The All-the-Timer/Compulsive/Voracious/Anything Goes Reader.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, there's a book with you. It doesn't matter what it is, really, so long as there are pages with words on them, or an e-reader with words on it.

message 2: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
I'm definitely no.1 Chronological and also no.9 The All-the-Timer/Compulsive/Voracious/Anything Goes Reader.

I buy or borrow books then finish them one by one and then pick next ones and also I take my e reader everywhere I go een while visiting relatives. Just can't live without reading at all.

message 3: by [deleted user] (last edited Oct 26, 2012 06:52PM) (new)

Nothing but No.8

I am definitely

8:The Hopelessly Devoted.

message 4: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
I was actually about to post it on your behalf:D

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Neena wrote: "I was actually about to post it on your behalf:D"

True true. My answer was predictable!!

message 6: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
yes...anybody can see that!

message 7: by Awesome (new)

Awesome (Awesomme) | 40 comments No.3 Delayed Onset Reader #1:)

message 8: by Harini (new)

Harini Srinivasan (harinigs) | 10 comments Everything except 2, 3b. and 7. Thanks for sharing, Neena!

message 9: by Aparna (new)

Aparna | 192 comments I'm a mix of 1,4,6,8 and 9 :-) I think I supper from readers's MPD :-)

message 10: by Aparna (new)

Aparna | 192 comments Suffer!! Damn autocorrect!

message 11: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
Harini wrote: "Everything except 2, 3b. and 7. Thanks for sharing, Neena!"

you are welcome Harini:)

message 12: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
Aparna wrote: "Suffer!! Damn autocorrect!"

I dont even care about spellings any more. I mean i just hate to reread:)

❄️ Propertea Of Frostea ❄️ Bitter SnoBerry ❄ (BerryNumey) 1, 2, 6 & 9....I guess they all fit!! ^.^

message 14: by Aparna (new)

Aparna | 192 comments Neena wrote: "Aparna wrote: "Suffer!! Damn autocorrect!"

I dont even care about spellings any more. I mean i just hate to reread:)"


message 15: by Neeru (new)

Neeru | 2 comments im hopelessly devoted, a snob and an all timer.. lolzz

message 16: by Rishabh (new)

Rishabh | 10 comments 1, 6 & 9...and a bit of everything else....just a gr8 combo

message 17: by Ritu (new)

Ritu | 2 comments 1, 3(1),and 6

message 18: by Vimal (new)

Vimal Phillip (vimalphillip) | 2 comments I am definitely #8 and I was #2 until my kindle came to me.

message 19: by Rahul Nath (new)

Rahul Nath (cultofpersonality) | 2406 comments Delayed Onset Reader #1. Buy books every month, read them, get busy and they stay unfinished before I buy other books again. If I get a vacation from my work soon, I plan on catching up :)

When I do read I'm a bit of the Multi Tasker. May start out reading a literary classic during the day, a horror/mystery in the evening and fantasy by night.

message 20: by Remina (new)

Remina (Remz) | 340 comments I am a 5(The Multi-Tasker) most of the time and working towards being a #1 and eventually a #9

message 21: by Dyuti (new)

Dyuti (dyuti_c) #1 and #9. Nice categorization though! :)

message 22: by Anwesha (new)

Anwesha I'm definitely No.1 and No.9

message 23: by Abhay (new)

Abhay Kulkarni | 11327 comments Mod
#1 & #4

message 24: by S.V. (new)

S.V. Divvaakar (sv_divvaakar) | 8 comments Neena wrote: "I came across this article while surfing net. It seemed interesting so thought about sharing it with all members. There are nine types of readers. See for yourself what kind of reader you yourself ..."

I am somewhat split between #3 Delayed Onset 1 and # 9 all the time/ compulsive, depending on time of the year,and place, with minor traces of other categories.

message 25: by Nishant (last edited Nov 18, 2012 10:50AM) (new)

Nishant Sharma (nishantsharma06) #1 and #8 for sure, that line of reading a book reasonable and methodically did it for me ..
and the word methodically definitely applies to crime and mystery novels,my sister is reading "Where rainbows end" by Cecilia Ahern and i see her taking it up while the Tv is on and whole she is listening to a song and i sometimes ask her why doesnt she go to another room?
i find it unfathomable how she can attend to the book while the Tv is on. may be Romantic Novens do not require concentration. :) ..

message 26: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
@ Nishant I agree. I actually can't to do one thing at a time but only exception is reading. I need to concentrate on my reading when I do read.

❄️ Propertea Of Frostea ❄️ Bitter SnoBerry ❄ (BerryNumey) 1:The Chronological Reader. : Yes. I'm here. From A to Z, this is me!! :D Lol, that rhymes =^.^=

2:The Book-Buster. : Yeah...but I wouldn't actually break their spine and besides I do hug and kiss my books and occasionally they're in my hands the whole night with my teddies =)

3:Delayed Onset Reader #1. : This too holds true to me. I have about 500 untouched books but am too lazy to read them instead pick up an "in" book that's interesting from the library. Oh and I bookmark all of them ♥.♥

Delayed Onset Reader #2. : I am a book lover and I do have a valued wood shelf(not mahogany, teak) ... doesn't apply much? o.O

4:The Cross-Under. : Unknowingly, I somehow do fall into this category -_- (Only thrice)

5:The Multi-Tasker. : Lol, this is a funny trait and might suit me at times like...NOW(when I'm busy with exams)

6:The Sleepy Bedtime Reader. : One reason I love vacation!! Yes, my lights will be on till 3 and 4 or maybe whole nights too :D But if I do get caught, hey thanks to whoever created the flashlight ;)

7:The Book Snob. : I don't mind being a snob, but hey I have my mind and heart for my own opinion!! XD

8:The Hopelessly Devoted. : Aww how sweet I'd be if I was 100% like this! But no. I'm just 60% on this category :D

9:The All-the-Timer/Compulsive/Voracious/Anything Goes Reader. : Yes, this is also me =^.^=

message 29: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
nice post Numey!!

message 31: by Shital (new)

Shital Delayed Onset Reader #1 and also the Multi-Tasker.

Any store I go into - I must buy books. Whenever I get online - I must buy books. I've had to buy a second bookshelf for the surplus of books I have. YES, it's an addiction. Mom thinks it's frivolous and that I have a problem but she doesn't understand the happiness I feel when I have a book in my hands. Only other readers know what it's like.

I get so busy with life that they often sit on my shelves for months (some even years :X). They really compliment my room and are wonderful art pieces that I try to keep them all in mint condition. I loathe putting creases on the spines and folding pages over. A bit OCD but I can't help it! I DO plan on reading them all … at some point. When I don't have to study anymore. :-)

message 32: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm a delayed onset reader #1, as well as a multi-tasker. I buy books whenever I'm in a bookshop, and I love buying old books in particular. There's a charm in old copies which I don't see in the brand new editions. :)
If it was up to me, I would read all the time. Unfortunately, work gets in the way of that dream. Still, I get around to most books sometime.

message 33: by Bhavana (new)

Bhavana | 1065 comments m no 3 n 9:-)

message 34: by Neena (new)

Neena (I-am-addicted-to-reading) | 9758 comments Mod
Lots of delayed onset types are there. I, on the othet hand actually thought there's no delayed onset types exist!

message 35: by Mehaboobmunna (new)

Mehaboobmunna (-M13) 3. Delayed onset reader 1

And 8. Hopelessly devoted :-D :-D :-B

message 36: by Sharika (new)

Sharika (goodreadscomquietnbookish) The Chronological Reader AND The All-the-Timer/Compulsive/Voracious/Anything Goes Reader! ;)

message 37: by Hiranmayii (new)

Hiranmayii Pudi | 48 comments 1.The Chronological Reader.
3.Delayed Onset Reader #1.
9.The All-the-Timer/Compulsive/Voracious/Anything Goes Reader.
where ever i go..i will have a book with me.


message 38: by Neha (new)

Neha 3:Delayed Onset Reader #1.
4:The Cross-Under.
6:The Sleepy Bedtime Reader. (also an extensive weekend and travel reader)
AND this what I am most:
9:The All-the-Timer/Compulsive/Voracious/Anything Goes Reader.

message 39: by Jess (new)

Jess | 14 comments 1 and 9 here. I read all the time I can spare and I read one book at a time.

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