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Alisi ☆ wants to read too many books ☆ | 2 comments I've got a suggestion (and/or silent, weeping plea) about the search engine.

Is there any way to make it so that the books you search for don't have to be one hundred percent exact? I don't mean misspellings per say (though that would be nice) but to not have punctuation be so rigid.

I mean, if I search for "Archangel's Kiss", the search engine won't find it if I search for "Archangels Kiss", "Archangel s Kiss", or "Archangel Kiss".

I'm just wondering. XD

message 2: by Mel (new)

Mel (Soireb) | 233 comments I want to add my plea to this!

message 3: by Manybooks (last edited Oct 28, 2012 10:20AM) (new)

Manybooks | 4134 comments Yes, yes, yes!!

And it would also be nice to be able to search by subjects, themes and/or by keywords. The way the search engine is set up at present does not really permit any kind of serious academic research (or any research based on subject matter, themes and the like instead of titles).

If I am trying to find books on a certain subject, I often first have to go to a website that allows keyword or subject searches before trying to find the resulting titles on GR (which is a bit tedious and defeats the purpose of searching GR for book titles).

message 4: by Petra X (new)

Petra X (PetraX) | 5937 comments If you have Chrome, get "search the current site" extension, and then you can use Google (without going to Google). The upside is you can use Boolean or not have the name accurate or anything, the downside is the results open Google-style on a new tab. But it is a workaround and I find it a brilliant one for this and other sites.

Debbie's Spurts (D.A.) | 7 comments Plurals should also not prevent search results. For example, "game play" should find "games play" and vice versa.

Currently, in book product data you can enter title plus a sort on title so "The Book Title" as title and a sort term of "book title, the" entries.

Maybe a similar field for alternate book title searches to handle plurals, original or translated book titles, or other common search mistakes members would likely make when searching for a book (like "demon slayer" vs. "demonslayer" , "volume" vs. "vol.", and the punctuation issues originally mentioned starting this thread).

message 6: by Donna (new)

Donna Herrick | 2 comments If you want something unambiguous to use as data to search on, how about the LOC Cataloging-in-Publication data.

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