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This is where they keep the academy's Pegasus, Griffins, unicorn, ect. The school does not have a road or parking area and neither do many places in the mythical world. So they used exportation spells and Pegasus to get to places.

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((this comment is just a test))

Tessa 『弓子』 (panicrocks95) Zeus wandered into the stables, he was getting a feel for the campus. He glanced at the animals around as he wandered through. He couldn't help but feel power as he walked through the campus, but couldn't put his finger on the full extent of it. He went up to a Griffin and gently stuck his hand out before petting it's head.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) Drake walked in, still in a grumpy mood from being disturbed in the woods by that stupid angel.
"Blasted winged idiots," he muttered...and then realized there was someone else in the stables with him...

Tessa 『弓子』 (panicrocks95) "They're not all idiots" Zeus laughed glancing at the guys who just walked in. Then snatching his hand away when the griffin snapped at him. "Ok maybe some" he grinned.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) "Like, all," Drake said, kicking at a door and then just standing there as a small dragon lunged withon several inches of his face, and smacked it on th nose. It snorted, sniffed him a moment, and then with a whimper slunk back down behind the door, "All of them are stuck-ups," he clarified, with a look at the other guy that said, 'dare you to say any different about that otherwise I will pound you into the ground and maybe let you beg for mercy.'

Tessa 『弓子』 (panicrocks95) "I must agree that they tend to be stuck up, but they also are usually very attractive" Zeus smirked at the guy's glare. He looked as if he was trying to intimidate him, but of course he wan't going to. Nothing scared him, and he didn't plan on changing that.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) "Yeah well, that has never seemed to change my opinion of them," Drake said, shrugging his shoulders, "And they don't really like me, so I leave it at that."

Tessa 『弓子』 (panicrocks95) "I take it you got in a quarrel with one recently." Zeus grinned. He leaned against the wall behind him, took his hat off and started spinning it on one hand.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) "Nah, I just saw one," Drake said, and then watching the movement of the hat for a moment, rolled his eyes in annoyance and blurted, "Will you stop that?"

Tessa 『弓子』 (panicrocks95) "Bothering you?" Zeus asked still spinning the hat. He pushed his hair out of his face with the other hand.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) "It hurts my eyes," Drake said sarcastically, "Yes it's annoying!"

Tessa 『弓子』 (panicrocks95) "Well then" Zeus laughed then spun his hat back to his head and ran his hand across the brim as it started to subtly glow purple. "Force of habit" he grinned.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) "Weird habit, tell you that," Drake said bluntly, and then motioned at the school, "they're doing shape-shifting class today," he said, "Are you in it?"

Tessa 『弓子』 (panicrocks95) "No clue, but sounds interesting so might as well go. You?" Zeus laughed straightening his vest. His eyes changed colour as he looked at his pocket watch.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) "I'm heading there," Drake said, "and it's supposedly where you "learn control of your form" stuff, along those lines at least," he said, as they headed out of the stable.

Tessa 『弓子』 (panicrocks95) "Well then, I might as well go to" Zeus shrugged following him out of the stables.

♠️ TABI = 타비 ♠️ (Tabi_Card) ((RP in the Shape-shifting hall XD))

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Naill slowly walked into the stable with Rain running ahead of him. The sun was going down and and the sky had a dark red look to it. Some creatures where laying down or standing up, most flinched or made a noise when He walked past. Rain ran almost completely across the stable, stopping at the second to last one. Naill smiled and walked up to her. Her looked inside to see two familiar unicorns. The small one was huddled up against it mother, its face poking around to see Rain. They had been visiting the pair ever since Rain heard of the new baby unicorn. Rain said nothing as she watched with wide eyes as the little unicorn took a step towards her.

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) Nyx stumbled into the stables, tearing clouding her vision and dripping from her cheeks. Why couldn't Thea just forgive her? Why was it that their arguement had to be prolonged, along with her guilt? She knew that currently she should be in class, but her sister obviously wasn't going either, and Nyx wasn't sure she could face a lesson after the betrayal she was feeling at the current moment. How could she? Her heart was broken in two, so learning was definetely teh least of hre worries. Plus, teachers tended to like her, and she was known for constantly having headaches, so she could always say she wasn't feeling great this morning.

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Rain was excited when the unicorn came close enough to touch, she reached her small hand out and petted it's snout. The horse snorted and got closer, eyeing Niall as it did so. The animal didn't trust him, what animal in it's right mind would? He felt the presence of another being before he heard it. Faltering, soft foot steps came from outside the stable. Slowly, making sure Rain didn't notice, Niall moved into a protective stance. His hand moved down to his sword he was carrying, caressing the cold handle. Gripping it he watched as a small girl entered the stables. He new looks could be deceiving but the tears flowing down her face made him soften. He let go of his sword and clear his throat.

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) Nyx's eyes widened as she sniffled, and wiped away a few of her tears. She didn't like crying in public, let alone in front of strangers. After a few moments she lowered her gaze to the ground, saying nothing. After all, what could she possibly say? Plus she had to admit the sword had scared her a bit... She herself was amaziing at magic and an adept archer, but when it came to close combat... Well, lets just say she wasn't in as great of shape. Plus she'd never seen a real sword so close before. The ones in the training room were dull.

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Niall smiled softly at the girl. He let go of the word slowly. "Ma'am are you ok?" He asked. It was a dumb question to ask, she obvious wasn't. But he felt awkward being around people when they cried, especially a stranger. Rain when she spotted the girl hid behind Niall, poking her head around him and staring curiously at the girl. She clenched onto Niall's shirt before letting go and running over to the girl. She said nothing as she hugged her around the legs tightly. "Don't cry." Rain said. Niall was completely and totally shocked. Rain had barely every talked to a stranger in her life. She didn't even talk to Niall much.

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) Nyx looked at the girl, utterly shocked. However after a moment she smiled. Somehow through her odd way of judging people she decided that this girl was someone she'd like, and anyways, Nyx had always liked children. They were all so innocent and pure, the only truly pure things left in this corrupt words. Wiping away teh rest of her tears she hugged the girl back. "Thank you," she whispered in the girl's ear.

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((gtg for the night))

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Sarah  (Oceanwhisper) (okay :) )

Seraphina stumbled towards the stables, her face stormy and bright red. She was in her human form, as she was sick of being extremely tall. Her sister had just taken a very vicious verbal fight with her, upsetting Sera. She wiped the tears qickly away from her eyes as she entered the stables. She was surprised to see so many people. She sighed silently to herself when she saw that there was already people around the baby unicorn. She changed direction awkwardly, and headed over towards one of the schools pegasi. "Hello big guy," she whispered softly to it, her face softening and paling.

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Rain hugged her one more time before running back behind Niall, who turned his head when someone else walked into the stables. She appeared to be crying too. He tense, Niall didn't know if he could handle so many peoples tears. He never knew what to do when someone cried. He turned back to the other girl and smiled awkwardly. Taking a few steps he reached out his hand. "I'm Niall and this is Rain. We sorry for being here when you probably wanted to be alone." He mentally face palmed himself right after saying it. Who says something like that! Rain giggled behind Niall, she could tell he was out of his element.

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) Nyx found herself giggling with Rain. After all, what he said din't make a lot of sense. Although it did definetely make her feel better. Somewhere in her mind she also acknowledged that he was cute, and seemed to be rather sweet. "I'm Nyx," she introduced herself brushing away some of the long, brown strands out of her face. She was still wearing her gothic lolita dress, and a black ribbon with some lace on the edges was in her hair.

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Niall dropped his hand and pulled it though his hair nervously. He blushed the tiniest a bit when she giggle. A cooled wind blew through the stable carrying the smell of hay and forest with it. It was starting to get dark outside and he knew they'd have to go back to their housing that his friends Angel and Luce offered. He pressed his lips together before going on. "It's nice to meet you Nyx." He said and felt Rain nodded. He was still surprised by her action with Nyx. Looking at Nyx he said. "You know I've never in my life seen Rain warm up to a stranger so fast. It's very, very rare." he said bluntly. He wondered why that was. Rain had seen plenty of people cry but she never responded as she had now.

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) A slight blush crossed Nyx's pale cheeks. "Well I'm honored then," she answered, smiling at the two of them. In the back of her mind she wondered what exactly they were, and what the boy did here at the academy. The girl was probably his sister, or companion, but she was unable to decide exactly what either one of them was. Probably not sorcerers though... They just didn't seem to have the personalities...

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Niall watched as the Nyx smiled. Her eyes look a little curious and she looked as though she was studying them. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the light of the moon and the last of the sunset. He began to worry, night was not a good time for him and at the same time it was. He felt his hand twitch and his nails stated to turn to claws, but once he noticed he quickly transformed them back. He greeted the coming darkness and his eyes seemed to glow the slightest red. He cleared his throat, again. "Well, umm. It was nice meeting you, but we real should be going. He looked down at Rain who didn't seem to be struggling with her form. He didn't know how she did it, she was so strong when it came to refusing her Demon side. It was also totally against their nature.

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) "Oh, well, I'll see you around," Nyx flashed him one last smile before slipping away, her black skirt and dark hair trailing behind her slightly. Some part of her had realized that there was an urgent reason he needed to be alone with rain, and accepted that. Nonetheless she felt sorry to leave him, as both Niall and the girl sparked her curiousity, as well as some other strange emotion she couldn't recognize at the moment.
(Want to timeskip and have them meet up later?)

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((Sure I got to make then a dorm room first. then maybe they can meet somewhere at a breakfast place? maybe in Thicim or something before school start? idk))

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Sarah  (Oceanwhisper) (Ages ago )

Sera also laughed at the awkwardness, and went red at herself for the sudden action. She hadn't laughed in a long time, and it felt strange to suddenly do it now. "I'm Seraphina by the way, but call me Sera."


Sera could see the moon rising as well, and felt herself starting to change from a human to a vampire. She put her now pale hand to her face in embarassment. She had pretty much no strength to keep herself from changing, and hoped she would learn how to at the school. She smiled and walked past them to the unicorn foal. It snorted at her and ran behind it's mother who didn't even look up. She smiled slightly at it, her fangs showing just. She got up then and walked out of the barn, back towards the dorm she shared with her dreaded sister.

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Sarah wrote: "(Ages ago )

Sera also laughed at the awkwardness, and went red at herself for the sudden action. She hadn't laughed in a long time, and it felt strange to suddenly do it now. "I'm Seraphina by the..."

((oh sorry X/ didn't mean to ignore you I just didn't know what to do!!! XD))
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Niall looked at the girl and introduced himself and rain. He felt a little akward talking to to girls that had just been crying. We did he always get put into the weirdest situations? He sighed.

(when they left)
Niall made it just in time out and away from the stables. He noticed he wasn't the only one that had a problem holding onto their form. before he left he saw the other girl transform into a Vampire. He new what it was like to have to darkness call to you, to want to just break away, but at the same time he hated it. Taking out some mint gum he handed a piece to Rain before popping one in his mouth. Slowly he started to relax as he chewed. They walked across the campus and to where Angel and Luce said their dorm was.

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Sarah  (Oceanwhisper) ((That's okay xD ))

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