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Marissa (CrazyBookLover97) | 380 comments Mod
Hi ya'll! :D


Word limit - 300 - 3,500

Must be PG-13 and no foul language!

Have fun! :D

P.S. The TEEN or PRE-TEEN does not have to be the main character.

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Marissa (CrazyBookLover97) | 380 comments Mod
The Baker's Daughter :)

My names Maddie Laurenson and I’m 15 years old. Long brown hair, hazel eyes, and I’m 5ft 10in. So I’m super tall for a girl, clumsy, pretty awesome if I say so myself, and a big lover of cooking. Baking really like my Mom. This summer my Mom finally gave me a part-time job in her local bakery Simply Sweet. She says I’m finally old enough to work there and though I’ve helped her many times around Simply Sweet I know this is huge! My Mom says I can actually help bake and go with her on deliveries. I have been baking ever since I could work an Easy Bake Oven and it’s been my dream ever since to have my own bakery. Luckily Simply Sweet is only a short walk from our house and my school, Berry Lawrence High. So all I have to do is make it through Friday today at school and then I can get to work! I can’t wait!
I walk the short distance to Berry Lawrence and push the doors open. (The reason we have this crazy name is because our school’s founder is Sir Berry Fitzgerald Lawrence and he founded the quaint brick building with plenty of tall pretty foliage and land in 1964. He turned the building into a school and it’s remained one for 48 years.) As I’m walking through the halls I see my classmates. I somehow make it to my locker through the mob of students moving through and standing in the hall. I put in my combination grab a notebook and my school Library book “Heroes Of Olympus: The Son Of Neptune” by Rick Riordan. I just LOVE the Percy Jackson and Heroes Of Olympus books!
“Only about 7 more hours before I can get over to Mom’s bakery! Yeah!” I think to myself smiling.
“Hey Maddie!” I turn to see my best friend Daisy Thompson beaming at me.
Upon further inspection I see she’s wearing her favorite “The Hunger Games” t-shirt and jeans.
She’s a mess of short blonde curls, green eyes, and she’s a movie fanatic!
“Hey Daisy!” I say returning the smile as I shut my locker. “Well aren’t we looking snazzy today?” I say admiring her outfit.
Daisy snorts “Oh yes one does not simply dress to impress! You dress to blow peoples mind with your sexiness!” she wiggles her eyebrows.
As I try to stop my giggles she fixes me with a look. “What?” I manage to gasp out.
“How excited are you for your AWESOME PART-TIME JOB!? First EVER job I might add.”
A bubble of warmth hits me just thinking about it. “Uh can you say EXTREMELY EXCITED!? It’s gonna be great.” I reply grinning.
Daisy chuckles and smiles “That’s good. You’re gonna be amazing Maddie! I would know since I’ve ate your creations.” she pauses for a breath as we start off towards homeroom. “It’s amazing! Just like your Mom. It’s in your blood!”
We walk into class and find our assigned seats. I sit down in my seat and Daisy does the same right behind me. Since the teacher for our Homeroom, Mrs. Gilbert, had yet to arrive Daisy pokes me to turn around and continues talking as if she hadn’t stopped. Not a problem since no teacher meant everyone was talking as well.
“Oh gosh what did you call those yummy little candies we made last Friday?” she asks practically drooling at the memory.
I remember it clearly because after all the work that we put into making them they were gone in less than 2 hours and my Mom, Dad, Daisy, and I were to blame. I laugh at her demeanor as she remembers the taste and sighs.
“I call them Tasty Sweets.” I reply smiling.
“Oh the cherry flavor was so yummy!” she exclaims.
I smile “They were good! Careful there Thompson! Wouldn’t want me thinking you’re only my friend because of my mad baking skills! I mean I am pretty amazing no?” I joke raising my eyebrows and posing with my hand on my hip.
Daisy’s laughter and classroom chatter trickles into silence as Mrs. Gilbert walks in. Daisy I totally like Mrs. Gilbert. Pretty much the whole school does because she’s super laid back. She sits her big purple purse down on her messy desk and turns to smile at the whole class.
“Good morning everyone! Let us stand for the Pledge Of Allegiance!”
The rest of the school day drags on slowly. When I finally do make it out of Berry Lawrence I stand outside the front doors and look around the front lawn for Daisy. I don’t see her anywhere but I do see my other best friend Cameron talking with some guys that seem kind of familiar near the doors. Cam is surprisingly taller than me and is super funny! He has a mop of red hair, a face full of freckles, and blue eyes. I stare at him stalker style waiting for him to look at me. This is kind of a game that Daisy, Cam, and I play. What can I say? We are super dorky. After about 30 seconds of staring at him in his baby blue t-shirt and jeans he must finally feel me staring at him all stalker style because he glances up at the front doors which I’m standing in front of. He finally sees me and laughs. I stroll up to him and laugh as well.
“Hey Maddie! What’s up?” he asks with his eyes light up with amusement.
I chuckle “I’m actually looking for Daisy have you seen her? We were suppose to walk to Simply Sweet together.” I ask.
He furrows his brow “No I haven’t but good luck with everything today!” he smiles.
I return the smile “Thanks! I got to get to Simply Sweet! I’ll call you later Cam!” I shout to him as I walk towards the sidewalk.
“Ok see you later tater!” he yells in reply.
I snort and laugh “It’s gator not tater!” I shout smiling at him as I’m walking backwards away from him.
“You know I just make these things up as I go along!” he shouts in reply with a smile.
I chuckle and yell “Oh I know! Bye!”
He shouts back “Bye Maddie!”
I turn around and continue on down the sidewalk towards Mom’s bakery. Daisy had agreed we would walk to my Mom’s bakery so I don’t understand why she wouldn’t be there to meet me at the front doors. “She probably just got held up. I’ll just meet her there.” I decide. I’m surprisingly not too tired from the long school day. I think it’s the excitement and anticipation.
I make it to Simply Sweet in about 10 minutes. Simply Sweet is really cute. My Dad and I helped my Mom design it when we bought the cozy building 3 blocks from our house 2 years ago. We had to save up for a while so we could buy the building located on 24th street. My Dad, Thomas Laurenson, works at a local mechanic shop named Fix It Up and my Mom, Jenny Laurenson, as you know runs and works at her own bakery Simply Sweet. My Dad well really my whole Family and I have a sweet tooth.
Finally arriving I walk through the front door and it dings as I do so.
“Maddie honey is that you?” my Mom calls from behind the counter in the back room where the magic happens.
“Yeah! Hey Ma.” I reply as I walk into the back room, throw my backpack down, and smile.
The whole kitchen is a mess and my Mom is flying from messy counter to messy stove and so on. “Can you get those cookies out of the oven for me?” she asks as she ices a two tier cake.
I nod “Yeah I got it.” I say as I put on her big blue oven mittens and walk towards one of the three stoves.
“DING!” My Mom glances up from her cake at me as I’m sitting the cookies down.
“A customer. Will you go wait on-“my Mom begins but stops when Daisy appears in the kitchen doorway.
“It smells so good in here! Honey I’m home!” Daisy exclaims sniffing the air.
“I made a batch of Sugar cookies for Mrs. Donovan just down the road from us. She orders them all the time.” My Mom states without looking up and breaking her concentration.
She smiles “I love Sugar cookies.”
I take off and lay the blue oven mittens on the counter “Hey where were you today?” I ask. “We were supposed to meet at the front doors but I didn’t see you. I asked Cam but he hadn’t seen you either.”
She nods “I know but I forgot my Math book in my locker and you know I HAVE to take it home to study. So by the time I grabbed it and got to the front doors you were already gone.”
I chuckle “You and forgetting things. Want a Tasty Sweet?”
“Yes!” she grins.
I grin back at her because she’s in for an awesome surprise.
“Just grab the whole tray!” my Mom says and giggles.
“Ok!” I yell in reply.
I return with the tray and as I sit it down Daisy and my Mom eye them eagerly.
Daisy furrows her brow “Wait what are those?”
My Mom smiles and points at one of the purple pieces that cover half the tray while the rest are red “That would be Maddie’s new creation. Grape Tasty Sweets! You’re going to love them!” she exclaims and pops one of the grape ones into her mouth.
She mumbles “mmm” and then goes back to icing a white two tier cake with white icing.
I smile modestly “It was pretty tricky but I did it!”
Daisy eagerly grabs a grape one and pops it in her mouth. I watch and wait for her reaction. Suddenly her green eyes open up great big and she shouts “These are amazing! You’ve been holding out on me!”
My Mom and I giggle at this.
“So you like them?” I ask.
Daisy laughs “Like them? I LOVE them!”
I smile “They are pretty good! I may be a little addicted actually!”
My Mom looks up from the cake at me with a mix of pride and amusement on her face “I think I might be too!”
Daisy nods “I know I am! You really are a baker’s daughter!”
I smile “I know.”

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