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Joseph ~ The Madman with a Box (TheMadmanwithaBox) | 451 comments Mod
For your characters

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Anastacia (Ana3) | 335 comments Mikaila came in to the lab and went right to the computer. She begasn searching for the old villians. She managed to find profiles on each of them. Mikaila tried to find out how the were able to beat the old heroes.

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Shocker followed her in

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"You never get much of that in our...ah... line of work."

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He sighed, "If such a place existed, I'd be there."

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"Where would that be?"

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He reached out and took the collar, "Interesting..."

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"You alright?" Shocker asked

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"I'm in," He said with a grin

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He smirked evilly

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((That's ok I'm good. Good luck!))
"How do I start?" He asked

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He smirked, "Well I could have guessed that,"

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He hugged her back, "Glad to be of service," He said with a smirk

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"Where would that be?"

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He followed her out

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