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message 1: by Jay (last edited Nov 06, 2012 09:49AM) (new)

Jay Howard (jay_howard) When you receive the book you are reviewing please post a link to the book here on the round thread. That way the author can check you have the correct file, and the mods can check you are all on track OK.

When you post you review on GR post a link to the review here on the round thread so that we can all get to it easily, and again it will make the mods lives easier.

Thank you :)

Round 4 Start date: 24 November 2012
End date: 15 December 2012

Marie-Anne reviews Jason
K.A. reviews Sandra
Steve reviews Gloria
Laura reviews Ali
Jason reviews Alberto
Sandra reviews Jeffrey
Gloria reviews Marie-Anne
Ali reviews K.A.
Alberto reviews Steve
Jeffrey reviews Laura


message 2: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Krisko (KAKrisko) | 1705 comments Mod
I've got Sandra's book, Charlotte Perkins: Gold Digger:

Charlotte Perkins - Gold Digger

Looks like fun!

message 3: by K.A. (last edited Nov 02, 2012 07:23AM) (new)

K.A. Krisko (KAKrisko) | 1705 comments Mod
I've finished Sandra's book (Charlotte Perkins: Gold Digger) and posted the review at the following link:

message 4: by Anne (last edited Nov 02, 2012 12:38PM) (new)

Anne Carlisle (acarlisle) | 328 comments Thanks, Kathy. Excellent review...I loved the last line, and I'm eager to read the book, as I love Western history.

message 5: by Ali (new)

Ali Isaac (Aliisaac) I have received K.A.'s book Stolen.

message 6: by Anne (new)

Anne Carlisle (acarlisle) | 328 comments Thanks for keeping us posted, Steve & Ali. -Anne

message 7: by Jason (new)

Jason Parent I have reviewed Alberto's High Treason. It can be viewed at the link below. Since I don't think there's a Round 5, I think I'm done. Thanks to all who participated in this group. I'm happy to have read some great books I wouldn't normally have read, and Jay, keep me in mind for Group 6, 7 or 8 please. Thanks again all!

message 8: by Jay (new)

Jay Howard (jay_howard) OK, Jason, this is the thread to watch:
Thanks for your commitment so far, at it's good to here you want to continue :) For the next one, Group 5 will probably start mid-December. Do you want to start again then, or wait for a later group?

message 9: by Jason (new)

Jason Parent If it becomes difficult to fill group 5 ands you need somebody, I'll do it. otherwise, I will hold out til group 6. Thanks!

message 10: by Ali (last edited Nov 22, 2012 06:20AM) (new)

Ali Isaac (Aliisaac) Here is my review for KA Krisko's Stolen.

message 11: by Marie-Anne (new)

Marie-Anne Mancio (hotelalphabet) | 139 comments I have received Jason's What Hides Within

message 12: by Gloria (new)

Gloria Piper | 198 comments Hi, I finished the review of Marie-Anne's Whorticulture. Here it is:

message 13: by K.A. (new)

K.A. Krisko (KAKrisko) | 1705 comments Mod
Here's the direct link to Gloria's review:

Thanks, Gloria!

message 14: by Laura (new)

Laura Libricz (lauralibricz) | 74 comments I have had Ali's book and I'm going to read it next week. This is the last day of NaNo and I have a little over 3000 words to write today. The Four Treasures of Eirean

message 15: by Jay (new)

Jay Howard (jay_howard) Happy Sunday :)
Please remember to post links here to the reviews due in by next Saturday. Gosh, 5 more reviews and then that's this group all finished up too.

message 16: by Marie-Anne (new)

Marie-Anne Mancio (hotelalphabet) | 139 comments Here's my review of Jason's book:

Fantastic read!

message 17: by Laura (new)

Laura Libricz (lauralibricz) | 74 comments Hi--it's snowing here like crazy, so what better way to spend the afternoon than reading:

message 18: by Alberto (new)

Alberto Ambard i am not able to contact Steve. Steve if you are there and would like me to post a review please send me a message. Thanks.

message 19: by Jay (new)

Jay Howard (jay_howard) I was in contact with Steve today by PM, Alberto, but I'm not sure if he's still in contact with us here on the forum. He posted his review for this round very early as he wanted to leave this group before the round end date.

message 20: by Alberto (new)

Alberto Ambard Jay, was this the last round then? I don't see any more activity. thx

message 21: by Jay (new)

Jay Howard (jay_howard) Yes, Alberto, every group does 4 rounds. Otherwise the members would end up doing reciprocal reviews. We started the RG to give a forum where that wouldn't happen, where we could say to anyone, 'Look, there is no pressure to be anything other than honest in the reviews as the person you review will never review you back.'

Do I take it you would like your name put down for another group?

message 22: by Alberto (new)

Alberto Ambard Sure, just let me know. Thanks!

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