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Hope’s Boy: The Bestselling Memoir of Young Woman's Struggle to Keep Her Son Released in Paperback

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Gerry The paperback of Hope's Boy has just been released from Hyperion Books. Hope's Boy is the story of a young mother's struggle with mental illness, and her son's life without her as a foster child after he was taken from her at age seven. He is now a lawyer who works on behalf of women and children living in poverty and involved in child welfare systems

More information can be found at HopesBoy.com. It has been named a:

People Magazine Critic's Choice
New York Times Bestseller
Los Angeles Times Bestseller
A Washington Post 2008 Best Book of 2008
Los Angeles Times Discoveries Book
Reader's Digest Featured Book
2008 Elle Magazine Readers' Prize

Take a look and share your thoughts!

Kris Newman I'm surprised this book isn't getting more attention. It's an excellent story - and it's true. I hope to meet Andrew Bridge someday. He is a true hero to foster kids in this country. I wish more foster parents - and potential foster parents - would read this book to see what it looks like from the inside out. Excellent book and well worth the price.

Mark Weaver Tough book for me, very sad book. Very good book.

Julia BEST book read in a while showing why we need CPS - educators and caregivers. But loved the show of a mother's love (as much as she was able) and the boy's view on neededing to be cared for by others! A MUST READ FOR ALL EDUCATORS!

Kris Newman Yes, a must read for educators and for those involved in the foster care system. It is the best book I have ever read showing what it is like from the inside out of foster care. It's not a tragedy book, but a real life look into the heart of a foster child. And this I tell you from my own experiences.

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