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message 1: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany | 194 comments Mod
I am continuing to love this book. I have also been listening to it on my ipod, so if I spell names wrong, forgive me.

I really like that Takeo isn't an instant genius. His teacher (forget his name) is constantly frustrated with him because he isn't catching on to things. But, he eventually does. I love this. I work with children with disabilities and I like to view them not as "different" or even as people with disabilities; they just learn differently and at a different rate than I do, or maybe you do. But it doesn't make them not "normal". Does that make any sense? People thought Takeo was dumb because he didn't talk, and thought he was dumb because he wasn't learning like his teacher wanted him to. But all it took was a little time and he had to be taught in a different way. But now he is "normal".

I also liked this because you think of the hero in the book and more often than not, he is always a super genius from the beginning. He soaks everything in and is an automatic master at everything he does. Takeo is real. So, yeah...

message 2: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle | 49 comments Through the alternating chapters i was quite intrugued when the two were going to merge together. I agree that i like how Takeo isn't a genious, he has strenghths and flaws as we all do.
I love shizuka, i can just imagine her :P

message 3: by Becca (last edited Feb 20, 2009 12:16PM) (new)

Becca | 160 comments I noticed that Takeo doesn't catch on to "regular learning" very fast, but when it is something he is interested in like his "special talents" he seemed to catch on to those quick. I think this is because it interested him a lot more then reading and writing did. I guess it could be just because it is in his blood.

It drives me nuts that Shirakawa Kaede is such a brat. You would think her time being (treated as) a slave would have humbled her. I think it just taught her how to treat people that are "lower" then her in statis.

PS I am also reading this via audiobook so please forgive if I miss spell.

message 4: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany | 194 comments Mod
I agree Becca. For someone who hated the way she was treated, she's more than happy to be a brat to her servants for minor mistakes they make.

message 5: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany | 194 comments Mod
I really like Shizuka too. She is so spunky. She has a personality that makes everyone like her.

message 6: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle | 49 comments And she's strong!!

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