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((rp here))

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Kimble walked into a building where her latest photo shoot was being held

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Joey walked into the the recording studio. She was going to see her dad. Her mom was finaly leaving her alone.

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"Okay now Kimble we want you to modle these clothes." the photographer said pointing to a rack

"Of course." Kim siad

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Lael walked into the building. She was having a shoot with some other model.

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"And Lael over here is modeling with you." the photographer added

"Wait what?" Kimble asked, "I was told I was going to be alone."

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Lael walked up to Kimble. "I was told I am modeling partly with you." She said, smiling.

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Kimble shrugged, "Well it wasn't what I signed up for but whatever." she said, "Hi I am Kimble."

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"Lael." She said.

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"Okay great you two know each other." the photographer said, "Now e need to get you to hair and make up. Time's wasting."

Kimble rolled her eyes, "COme on let's go before he flips out even more."

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 449 comments Mod
Lael giggled and followed the photographers.

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Soon Kimble had a bunch of people trying ot get her hair into a complicated updo

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 449 comments Mod
Lael had two people with her hair, putting small braids throughout it, and someone doing her makup.

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Soon someone started on her make up

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Chavonna smiled into her vanity mirror her hair was finnally behaving and her make up was perfect, nothing could spoil her mood.

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Joey sat down in the recording booth. She started to play the piano.

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"Chavonna!" Matt yelled, "Lets go! Stop being so vain and get you butt down here!"

"Skinny! Get your incredibly skinny butt down here!" Chavonna yelled back. "Just a second!"

"Now!" Matt yelled back.

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Silver got changed quickly into a short sleeved blue dress,black leggings and blue pumps.She ran out of her bedroom and down the grand staircase of her house,then another set.She lessened her pace when she walked down a small corridor,leading to a large wooden door.She pushed it open and came to her own person recording studio where her Agent,Daniel and the people who controlled the soundboard were sitting.She waved at them and walked into the soundbooth,over to the mic and put on her headphones.She gave a thumbs up directed at the guys at the soundboard and they clicked a few switched.She then began to sing her latest song Their questions,her beautiful voice echoeing around the room.

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"Goodness it doesnt take me that long." Chavonna said shutting hte door to her brothers shiny silver *some kind of nice car*. "So we're going to the mechanic ot check my car then your taking me ot the studio, right?"

"Wow you actually paid attention, you get a smoothie!" Matt said grinning at her.

"16 oz please!" Chavonna smiled back.

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Joey sat there playing for an hour or so. She was off in her own world. She was enjoying the feeling of playing for fun. She looked up and saw her dad standing there staring at her.

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Pulling up to the car shop Chavonna sipped on her smothie, she had gone on a 3 mile run the previous day so she had wipped cream on top of the citus blend.

"Where is my baby?" She demanded looking at the workers.

"Wont be done for another two day." They said.

"What!" Chavonna stamped her foot on the ground.

"Thats waht you get for running a red light, Vonna." Matt said holding back a laugh. "Come on or your going to be late."

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Gracie and Madison read through their lines for the next scene they were shooting.

"Ugh you have more lines than me." Madison told Gracie

"Only one." Gracie said, "And it's, Oh my god. No big deal"

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Matt dropped Chevonna off at the studio and made his way to the site where he needed to get to he had been called back for a major part in a coming movie and he was very nervous.

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((hey, Janelle! ancient egyptian rp?))

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Madison rolled her eyes, "Come on let's just get this scene over with." she said

"Fine." Gracie said

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Joey knew her dad was kicking her out by the look on her face. She had to meet her mom at some site.

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After a few tkaes the scene was shot. "Ugh Luke gave you more attention today." Madison said

"I stummbled over a few lines." Gracie said, "It's not like the director could ignore that."

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Joey walked in to the site her mom told her to go to.

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Chavonna hummed the first veres of her new song she was going to introduce. Nothing better to do, she was amazingly a few minuets early so she had time to kill before the person before her would be done.

Matt parked his car and walked ot the shooting site, it looked pretty cool.

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Kimble arrived at the studio Gracie and Madison's show was filmmed, "Hey." she said when she saw them

"Oh yay the trip threat is here." Madison said rolling her eyes

"Now Madison no one likes a girl with envy." Kimble said

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Joey felt weird. She saw a guy walking up to the site but her mom hit her in the head again. Started to yell at her. She was hoping the guy wouldn't notice.

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"And Kimble no one likes a girl who only cares about herself." Madison said

"You're one to talk." Kimble said

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Matt walked to the director, "Hey I m Matt one of the call backs."

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((Can Lucas/Surf be in the movie that Gracie and Madison are filming.But it doesnt matter.))

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Joey started to feel weird with her mom yelling at her. She knew she didn't do anything wrong. It wasn't like she was going to cry. No her stomach started to feel funny. She started to think of why, but nothing came to mind.

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((Gracie and Madison are on a tv show. He can be a guest star though))

Gracie held up her hands, "Kim, Madison stop fighting." she said, "It's annoying."

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((Oh that makes sense! Sorry! Doesnt matter :) ))

Silver finished recording her song and she left her house,getting into her limo.

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((lol cool))

"Fine." Madison said, "I guess we should try to get along while the guest star is here."

"Oh whose that?" Kimble asked

"Umm some guy." Gracie said, "I forgot who."

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 449 comments Mod
Lael was finally done with her hair and makeup and was dressed.

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Chavonna entered the recording studio and began hte start of recording her first album.

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Joey ran away from her mom. She was going to puke.

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Janelle was getting ready for her show

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Kimble looked at her watch, "As much as I wanted to stay and chat I have a photo shoot to get back to before they realize I left." she said

"Bye." Gracie said

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Brad sighed as he got ready for another major hollywood movie

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Kimble got in the limo and was back at the shoot. She walked over to Lael, "Did the photographer notice I was missing?" she asked

Gracie looked at Madison, "I'm leaving." she said, "See you tomorrow."

"Yeah tomorrow I have more lines." Madison said

"Whatever." Gracie said

Waterfall *Daughter of Northridge Earthquake* (Falls) | 449 comments Mod
Lael smiled. "Not yet. I covered for you."

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Chavonna finished the recordings and sat in the lobby of the studio waiting for Matt.

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"Thanks." Kimble said

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"whats taking the others so long to get here they were suppose to be here 20 minutes ago" said brad restlessly

he got bored of waiting so he texted Liz
where r u wats takin u so long reply soon

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Sorry! I'm on my way! :D
Liz texted back, as she sat in the car on her way to the movie.

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