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message 1: by Kaitie♥ (last edited Feb 16, 2009 06:47PM) (new)

Kaitie♥ (HoodiesGirl) | 1516 comments Mod
We produce sooooo soooooo much trash, that it's amazing.
Look at these links

We produce sooo sooooo much, and we try everything to get rid of it. We try burning it (bad gases), Burying it, and soon, we'll be throwing it out in space, just like Wall~E. It's atrocious! Try whatever you can to stop making so much trash. Stop buying so much stuff with a lot of plastic wrappings like...twinkies? (EWEWEWEWEW! MEGA EW!) DOn't get it! It makes a lot of trash if you buy a lot, and it's unhealthy. Eat an apple or something! Just try not using as much stuff that produces a lot of trash. My school had a day where we all tryed not to make a trash, all the seniors (I go to a middle/high school) covered all the trash cans, and we were supposed to try not to use as much. If we made any, we would hold it in a bag or something so at the end of the day we would see how much junk we produced in 24 hours. Try Try Try!

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Parker (sarahlizaparker) I have to try that!I will make ALL my friends do it!!And like how u put the pics!!!Love them but hate wat they are doing to the earth!!The first one said a LOT!!

message 3: by Dibily Do (new)

Dibily Do ok I will try it

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Parker (sarahlizaparker) me too!!

message 5: by Violet (new)

Violet (violetspring) You know what my brother said? He said, "Just throw the trash into the volcanos." But that's just stupid! What we should do is turn it into fuel or electricty.

message 6: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Parker (sarahlizaparker) Your brother's brain must have melted.

message 7: by Dibily Do (last edited Feb 17, 2009 04:25PM) (new)

Dibily Do ya...not about what max said, but if we berned the trash it will put gases into the air! (I think)

message 8: by Kaitie♥ (new)

Kaitie♥ (HoodiesGirl) | 1516 comments Mod
Ya it would, also when we put it into the ground and try burying it, it realeses chemicals and stuff into the soil.

Ya, me too! I'm thinking of doing it maybe a weekly thing or more for me and my friends :)

message 9: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Parker (sarahlizaparker) ya thats right N.S.A.

message 10: by Dibily Do (new)

Dibily Do Ya I thought is was right:)

message 11: by Sarah (last edited Feb 18, 2009 08:57AM) (new)

Sarah Parker (sarahlizaparker) ya u were ->

message 12: by Dibily Do (new)

Dibily Do ok good

message 13: by Violet (new)

Violet (violetspring) Volcanos are a pretty weird idea. But that's my brother. He's a freak, and that's saying something because my family (plus me) are a bunch of weirdos.

message 14: by Kaitie♥ (new)

Kaitie♥ (HoodiesGirl) | 1516 comments Mod
Me and my friends are a couple of weirdos :)

message 15: by Dibily Do (new)

Dibily Do lol me and my friends are aliens! Well I dont think one of them is.....:(

message 16: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Parker (sarahlizaparker) lol

message 17: by Violet (new)

Violet (violetspring) One is a witch, one is a demon, one is an alien, one is a werepire, one is a shape-shifter, and one is a flower nymph, and I'm a wood nymph. That's all my friends. We kind of made up we are. Yah, we're weird like that.

message 18: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Parker (sarahlizaparker) u r weird

message 19: by Dibily Do (new)

Dibily Do ?????????????????????????WHAT??????

message 20: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Parker (sarahlizaparker) jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk

message 21: by Kaitie♥ (new)

Kaitie♥ (HoodiesGirl) | 1516 comments Mod
My friends are sooooo weird! :)
We'll do weird things, wear weird things. Once in a class, my friend and I were messing around with the hot glue gun, feathers, and some felt. So we made a funky hat things with little swirly wires too and we walking through out lunch and the entire day wearing it. lol. It was fun!

message 22: by Dibily Do (new)

Dibily Do wow that is weird!:)

message 23: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Parker (sarahlizaparker) that is so creepy on many levels

message 24: by Dibily Do (new)

Dibily Do yes it is :)

message 25: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Parker (sarahlizaparker) okkkkkkkkkkkkk

message 26: by Violet (new)

Violet (violetspring) Yah, my friends are crazy but we don't show our craziness off to the whole world.

message 27: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Parker (sarahlizaparker) LOL

message 28: by Violet (new)

Violet (violetspring) Okay, that time the lol was in the right place and not put there randomly.

message 29: by Kaitie♥ (new)

Kaitie♥ (HoodiesGirl) | 1516 comments Mod
lol, ya, we just go do whatever :)

message 30: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Parker (sarahlizaparker) yes it was

message 31: by Dibily Do (new)

Dibily Do ummmmmmmm what are we talking about?

message 32: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Parker (sarahlizaparker) IDK

message 33: by Dibily Do (new)

Dibily Do ooooookkkk lets talk about landfills :)

message 34: by Kaitie♥ (new)

Kaitie♥ (HoodiesGirl) | 1516 comments Mod
How about we all try to stop making as much trash? Like for a day, do what my school did if you haven't already!

message 35: by Dibily Do (new)

Dibily Do ok

message 36: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Parker (sarahlizaparker) yeah

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