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This is were plays take place. Many student like to go because they are very different from boring human plays.if it is raining in the play then you will be rained on, if it is cloudy there will be clouds. You can smell and taste certain things and all flying is done with no strings attached.

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Ange quickly walked down the hall with a sense of danger in every step. The teacher after taking roll had left to grab some paper work and hadn't come back for a while. One after one people started to leave and one of her friends in the class begged her to come along. Angel had left to go looking or her friend and not wanting to be the only one left in class. Normally she would be doing something like this with Luce but they didn't have the same class today. She had been walking around for a while and got lost, ending up in hallway after hallway. The sound of footsteps echoed behind her and Angel quickly turned into another hall. It was short and only had one door at the end. The door was very large and Angel swiftly headed to it with the sound of footsteps getting louder. Trembling a bit she opened the door and ducked into the room. The room was Dark and when she closed the door it echoed loudly.

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Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) Chaos had simply been sitting in one of the chairs, rereading one of his favorite books when the door opened. Looking up he spotted Angel, giving him a bit of a surprise. He'd never imagined that someone like her would dare skip class. He was about to say something when a certain premonition caused him to grab her from behind and drag her behind some of the chairs with him. With one finger over her lips to prevent her from speaking, he watched silently as a certain teacher entered the auditorium, skimming the rows in order to figure out who had entered the room. He didn't move from that position even in the moments after the teacher left, just to be sure they didn't come back to find Angel and Chaos together. After all, if skipping class alone or with friends got you in trouble, everything ended up being tripled if you were found with someone of the opposite gender. Both the teachers and students also tended to assume the worst, and Chaos just didn't feel like dealing with something like that. Plus, it was against his personal beliefs to allow a lady to get in trouble right before his eyes if there was something he could do about it.

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( So CUTE! ^.^ I can barely handle it! XD )
Angel took a small step when Simone grabbed her by the hand and pulled her down, slipping a finger over her lips before she could scream. Her and the boy -or at least she thought by the feel of his hands - bent down behind a row of chairs. Angel wiggled but stopped when she saw movement. A teacher walked among the row of chairs and seemed to be looking for something. Angel held very still when she realized the danger she was in. She stayed still for the whole time the teacher was in the auditorium, but even after the teacher left her savior stranger didn't let go. She could feel his hot breath on her neck. Angel lifted her own hand and brought it to his, slowly she moved his hand away from her mouth. Not wanting to make a noise she quietly turned, moving so that she was facing the boy. She was still holding his hand when she met eyes with Chaos.

Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) Chaos simply sat there for a bit, his oddly colored eyes locked with her blue ones. When he was sure the teacher wouldn't come back, he moved away from her and stood up, brushing himself off. Then he gently took her hand and helped her up. "Sorry about that, the teacher was coming, so I had to move quickly. If I could have been gentler, I would have," he apologized sincerely. He had been able to tell that the problem was urgent by the way the premonition jolted through him. Therefore he knew not to waste any time.

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Angel was flustered at the thought of being in Chaos's arms. Their eyes stayed locked as they waited a bit before getting up and even after Angel couldn't help but stare at their beauty. She glanced at the ground a few times feeling awkward and a bit self-concious. Angel couldn't help but swoon over his kindness and how gentleman he was, even now as he explained why he had done what he did. But she new that it would be bad to be caught with him alone. If that teacher had found them not only would they be in deep trouble - more than her sister normally got her into - but a lot of girls would be very upset since most of the girls had a crush on him. She nodded her head when he was done speaking and was about to tell him goodbye, but her curious got to her and she wanted to know as to why he was in here. Besides she really didn't have anywhere to go and even if she did she doubted she'd be able to find it seeing as she was lost already. Looking at the ground she then glanced up at him through her lashes. " May I ask what brings you here?" She said a bit shyly.

Apollinaria Fowl (riverclan_kitty) Chaos couldn't help but notice that she was rather beautiful, but he wasn't the type of guy to flirt. Instead, he simply acknowledged that and moved on, or at least tried to. The shy way she acted inflated his ego slightly, as well as prevented him from forgetting her loveliness. "Of course you may. I was simply avoiding attending history class," he informed her, holding up his book. "I have this book I wish to finish," he added.

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Angel nodded. "I should probably go then and leave you alone to finish it." Her voice sounding small. Normally she would be talking a million miles an hour with anyone else, but with Chaos she was always audit around. Maybe it was because she didn't want to bug him, but she didn't care much because she liked being able to just enjoy someone's presence. She had never really got to know Chaos and she hoped one day she would. She waved and flashed him a small smile then turning as if to leave.

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(BTW to anyone who reads this and is confused, I accidentally deleted a RP post. So what happened is Chaos grabbed her and asked her to stay and someone that knows Chaos is watching them!)
( they have a stalker O.o XD)
Angel stopped when she felt Chaos grab her hand. Her face turned bright red when she remembered earlier before, but she calmed down before she turned around. She tilted her head and smiled at him. "As long as I'm not a bother, I would love to!" She stated and unfolded her wings, she hated keeping them in but they always got in the way in class. Seating on one of the chairs she adjusted her wings so they weren't in the way. "You don't mind if I keep them out for a bit?" She asked. Her long hair falling all the way into her lap and her blue rush looking happily at Chaos. "So do you ditch regularly or is this a one time thing. If its a one time then the book must be very good."

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(Apolla? where are you! T.T)

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(WHY!!!! APOLLA DIED! I Swear she died..... My charrie will be stuck herre forever... T.T I hope Apolla didn't die I love her and her character!!!! T.T)

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(ok since it seems that Apolla is going to be gone for a while I'm going to just put this rp on hold and use Angel now.)

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