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No one knows why but there is a women's lunch room and a men's. The school goes to far back and there are no papers or scrolls explaining why there are two. But students are aloud to go outside of the lunch rooms and eat together.

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Alyssa (Lyss) (Lyss4Music) | 67 comments ((Are teachers allowed to eat here too? Or do they have a seperate faculty lounge or something...))

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( they eat here and are allowed to leave campus for lunch to! should we make a teachers lounge?)

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Alyssa (Lyss) (Lyss4Music) | 67 comments ((Okay great :D And I think that might be a fun topic, where all the teachers can kick back and socialose between classes? I can imagine one like the Staff Lounge in HP, with the gargoyle and all :) ))

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(Ok then I'll go image hunting!!!!)

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Alyssa (Lyss) (Lyss4Music) | 67 comments ((Great!! :D Let me know when it's posted and then I'll have him go there. Hopefully some other teacher joins him?))

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