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2012 Book of the Month Reads > November & December's Book: "Dr. Zhivago " by Boris Pasternak

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For discussion of "Dr. Zhivago " by Boris Pasternak (pages: 704).

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Marianthy | 1 comments I just started reading Dr. Zhivago and impressed on the translation I found.

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1. Why does Zhivago tell Strelnikov that Lara loved him more than anyone?
2. Why does Zhivago stay in Varykino instead of accompanying Lara to the east?
3. Why does Zhivago try only half heartedly to be reunited with his family in
4. How does Yury's character develop through the course of the novel?
5. Is Yury the only protagonist of the novel? Is there an antagonist?
6. Identify one major theme in the novel and explain how it relates to the
development of Yury's character.
7. Why does Yuri choose medicine as his career?
8. What harm does Komarovsky cause Lara?
9. Describe the love between Lara and Yuri.
10. Compare and contrast Yuri's love for his family and Lara's love for hers.
11. In what ways do Russia's revolution and civil war change its government?
12. How is the novel Dr. Zhivago similar to the play Romeo and Juliet?
13. Speculate on how the relationship might have turned out had Yuri married
Lara first.
14. What character traits do Lara and Yuri share in common?
15. Why does Komarovsky call Siberia the New America?
16. Why is Yuri not jealous of Pasha?

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