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Since the Silver Pines Pack is an advanced roleplay section, first you will roleplay here. Once Applefrost and I (AppleJACK) see that you have proved yourself a skilled and detailed roleplayer, only then will you be allowed to move to the roleplay section of the Silver Pines Pack.

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Axela Lostwish's long, loud howl rang though the silvery pines around her. She had been singing for hours, lost in the look-alike paths of the deceivingly gentle-looking forest. She could tell that the sun's position had changed since she had first started. The light through her eyelids was a bright scarlet and she felt warmth on her face. When she lowered her head and opened her eyes, she was astounded by the beauty of the place. The golden light of the setting sun and the silvery green of the trees clashed in a mesmerizing array of patterns and colors that caught her attention and held it possessively. She looked around, almost spellbound by her surroundings. A huff escaped her, and the sun made visible her breath and she stared after the swirling mist. Her ears flicked gently towards her skull. She felt humbled, small but important, and very, very alone. Lost in thoughts, she barely heard the soft, faraway howl that responded to her call until it ended. Startled, she turned, swiveling her ears as she attempted to track a sound she could no longer hear. She prayed someone would come to her, and she prayed harder that she could stay among these beautiful pines for the rest of her life. Hunting and fighting alongside the mythical Wolves of the Silver Pines... she thought. The ultimate adventure of a lifetime.

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Wow, great job. I’ll talk to applejack about your request. I’m pretty sure you will make it in :) Good luck!

Just a few little mistakes:
1.) "She was astounded by the beauty of the place" The proper grammar for that would be "the beauty of the place astounded her."

2.) "swivelling" is spelt "swiveling" But you were really close so I don't think points will be taken off for that.

3.) "alongisde" Is spelt "alongside"

That’s it :) but those are petty miner mistakes; which I don’t think will affect your request

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Okay. I would definitely let you in. But before you can, you have to roleplay with someone else to see how you do with dialogue, and then you will be let in! ;)

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Night Rise's gaze scanned across the land, his violet and yellow eyes seeming to judge whatever he looked at. His dark chocolatey pelt ruffled in the breeze as he made his way through the silvery pines of the forest that engulfed him into its midst. He wandered through the trees, the silence of the day eerie. Only the sound of a distant howl could break the silence of the otherwise quiet day. Before he could respond, yet another howl broke through the day, ringing through the forest. This one was closer. Rise lifted his muzzle to the air and a piercing howl left his jaws. He dropped his head and listened, his ears perked for any reply. The howl echoed further into the forest, bouncing from tree to tree, until it seemed to fade away. The dark brown wolf broke into a trot as he followed the sound of his own howl, taking him further and further into the confines of the silvery forest. As the light slowly faded away, it became harder for Night Rise to see where he was headed, so he barreled into another wolf. His eyes flashed as he feared that this may be a wolf from the legendary Silver Pines Pack he had heard so much of, but at closer inspection, the being appeared to be a she-wolf that seemed as lost as he was. "I am so sorry," he said quietly, the cold air around him becoming a mist because of the warmth of his breath.

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Cloud Burn poked her head out of her den and scanned the horizon as the full moon peaked out from the thick, silver, wispy clouds that spotted the sky. A cold, crisp wind blew through the forest and ruffled her fur, sending a shiver through her body and bones. It was times like this when she really hated having short fur. She heard an eerie howl from quite a ways away, and thought it to be one of the legendary Silver Pines Pack that she had heard so much about. It had always been her life's dream to become a member of the Silver Pines Pack. Oh how she longed to run beside them, hunt beside them, howl and sing beside them. But that would never happen to her, would it? Probably not. She was just another nobody like all the rest of them. She shook her head sadly and slowly stepped out of her den. Just then, the snow began to fall. Since there was a full moon out, the snowflakes seemed to glow with a mythical silver light that made them seem as if they had souls or auras of there very own. She cautiously stepped out of her den and stuck her tongue out to catch a snowflake. One fluttered down and landed on her tongue. For the moment it was there, it bit and stung like an icy cold dagger, and then it was gone. Cloud had never experienced something like this before. "What kind of sorcery is this?" she wondered aloud softly, and stuck her tongue out to try it again.

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Axela Lostwish stumbled clumsily, side-stepping to stand just a little farther away from whoever or whatever had run into her. She did not immediately become defensive, though, because the words that followed were wolfen. "I'm so sorry," came the gentle words of a he-wolf that stood not too far away. The cloud of mist his breath created, adding still more silver to the landscape in the light of the moon, dissipated just enough for her to see a pair of eyes looking apologetically at her.
"All is well," she responded kindly, giving her multi-colored neck fur a gentle shake to prove that she was still relaxed and not angry. "I would most likely have made the same mistake, were I brave enough to move." She flicked her ears back for a millisecond and decided that she may as well have a conversation and try to find out where she was. First things first. "I am Lostwish," she said, rather awkwardly. "Who are you?"

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Axela Applefrost wrote: "Wow, great job. I’ll talk to applejack about your request. I’m pretty sure you will make it in :) Good luck!

Just a few little mistakes:
1.) "She was astounded by the beauty of the place" The pro..."

"Miner" is supposed to be "minor." :D We all make typos, and two of those were just that. I disagree about the grammar, but as you like. I'll keep that in mind. My keyboard is also a little messed up and makes typos even when my fingers don't. I promise to do my best to catch them.

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LOL. Yeah we all make typos. But i have a Mack book pro and thats what is said to be for the proper grammar of that. Its not me speaking its the computer. Anyways your still in so good job.

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Axela Thanks! :D

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Ice barreled through the forest, ducking under low hanging branches and avoiding stumps that stuck up from the group. Once or twice, she had to jump over fallen trees and taller stumps in order to keep upon the scent trail of the wounded elk. She was getting close and closer and then . . . she lunged. Her claws sank into the flank of the elk and it went down with a thunderous noise that rattled the forest, sending birds screaming and flying from the branches above. The elk thrashed, kicked, wailed, and screamed for help, but Ice was too quick and cunning. Ice dodged the strong hooves of the gigantic mammal and clamped her teeth on the elk's neck, piercing the jugular vein. After she did so, warm blood rushed from the elks's neck and it went limp, now dead. Blood ran from its neck, coating Ice's silvery white pelt and staining it until she would bathe again. She clamped her jaws and teeth around a horn of the elk and started to drag it back to her pack, her steps light and nimble so nobody would hear her and try to steal her hard earned kill. Her body temperature was rising and she was panting hard now. But she didn't let that stop her from dragging her kill back to her pack.

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((Applefrost how am I doing?))

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good :) but, Elks's is spelt Elks' :)

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I didn't say that though, did i?

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Axela wrote: "Lostwish stumbled clumsily, side-stepping to stand just a little farther away from whoever or whatever had run into her. She did not immediately become defensive, though, because the words that fol..."

Night Rise had in fact, been ready to attack the wolf had she posed any threat towards him. But after a moment, he relaxed when she did not make a move to attack, however, Rise did not let his guard down. "My name is Night Rise," the dark chocolate brown wolf responded. "Do not worry, I don't pose a threat towards you, Lostwish. I am only here in order to find the legendary Silver Pines Pack," he added, his violet and amber eyes seeming to glow in the light of the full moon. Silvery snow flakes tumbled down from the heavens, quickly coating the floor of the forest. He glanced up towards the sky and closed his eyes, letting the snow fall on his face. After a moment, he glanced back at the she-wolf. "What are you doing all the way out here?" he asked, a curious expression in his eyes. As he waited for her to respond, he heard yet another howl pierce the silence of the magical night. Nothing could compare to how at ease Rise felt at this moment in time. He felt as though he were in a dream of sorts, everything around him glowing bright in the otherwise pitch black night. The moon hang high in the air, it's glow seeming to coat the whole of the land that is shone upon. Night Rise could not help but let a small smile spread out over his face.

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As Ice finally got her kill back to the pack, she started to eat with the rest of them. Their praise was endless to her for bringing them so much food. As she felt the warm blood fill her mouth, her mouth watered even more and she took another hunk of meat to satisfy her cravings. This meat was the best she'd had in ages, and she was so happy that she had brought it herself. Once she had had her fill, she silently padded down to the stream to wash the blood stains off of her beautiful silvery white coat. She stepped into the waters and allowed them to carry the filth and grime downstream before she bent her neck to drink. Her tongue darted in and out of her ebony lips as she drank, and soon she had had enough of that as well. She stepped out of the stream and shook herself dry before resuming her search for the legendary Silver Pines Pack that she had heard so much about.

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Axela Lostwish pulled her ears back to keep the snow from entering them. She did not like what snow did to her pelt and pouted almost unnoticably to herself before responding to the chocolate-colored male called Night Rise. "I was wandering with the same purpose as you," she responded, locking eyes with the male. She tried to read his mind, to see what he was thinking. She had noticed his posture relax as a howl had split the icy night air and the snow swirled on the breeze. His attention was turned elsewhere, to their environment, and he seemed to be enjoying the view. She loooked around her as well, noting the bright light of the moon casting a glow over the forest, and the way the newly resting snow caused the trees to sparkle. It was surreal, how enchanting these woods were. "It is a beautiful place, isn't it?" she murmured softly, slowly beginning to release her ears. "I see why the wolves here call themselves after it."

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Night Rise, lost in the beauty of the forest that surrounded the two wolves, almost did not hear Lostwish. He glanced over at her, however and finally tuned back into reality. He was a little disappointed in the doing of that because he had been so content in just watching the world around him. "You were?" he asked quietly, however, not that surprised at this new information. It was truly a beautiful place, who wouldn't want to run alongside the Silver Pines Pack wolves? Night Rise smiled and turned his face one again to the air, the glowing flecks of silvery snow landing on his face. "It is. Stunning and enchanting. Entrancing almost," he answered, his words full of truth. "I do too. The wolves themselves must be this enchanting too," he added, his violet and amber gaze returning to the she-wolf's face. He gave her a smile, then returned his sight on the moon and sky. He tilted his head back and let a piercing howl break through the crisp night air.

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Ice bounded through the forest and noted the silvery glow on the pine trees. That must be why they called it the Silver Pines Pack she wondered to herself. She looked over her shoulder to look back at the stream before she crashed into two other wolves. A handsome dark chocolatey brown one and another pretty she-wolf. "Oh! I'm so terribly sorry!" Ice apologized quickly to the two of them.

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Axela Lostwish returned Night Rise's smile shyly, then simultaneously turned her head back to the sky. The moon was the most beautiful thing of all, if you asked her. The shining silver orb in the sky captivated her. She stared at it, feeling an urge to do something, though she wasn't exactly sure what. She waited for the wildness of the place to instruct her, tell her what to do, but Night Rise did it instead. Her high soprano voice joined his exuberantly, her heart leaping in her chest.She had never felt so wild, so free, so blissfully connected to the world around her. This was where she belonged. She had no choice but to stay, and there was not a fiber of her being that disagreed with that decision. She let her song drift to an end as she ran out of breath, her amber eyes shining in the moonlight. It had never felt so good to sing.

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Ice looked up from her twisted position on the ground to the wolf howling, they didn't even seem to notice how she had crashed into them, how ignorant! She thought about how her parents had been so ignorant, and that had almost got them killed before it really happened. Ice shook her head slightly and sadly as the memories came flooding back, and a tear slipped out from the corner of her eye, rolling down her face and splattering on the snow below.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) As Lostwish joined in his howl, a chorus of others replied. He could not help but laugh, pure joy and belonging ripping through his being. He knew that this place was where he belonged, no matter what stood in his way. He had to stay. Had to find the Silver Pines Pack. No matter what it took. He'd heard the myths and legends over the years he'd spent traveling and knew that the Silver Pines Pack did not make themselves obvious. Their territory was hidden deep within the confines of the silvery forest. He'd been about to say something when yet another she-wolf barreled into the two. "No, no. It's okay," Rise said quietly, his amber and violet eyes bright in the darkness of the night. He gave the new she-wolf a smile. "My name is Night Rise," he introduced himself. "And who might you be?" he added, head cocked to the side in question. The snow began falling even more heavily, coating the ground around them, the silver pine trees now glowing even more with the addition of white coating their branches and leaves. The trees seemed to sway in the slight breeze, like a midnight dance. It was truly enchanting.

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Axela Lostwish turned her head slowly, gracefully, dreamily. "Don't apologize! It's such a beautiful night!" she laughed, smiling at the she-wolf. She saw that the she-wolf was crying and padded slowly over, concerned now. She prayed that the wolf wasn't crying because she ran into them. Or rather, perhaps she wished that she was, because then Lostwish could convince her to stop. Whatever the reason, Lostwish touched the tip of her nose to the side of the grey-ish white female's. "Hey," she muttered, "hey... Don't cry. No one should cry on a night like this." She slowly made to trail her nose up the female's muzzle, a gesture of comfort, though seeing as they had just met, she had no idea how the female would react.

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Ice looked up and sniffed her tears back. "M-m-my name is Ice Rain, b-but you can c-c-call me Ice," she said softly and jumped up, appreciative for their caring gestures towards her. Nobody had been this nice to her in a long time, which was kinda pretty pathetic since this wasn't really too nice. But it was nice nevertheless.

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Axela "Ice..." Lostwish breathed. "Ice crying in the snow." She shook her head. "I am Lostwish. And this is Night Rise," she said, nodding her head to indicate the chocolate male beside her. "It's very nice to meet you. Would you car to sing with me, m'dear?" she asked, feeling more social thatn she had in a long time. She hadn't expected the she-wolf to perk up so quickly. It was nice that her comforts had worked.

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Ice looked up slowly. "Y-you want ME to join in? W-w-why m-me?" Ice asked softly, not really understanding why they would want HER to be part of their song.

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Everybody currently roleplaying in this section has passed. We may all now move on to the Roleplay section of the Silver Pines Pack.

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((Just gonna move Ice for the moment.))

Ice came upon her alpha, Shadow. She bowed her head respectfully, though even she had to admit. She found it strange that Shadow could be alpha at such a young age. Nevertheless, he was, and she had to listen to him. "Good day, Shadow," she said and lowered her head to him, curling her left forepaw under in a gesture of respect.

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Ice shut herself up and followed silently, careful not to scare it away as her alpha had advised her not to.

((Emma, you pass as well. Move on whenever you like.))

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Axela ((...I like this roleplay better. Do we neccessariy have to leave?))

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLifeSucksThenWeDie) | 17 comments Flame walksed into the forest rather cautiously. Being kicked out of his pack took its toll on him. He always stayed low and survived off of small mammals. He krept throguh the trees each step becoming more silent than the one before. He pauses sniffing the air for a moment sensing he was in another territory. He walked slowly keeping his ears high encase of any sounds arose his intrest. He krept around a few trees and his paw snaps a twig birds flying in shock as the snap broke the submissive silence lingering in the air. This only made things more eerie as he was in hope of becoming accepted into this new pack...He was a strong fighter and if he had to do so in order to make it then let it be so.
Flame was slowly flashing back into his mind when he was in his ther pack.
His single pup Colbalt licking his snout playfully. His mate Mist would nuzzle him as he would rest next to her in their own den.
After his mothers death the pack saw no need for him and he had great ideas to end war and bring peace. He was forced from his son and mate and never saw them again.
All he has ever wanted was a happy life without war betwen packs...being in this new territory made him wonder would they be so keen into allowing another wolf into their pack. What exactly would be his tasks to prove himself worthy of beign apart of them....He was a loner now, would he always remain one?

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Ice lifted her nose to the breeze and caught a sent of a new wolf trespassing on their territory. Ice growled under her breath and ran towards the new scent in hope that this new wolf didn't mean any harm, the cougars had taken her energy out of her and she wasn't looking for a fight right now.

((Sorry for the short post I'm kinda distracted.))

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLifeSucksThenWeDie) | 17 comments ((sokay mate))

Flame sensed another wolf quickly mvoing in on his scent. He pulled his ears back and lowered his stance awaiting its arrival it seemed rather hurried and he was by far ready to fight not weakened except for his lack of food but if it came to it he would resort to canabalsm if this wolf was lookig to be taken out...His tail was half out and half between his legs unsure how to react.

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Ice emerged into the clearing of the new wolf and flattened her ears, pulling back her lips in a snarl, her shackles raised and her tail erect. This wolf looked weak, she could easily kill it if it seemed to pose a threat to her. "Who are you, and why are you here?" she snarled at it and narrowed her eyes.

message 36: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (JacobHottLifeSucksThenWeDie) | 17 comments Flame glares not snarling so much as raising his tail a bit more erectly...His ears still lowered..."I am a Lone wolf...I have been in search of an accepting pack...if you wish to cause me any harm...I assure you that I will only fight to kill if provoked...i am only actually here to make peace and request to join such a pack..."

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Ice's eyes softened but her posture remained the same. "Well that's not my job. You will have to talk to our alpha, Shadow," she told him.

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLifeSucksThenWeDie) | 17 comments Flame straightens himself in a more relaxed position..."May i speak with Shadow and prove my acceptence to him as you are the first pack to not dare allow such a thing and not attack me on sight..." He felt weary and tired but was ready to be ambushed at any moment

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Ice let her tail down and her ears up, but she was still alert. She nodded. "Yes, you may. Follow me," she told him and ran off.

((Emma hasn't been on lately and she owns Shadow so....))

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLifeSucksThenWeDie) | 17 comments ((yikes that really sucks arse....perhaps she won't mind if you paly as her for just this moment?))

Flame kept his ears up as well following closely behind smelling the wolves territory more and more..."We are reaching you packs base...Is that wise for a stray to discover the packs deb area?"

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((I don't think I should, but she's my best friend in real life and she's coming over later so I'll talk to her when she gets here.))

Ice stopped at their base camp. "Now we need to find Shadow," she told him.

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLifeSucksThenWeDie) | 17 comments ((okay that works))

Flame looks around sensing any wolves were far more dominant than himself...

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"Shadow!" Ice yelled out, impatient.

message 44: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Hott (JacobHottLifeSucksThenWeDie) | 17 comments Flame looked aorund rather nervously...He could like it here if he were accepted but the pack seemed as strong as he once was...but becoming a loner took its toll.

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"Shadow!!" Ice yelled, louder this time. She was getting annoyed, their alpha was 1 year old, and an irresponsible crybaby. "Shadow!!" Ice yelled and growled some choice words about him under her breath.

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLifeSucksThenWeDie) | 17 comments Flame felt rather disturbed at the yelling..."Is it propper to scream out for your Alpha like that? I kow my mother would have skinned my fur off my hide if I were or any member of the pack were to do such a thing..."

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"Yes, it is proper. Our alpha is a 1 year old stupid babyish pup!" Ice yelled.

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLifeSucksThenWeDie) | 17 comments Flame frowns..."So why not challenge him for higher leadership?"

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Sam/Applejack♆ | 712 comments Mod
Ice shrugged. "Because his daddy gave him the position," she said in a whiny voice to imitate Shadow.

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Jacob Hott (JacobHottLifeSucksThenWeDie) | 17 comments "But if he is bad at the job why cant someone challenge him for rights without kicking him from the pack." Flame suggest kindly.

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