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I Am Legend

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message 1: by Nick (new)

Nick (nickqueen) I loved the book which I just read a few weeks ago and was worried I would not enjoy the movie. I found it intriguing and feel it adequately portrayed the loneliness of being all alone in a big city. The ending, of course, had to try to swing toward the hopeful close which wasn't bad but I feel it was attempting to stay open for a sequel. Overall I liked it.

message 2: by Cody (new)

Cody Wilshire (codywilshire) | 7 comments I think Will Smith did an excellent job, I was really impressed. I read the book forever ago, and loved it, so I was really skeptical of this movie...

But thankfully, I wasn't disappointed. A lot of people were expecting something more 'action-y' like Independence Day or I, Robot (usually people who didn't know what the book was about), but I really liked it a lot.

message 3: by Ed (new)

Ed | 218 comments Mod
I've heard the book is very good. I need to check that out.

message 4: by Adriane (new)

Adriane (justbooks4me) | 2 comments I loved the movie and thought it captured a lot of the psychological trauma associated with loneliness. Have to read the book yet still.

message 5: by Kate (new)

Kate | 8 comments The movie was great - until the end. I thought Will Smith did a great job capturing the last man on Earth feel. And the CGI of New York City overgrown was fantastic. I just wish they had done a little better with the people who were infected.

message 6: by Kai (new)

Kai (ky02121) | 51 comments My friend and I didn't care for it.

message 7: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (nlojeda) | 42 comments I liked this movie (minus the baaaad CGI zombies [which are more like vamps in the book I hear]) but my friends did not. Will Smith rocks and I will pretty much see any movie he is in. He's now in my personal ranks of Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks and Leo DiCaprio.

message 8: by Robert (new)

Robert | 51 comments Some of the imagery of New York City in decay is interesting, and reminded me more of "The World, The Flesh and the Devil" than any of the previous film versions of "I Am Legend". But I thought the last half hour or so (from around the point where the hero falls into a pretty obvious trap) was far less effective.

message 9: by Charissa (new)

Charissa (dakinigrl) A lot of people have said they hated this movie because of the CGI creatures. The monsters were definitely obvious CGI creations... but that aspect of the film didn't bother me, and Will Smith's performance was completely worth the price of admission, as were the shots of NYC all falling into disrepair. I have a complete hardon for post-apocalyptic film and fiction... so this was a definite must see for me. It did not disappoint. The dog, however, was a difficult storyline to witness. I had to warn my best friend she would probably regret seeing it as a result.

My daughter and I rented "Omega Man" the other night, which was the first film adaptation of "I Am Legend" (the book). It stars Charleton Heston. Let me just say that the "monsters" in that version are so incredibly lame that it made the CGI creatures look like real life zombies come to eat my brains. Seriously... ridiculous. We laughed and laughed and laughed... and then we turned it off because it sucked.

message 10: by Margaret (new)

Margaret | 15 comments I have not yet read the book maybe one day sooo many books so little time.

message 11: by Ed (new)

Ed | 218 comments Mod
another book I plan to read this year. :)

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

I read the book first then saw the movie. I can't help thinking that I would have liked the movie more if I hadn't read the book first. I think the book digs so much deeper into Robert Neville's pysche, and into what being isolated like that can do to a person.

As for the movie, I thought the CGI monsters were ridiculous. I'm all for good old-fashioned hair and makeup. But I loved how they portrayed New York. The scenery alone made the movie worth seeing. I also love post-apocalyptic films, and this was a good one. Plus you gotta love that German Shepard.

Charissa, I haven't seen Omega Man, but I have The Last Man On Earth in my netflix queue. It's another adaptation made in the 70's starring Vincent Price. Hopefully it's better than watching Charlton Heston.

message 13: by Charissa (new)

Charissa (dakinigrl) Michelle,

I saw The Last Man On Earth a very long time ago but I recall it as one of my favorite dystopic future films. Definitely *much* better than Omega Man. I'd be interested to hear what you think after you Netflix it.

message 14: by Cyrus (new)

Cyrus | 4 comments surprisingly I watched it 2 times (this is not my habit). I liked the story line, Smith's amazing casting, and especially vocals in the movie!!

message 15: by Fred (new)

Fred | 4 comments Really liked this movie, best of the three movies based on the book. Reading the book again right now.

message 16: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra Thanks for the warning re:the dog Charissa. I tend to avoid movies with difficult dog storylines too. Dang though, I really wanted to see this movie! Is the "difficult" part something I could see coming and fast forward through if I waited for the DVD?

message 17: by Charissa (new)

Charissa (dakinigrl) Janis... yes, you definitely will see it coming and could fast forward through it on DVD. I'm glad I could serve as an early warning system! : )

message 18: by Zan (last edited Jan 05, 2008 03:06PM) (new)

Zan | 4 comments I usually avoid *all* animal movies and books because I really hate the 'pet in danger' story lines and/ or the 'animals are disposable' mindset. But I am very glad I saw "I am Legend."
Yes, you may want to close eyes/fast forward for a minute, but overall, the dog storyline is very well done and totally intregral to the plot.

message 19: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra Charissa, thanks! I do appreciate it, and glad to know I can watch it that way so I don't miss out completely.

Thanks Zan, since you're sympathetic to where I'm coming from your comments are helpful as well. It helps to be warned in advance and hear it's something you felt well-done and intregal.

message 20: by Charis (new)

Charis Coltart (VampiricAddiction) | 2 comments Wasn't sure how good this movie was going to be, but was pleasantly surprised. Will Smith does a good job. Very difficult role to play, holding the film together as realistically the only character. Very good.

message 21: by Mike (new)

Mike (mikenico) | 2 comments I read the book earlier this spring and thought it was really good. I was totally unaware of it being made as a movie until the ads started coming out in the fall. I was surprised because I didn't think it would be easy to carry a movie with just one character through much of it, and one losing his mind from loneliness at that. I finally saw the movie last night and was pleasantly surprised. Will Smith was excellent. His interaction with the mannequins just rang with the desperation that the book tried to convey. Good book and good movie.

message 22: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (dignityandmoney) | 3 comments I hated the ending, I felt it was such a cop out. I enjoyed the book's ending a lot more. But I felt Will Smith's performance was incredible. This could've been the most boring movie ever what with only a dog and one man basically most of the movie but his perfomance was so great and kept your attention.

message 23: by Paul (new)

Paul Duncan (jpaulduncan) | 68 comments Will Smith carried the movie perfectly but, as has been said, the CGI creatures were just silly and awful which, every time I saw them, took me out of the movie (guess they spent all the budget on the desolate NYC).

I liked The Omega Man a lot, but I think our generation has been so spoiled by Spielberg and Lucas that anything else is camp.

message 24: by Margaret (new)

Margaret | 15 comments I have it on my must read list, can't wait to get the time to sink my teeth into it.

message 25: by Eric (new)

Eric I thought this was a pretty good movie. Some of the effects were sub-par but overall the movie was quite well done.

message 26: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) SPOILER ALERT AT THE BOTTOM!

I enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would. I thought it would be just another rehash of Will Smith as a Superman-type a la Independence Day. I was glad to see more of a human and invincible side to Neville.

The vampires didn't distract me at all. Better those than the lame ones usually shown in vamp movies.

It's been so long since I've read the book, so I can't really compare them.

I'm confused about one scene, though. When the vampires break into Neville's home and run upstairs, I assume they've killed the woman and the boy. When Neville runs upstairs he looks into a room and there's some kind of meat hanging from the ceiling dripping blood. I thought it was the boy, but it wasn't. What was it? And how could any people survive all those vampires descending at full speed? They would destroy everything in their path.

message 27: by Angie (new)

Angie I liked this movie, I have not read the book but would like to. I would also like to see the other movies. I have always loved will Smith as an actor and thought he did a great job. Didn't really care for alternate ending.

message 28: by Eileen (new)

Eileen (booklover69) | 30 comments spoiler alert!!

tressa, don't you remember the part where Neville sends the girl and her son throught the vents/or some sort of air duct, not sure what it was, that helped them keep safe.

I LOVED this movie...I didnt' really know what to expect, but it was really fun to watch, i was scared, i laughed, I was entralled!!! it was a cool flick. Plus, I love Will Smith. it was one of his best movies..i can't imagine anyone else playing that character in this version.

message 29: by Eileen (new)

Eileen (booklover69) | 30 comments spoiler alert!!

tressa, don't you remember the part where Neville sends the girl and her son throught the vents/or some sort of air duct, not sure what it was, that helped them keep safe.

I LOVED this movie...I didnt' really know what to expect, but it was really fun to watch, i was scared, i laughed, I was entralled!!! it was a cool flick. Plus, I love Will Smith. it was one of his best movies..i can't imagine anyone else playing that character in this version.

message 30: by Meg (new)

Meg (megvt) | 362 comments I agree with you Kelly. The movie was well done up to a point. Will Smith is a favorite. I hated the ending. It seemed as though, ok we ran out of budget time to end. Of course, being from VT, was amusing that that is where the safe haven was.

message 31: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) Eileen, yes, I remember that part. But before they ran to the basement, Neville ran upstairs to check on the woman and boy, and he looked into a room and there was something hanging from the ceiling dripping blood that looked like flesh. At first I thought one of them was dead. Maybe I just thought I saw something?

message 32: by Eileen (new)

Eileen (booklover69) | 30 comments Tressa, i remember that part, too. i don't know what that was.

message 33: by Angie (new)

Angie Tressa... when I saw that part it looked like just blood on a cut window glass, not meat. So that was how you knew the Zombie's came through the window? I don't know that part was confusing now that I think about it.

message 34: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) LOL. I've asked a few more people and they don't remember it. Don't tell me I have to watch it again. It was good but I'm not sure if it's one I want to re-watch.

If anyone can figure it out, I'd love to know what that was. Maybe it was blood on the cut window, but I could've sworn I saw it dripping from something hanging. And I thought that because it looked like Neville seemed defeated because he thought they were dead, but then he looked down and saw them under the dresser.

Now that I think about that part, it seems like it would be impossible to hide under furniture from these creatures because they could smell you wherever you are.

message 35: by Saadia (new)

Saadia (freedragonlady1) I watched this on DVD over the weekend. I am not really a Will Smith fan but he did a good job of portraying the complexities of life without other people along with a solid helping of fear. The part about his poor dog was predicable but still hard to watch. I have a dog of my own and would not want anything to happen to her or have to put her down, but I also understand that sometimes it is kinder to the animal that way. The story about a mutated virus has been done frequently enough that this one left a lot of questions open about what happened to cause the problem to begin with. And since Will's character was so smart, why didn't he even question the fact that his dummy had been moved? I also had lots of questions about the activities of the mutants. Does the book answer any of this stuff? If not, I probably won't bother to read it.

message 36: by Paul (new)

Paul Duncan (jpaulduncan) | 68 comments "...why didn't he even question the fact that his dummy had been moved?"

Because he was going insane with loneliness and fear. Recall the dummy's head kinda moved too.

message 37: by Lauri (new)

Lauri | 1 comments I watched the DVD over the week-end. Hated the ending. Seemed like a cop-out.

I have the same question as Saadia: Does the book explain the situation better?

When I watch a movie these days, I wish I had read the story in a book instead. Movies are so limited in what they can convey.

message 38: by Tressa (last edited Apr 01, 2008 06:28AM) (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) Lauri, the only things the book has in common with the movie are the character's name and the fact that he's holed up in his house to escape the vampires. Other than that, totally different in all aspects.

I won't give away the ending of the book, but it's nothing like what happens to Will Smith. The book is a good read, though.

message 39: by ScottK (new)

ScottK I just watched it last night( I know I am really behind in my movie watching) Anyway I liked it ..except the end , Oh and I was very sad with the whole Sam thing.That part really sucked .

message 40: by Schmitty (new)

Schmitty (tastygreenjelly) I absolutely loved Will Smith in the movie, I loved the movie also but the book is way better i wish they hadnt changed the story

message 41: by Keldar (new)

Keldar | 5 comments I watched this with my sister over Christmas and have to admit I was disappointed with the ending. I was so sad about what happened to Sam (the dog)

Will Smith do a good job at drawing the viewer in to the loneliness, the despair and the drive he had to find the cure. The fact that he had lost everything and still wanted to find the cure was amazing. I thought they did a good job at showing his isolation and he desperate need to have a level of normality, the recorded TV shows, the video rental store and his conversations with Sam all added to his isolation.

When he does encounter the girl and the boy the fact that the bacon upset him so much was another example of the solitude. I think it was a well made movie and Will Smith made it. However the ending was hard for me as I had wanted so much more for Neville.

message 42: by George (new)

George | 951 comments Moses never makes it to the Promised Land. That's a plot line that almost no one ever deviates from in Hollywood.

message 43: by JHHK (new)

JHHK JHHK | 16 comments The movie made me want to read the book. I like it when movies do that.

message 44: by Hayley (new)

Hayley | 53 comments Spoiler Warning!!!

Tressa - what you see hanging from the ceiling is a Zombie/Vampire, that is why Will Smith looks so defeated, he thinks the woman and her son have been gotten until he looks down and finds them hiding underneath the dresser.

I really enjoyed this movie and I will watch anything with Will Smith in it. He played his part brilliantly and the whole image of New York over grown and falling apart was amazing.

message 45: by Ranata (new)

Ranata Clark (thatchicknata) | 169 comments I'm still laughing at the part where he sees Frank the manniquin and he's all screaming "IF YOU'RE ALIVE, FRANK, YOU BETTER TELL ME RIGHT NOW!!"

message 46: by Tressa (last edited Jun 25, 2008 01:08PM) (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) Hayley, thanks for clearing that up. Like I said at first I thought it was the dead woman or boy, but when Will Smith found them alive I wasn't sure what it was.

Still don't know how anyone could hide from the vampires swarming the house. Eh, it's just a movie.

The warehouse scene had me sitting on the edge of my seat.

message 47: by Hayley (new)

Hayley | 53 comments Tressa I couldn't understand that either - seeing as Nevile, thought out the film used patrol to mask his trail whenever he was out in the city - so they must be able to smell human blood or something like that.

I was the same with the Warehouse scene - I felt so bad for Nevil though at the end , as the Vampires swarmed his house he realised that he had found the cure for the virus.

message 48: by Marie (new)

Marie (librarydaisygmailcom) A couple of Richard Matheson's other books were made into movies. He wrote Stir of Echoes and What dreams may come.

message 49: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) I didn't know he wrote Stir of Echoes. That came out about the same time as Sixth Sense and sort of got lost in all the hoopla of that movie. Both are very good in their own way.

I didn't care for movie What Dreams May Come, but my husband liked it a lot. It was too much of a downer for me.

message 50: by Marie (last edited Jun 28, 2008 09:56PM) (new)

Marie (librarydaisygmailcom) It is a bit of a downer, but an interesting concept. I find it strangely watchable.

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