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message 1: by Crystal (new)

Crystal (Crystalline) | 3 comments Hey all,

I work at a library and am helping the Young Adult librarian with an upcoming DIY cosmetics event. The kid'll be making their own lip balm, etc., which were easy to veganize. However, I've run into a bit of a wall with the bath bomb cupcakes. They look like this, with "frosting":

The frosting calls for meringue powder. I know that Ener G Egg Replacement powder is used instead in baking--but has anyone any experience with using it in vegan cosmetics?

Thank you!

message 2: by Lee, Unrepentant Eggplant Addict (new)

Lee (LeeKat) | 1027 comments Mod
Hi Crystal, those look so cute! I wonder if coconut oil would work, it's certainly good for the skin and would melt in the heat of the bath water nicely. What else is in the "frosting" recipe?

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