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(yawl know what it looks like right?)

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Eml | 2140 comments Eli allowed Bella to use the swipe card to get in, even though it took a couple tries. He placed the luggage down gently and whistled when he saw the room. SO much better than his windowless guard room. His throat actually became sore thinking about it. "which bed do you want?"

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she looked at the beds. "they both look the same....." she said thoughtfully. " i don't really care" she added.

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Eml | 2140 comments "Cool." Eli flopped down on the bed next to the window, "I call the window bed." He put his hands behind his head and let out a relaxed sigh. "So, you hungry? Barry packed us a feast, so I can make you something."

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"no im okay" she said, looking around the room.

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Eml | 2140 comments "Well, I'm hungry." He got up and carried the food bag over to the kitchen area. There were some rummaging noises and occasionally some mumbled words then, “Awesome! He packed marshmallows!” Eli took two marshmallows out and put them on a slice of bread. He put peanut butter, chip crumbs, jelly, a cookie and some chicken on the other slice making a sandwich. “This is great…you sure you don’t want anything? I’m starving,” Eli asked as he was moving the sandwich towards his mouth.

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Bella watched him with a horrified look. "uhm....nope i think im good" she said. silently she added i think id rather eat a rubber duck then that thing

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Eml | 2140 comments With a mouth full of food Eli asked, "You doing okay kid? You seem awfully quiet. Weren't you the one who begged me to come early?"

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she was trying to hold her last meal in. then an idea came to her. "oh well, yes you are absolutely right." she said quickly. "i will go set up our spot to the beach" she said. before Eli could say anything, she grabbed her towel and ran out for the room yelling "see you there when you finish eating!!"

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Eml | 2140 comments "Hey!" Eli finished the sandwich with his second bite and then took a big swig of water. He grabbed a towel and ran after Bella.

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Lauren Willa swiped her card to enter the room. She walked in and noticed two suitcases already in the room.
I thought they said there were only two per-room? There must have been a mistake. She wondered, taking a look around.

When she took a look around the kitchen, she laughed at the mess someone had left behind whilst making something to eat.

"Someone's certainly had a good meal!" She said to herself .Only then did she notice the rumble in her stomach, so he decided to get the room situation under control before she ate. She left for the lobby.

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Eml | 2140 comments Hayden walked into his new room, his bag already there. He got into the shower and washed the sand off his body; thinking about everything that had happened. I'm so screwed. This was never supposed to happen. You were doing so well. You stopped caring about everyone. Why'd you let her get under your skin? He changed into shorts and a T-shirt to sleep in. Before he got into bed, he placed a towel on his pillow so his wet hair wouldn't soak it through. He needed to rest to come up with a plan.

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Eml | 2140 comments Getting out of bed was a struggle. Hayden's eyes were heavy and he wanted nothing more than to sink into the warmth of his bed. What to do. What to do. He rubbed his face and got up. Took a shower, dried his hair and put on a fresh uniform. The uniform actually fit him now, made him looking dashing rather than pathetic like it had when he first graduated from academy. This would make sense since he put on so much weight and muscle. How was he going to handle Jamie?...What would he do if she fell for the prince? That was probably for the best, but...Would she be able to keep his secret? It wasn't just his life that depended on it.

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Eml | 2140 comments Hayden combined his hair as neatly as he could with his curls, then headed for the dining room. He was trying to avoid Jamie, but he did have a job to do.

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Eml | 2140 comments Hayden stormed into the room and began throwing everything that was in his reach. When he ran out of lamps, he began punching the wall till his fingers began to bleed. All the while screaming dammit. When he lost feeling in his hands he curled into a ball on the floor. What is that bitch doing here? Of all the people to get picked, why'd it have to be her?

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Eml | 2140 comments For a long time all Hayden could do was lay on the floor of the hotel room, just like he had on that miserable day. All the hopelessness came rushing back to him, with a little bit of guilt mixed in as well. His face could still remember the feel of the hot asphalt against his cheek, so the soft carpet gave him no comfort. He thought about his actions in the dining room, and was suddenly terrified at what might happen to him. Even though he felt absolutely no guilt over shoving the red-headed girl, Hayden knew no one else would feel that way. Then he thought about Jamie, and the hurt in her eyes when he told her not to speak to him. Out of everything, that hurt the most, but he couldn’t help feeling slightly glad that he had said it. The Burdock girl, he never learned her first name, reminded him that whatever path he was walking on, he had to do it alone. Jamie would have to get over him. At this point, he didn’t know if he’d ever get over her, but all he had to do was stay away to keep her best interests. Burdock was real a problem; a threat to his happiness. He’d have to find Burdock and set her straight, or he’d have even bigger problems.

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Eml | 2140 comments He left the room and went looking for Burdock. It didn't take him long to find her in the hotel lobby heading for her room.

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