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Zuckerman Order!?

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Max So I've checked this book out from my library, as I have heard it is one of the premier pieces of modern American Literature. I've also read, however, that there are 9 novels in the 'Zuckerman' universe, and was cautious to start reading American Pastoral, in case you are supposed to read xxx before xxx, then read xxx, then read American Pastoral.
Any help, or should I just jump head into this one?

Mike Just in case you haven't made a decision on this yet, here's the order;

The Ghost Writer
Zuckerman Unbound
The Anatomy Lesson
The Prague Orgy
The Counterlife
American Pastoral
I Married a Communist
The Human Stain
Exit Ghost

However, American Pastoral stands up very well on its own if you don't feel like investing that much time. If you like AP, you can always go back to the beginning.

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