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message 1: by Aurora (last edited Oct 24, 2012 02:37AM) (new)

Aurora You've heard the rumors. The mansion is haunted.

Ghosts roam around at will and corpses awaken, rising from the many gravestones littered on the property. The old, gnarled trees surrounding the house on the hill scream in the night, twisting in pain. It is the home of beasts, of ghouls, of... FEAR

Why are you here? Have you been dared by your friends to stay a night? Have you decided to just check it out, out of pure curiosity? Are you convinced it isn't haunted, but need the proof?
Whatever your reason, it doesn't matter now.

Welcome to Fear Mansion.


message 2: by Aurora (last edited Oct 24, 2012 03:11AM) (new)

Aurora Here's mine:
Name: Zelda Troyer
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, light skin, tall for her age.
Personality: Brave, reckless, impulsive, not scared of much, kind of an 'ooh, what's this button do?' girl.

message 3: by Zohal (new)

Zohal | 63 comments Mod
Name: Delyla Stewart
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Blonde hair, hazel eyes. Light skin. Average height for her age.
Personality: Care-free, wise.

message 4: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (Velliya) | 44 comments Name: Heaven Andrews
Age: 15
Appearance: short; red and wavey hair; light scatter of freckles on her nose and cheeks
Personality: lovable, cute, funny, shy, easily scared and manipulated

message 5: by Claire (new)

Claire (claireplusone) Name: Lincoln 'Link' Hutchins
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Medium blonde hair, brown eyes, tall, muscular.
Personality: Link is kind but fierce, and has trained in many different fighting styles. Is shy at first.

message 6: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (RachelM15) | 7 comments Name: Beth Prince
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Midnight black hair, sharp green eyes, slender, tall.
Personality: Expert in self defense fighting and has a strange obsession with the afterlife.

message 7: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (RachelM15) | 7 comments Beth Prince

I smirked wickedly as Catty shook with fear as we made our way back to her car. "What's the matter Cat? Something wrong?" I asked sweet and innocently. She jumped at the sound of my voice and I burst out laughing. She scowled at me and hit me in the arm. "Not funny Beth! I knew we shouldn't of gone to that stupid haunted house!"

I chuckled lightly to myself as she unlocked the doors to her black Volvo as I slipped inside the passenger seat. Cat was my bestfriend, even though we're complete opposites, we both like thrills. Well...more like I can talk her into thrill seeking stuff. But its whatever.

Her hands were still shaking dramatically as she stopped for a group of laughing kids exiting the haunted house we had just been in. I scrunched up my nose at the sight. It was like we just went to a lame haunted house because other kids weren't even scared. A total mood bomber. I huffed before I said something, "I thought this was supposed to be the scariest haunted house in town?" I said irritably to Cat.

"It is, and it was freaking scary as crap!" Cat exclaimed wildly, looking at me like a mad woman, flailing her arms around.

"Keep your hands on the wheel!" I scolded, getting her to calm down. She relaxed and began driving safely again. "Weren't you scared at all?" Cat asked me curiously.

I shrugged as I played with the radio dials, looking for a screamo or hard rick station. "Not really." I said nonchalantly. That was a lie. I hadn't been scared at all. No adrenaline rush, nothing.

Cat looked at me wide eyed and just shook her head, "You're crazy Bethie." she said. I stopped fiddling with the radio as soon as it landed on a metal-based song that blasted through the speakers, booming throughout the car. I smirked at Cat as I said, "I know. Lets go to the Fear Mansion next."

message 8: by Aurora (new)

Aurora Zelda Troyer

I looked at the piece of paper I'd printed out, then back at the mansion. They were both identical but the picture on the paper was slightly less... gloomy.
I turned the paper over to the map on the back, curtesy of Google Maps. I was apparently standing in the right place, behind the rusty, towering iron gates.
I raised an eyebrow at the large house, with its many gravestones sticking out of the ground in seemingly random places.

"Am I allowed in this place?" I wondered out loud.
"It is closed for now." A voice said behind me. I whirled around to face a tall man wearing dark sunglasses and a scarf around his neck. I hadn't even heard him come, "But the doors will be open on Friday evening, at exactly midnight."
I nodded, grinning, "Cool, that's tomorrow! I'll be here."
His expression didn't change, "The gates will open at midnight, and close as soon as the twelfth chime ends."
I squinted disbelievingly, "Seriously? That's only like, thirty seconds to get in!"
"Whoever doesn't enter, doesn't enter." He said simply.

"Is there some kind of fee to enter or something?" I inquired.
He chuckled in a way that made me shiver, "Our payment is the satisfaction of seeing fear and horror plastered on our.. customer's faces."
I nodded, "Cool. So it's free. I bet there'll be a massive crowd waiting to get in."
"There usually is."
"I'll definitely get in." I decided.
"Midnight tomorrow." He said.
I looked back at the mansion's tall figure, which seemed to be wanting to fold in on itself, "I'll definitely be th-"
I turned around again, but the man had vanished. I shrugged and started the walk home.

message 9: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (Velliya) | 44 comments Heaven Andrews

Zelder ran up to me today at school. "Heaven!!!!!! Fear Mansion! Tonight at midnight!"
I looked at her, "Excuse me, did you forget your brains today? I HATE FEAR MANSION!"
She smiled, "It'll Fun!"
"Yeah," I groaned. "Whatever."

message 10: by Aurora (new)

Aurora Zelda Troyer

"Goodnight dad, see you in the morning." I gave my dad a kiss on the cheek, his stubble scratching my face. He gave me a hug, "Goodnight Princess."
I pulled back, "Speaking of which, why'd you name me after a video game character?"
He smiled, "You're just like Zelda. You're headstrong, reckless, stubborn, fearless, you rush into danger and always have someone worrying about you."
I pouted, "Not a good excuse."
He chuckled, patting me lightly on the back, "Go to sleep, it's nearly ten. Mum'll be home soon and she'll get mad if you're still awake."

I yawned and nodded, walking across the hallway to my room.

Half an hour later, I heard the door open as mum arrived. Both my parents got into bed and, within twenty minutes, my dad started snoring.
I slipped back out of bed, silently changing into dark blue jeans and an orange shirt. I tied an orange and black bandana around my neck since I couldn't find my scarf in the darkness and leapt out of my window. MY house was only one storey tall, so the drop wasn't very long.

Without looking back, I leapt onto my bike and pedalled through my neighbourhood. The mansion wasn't close, but it wasn't too far either. It was fifteen to twelve when I reached the gates of Fear Mansion, judging by the urgent whispering of the sround fifty kids crowded around the entrance.
dragging my bike along with me, I shoved through the crowd until I was somewhat closer to the front. I recognised a few faces, but some I'd never even seen before.
I guess people from everywhere had heard about this place.

message 11: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (Velliya) | 44 comments Heaven Andrews

I can't believe that she dragged my into it! But anyway, for one reason or another, I arrived at Fear Mansion that night.
There was a big crowd but I finally found Zelder.
"There you are!" She hugged me. "I was beginning to think that you wouldn't come."
I snorted. "I wish I hadn't. I won't sleep for days after this!"

message 12: by Aurora (new)

Aurora Zelda Troyer

"Bull!" I chuckled, whacking Heaven lightly on the back, "It can't be that scary!"
Heaven opened her mouth to say something but she was drowned out by a sudden uproar of noise.
A police siren started whining in the distance. The group of kids murmured uneasily, since we all weren't supposed to be here, but were reluctant to move.
We waited a while, the siren gradually increasing in volume. Most of the crowd ran off in fear of getting caught but I latched onto Heaven's arm to make sure she didn't leave me.
Red and blue lights flickered, lighting up the area, before two police cars rounded the corner down the street.

I shifted on my feet, bouncing up and down as almost all the kids ran for it, "Heaven, what's the time?"
She checked her watch, shaking slightly "Three seconds until-"

The rusty gates of the Manor creaked open slowly-even though there was no one there- and the remaining kids pushed their way in.
I grabbed Heaven and went with the crowd. The police car was speeding down the street, lights still flashing.
Heaven's hand was ripped out of my grasp as a girl accidentally crashed into my back.
The police car was halfway down the street and gaining quickly. I was inside already but I was tugging at the gates, willing them to close.
I pushed a few kids through the gates. There wasn't anyone left outside the Manor.
The police car screeched to a stop.
I tugged at the gates as hard as I could but it wouldn't move at all.
Several policemen burst out of their cars, running towards the gates.
I felt someone grab me around the waist and pull me away from the gates, away from the Manor. It was a policeman. They'd caught me.
I locked eyes with Heaven, who was wide eyed. Someone, one of the kids, snatched my arm and pulled me out of the policeman's grasp. I bolted away, back through the gates of the Manor.
The last ring faded away slowly, as the gates swung shut, right in the policemens' face. They rattled the bars, but it wouldn't budge. But they were on that side. And I was on this side.

message 13: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (Velliya) | 44 comments Heaven Andrews

"Well." I said miserably. "I guess there's no leaving."
Zelder was still panting, as were the rest of the kids that had made the mad dash into the Mansion. She stood up straight and smiled excitedly. "Heaven," She winked. "You have GOT to chill and have a little fun."
"If I wanted fun," I countered. "I wouldn't have chosen this place to come to."
My best friend spread out her arms and shrugged. "And yet you are here."
I rolled my eyes. "I wonder why that is."
She grabbed my arm, "Heaven, I swear to you. There is nothing in this Masion that could actyally hurt you- it's all effects and lighting."
I had my doubts. "There have been murders here."
"Myths." Zelder said dismissively.
"-And disappearances."
"-And hauntings."
"Just effects."
I sighed. There was no swaying her. "Alrighty then." I agreed to go with her, but I made sure that with every step, I thought that it was a bad idea.

message 14: by Rachel (new)

Rachel (RachelM15) | 7 comments Beth Prince

Catty pulled into the lot at exactly 11:56 PM. I scrambled out of the car, running up towards the closed doors. "Come on Cat!" I called out behind me, hearing her footsteps crunch on the gravel. "Shhhh! Not so loud!" Catty scolded when she caught up. I rolled my eyes and looked at the other people who were already here. There were only about four other people and I furrowed my brow, I thought this place was popular? I mentally shrugged though and figured our generation must all be wusses in disguise. Catty clung onto my arm, stifling a screech when a bat flew in front of us as we walked up towards the wrought iron doors. "Scary cat." I mumbled and then chuckled at my joke. Catty wasn't too humored and let o of my arm and flicked me. When we made it up to the line it was almost time for it to open. Everyone gave us a glance that I couldn't decipher. I was about to day something when the doors creaked open loudly and we all cautiously went in when the old clock tower started chiming. Time to rock and skull. Dang I'm funny.

message 15: by Aurora (new)

Aurora Zelda Troyer

"Hey, the pendulum thing isn't moving." Leaning against the wall of the main corridor was a huge grandfather clock. The hands were frozen on the number twelve and the pendulum was stationary.
Heaven peered at the clock from behind me, "So? Just.. Don't touch it."
I reached towards the door and grabbed the handle, "Just wait. I reckon the thing just needs a push to get it started again."
Before she could stop me, I swung the door open and shoved the pendulum to the side. As sound, like something being snapped, echoed through the mansion.
"What was that!?" Heaven squealed.
I shrugged, heart pumping, and moved in the general direction the sound had come from.

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