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The members of the Mist Pack are usually calm, cool, and collected. They almost never fight with each other, and they are very good problem solvers. There's almost nothing they can't either solve or talk their way through.

Copy and paste the guidelines below, but delete the "." from the HTML format. Please follow the guidelines as given. Your characters do not need to be accepted, but if there's something you need to change, a mod will tell you and please change it.

<.b>Name:<./b> Your name has to be 2 words and it has to reflect something in nature. It should go along with your wolf's personality or something about its history or origin. Remember, be creative!


<.b>Gender:<./b> Are you a dog (male), or a vixen (female)?

<.b>Rank:<./b> Alpha, Omega, Pup, etc. Look up a list in order if you need to.

<.b>Dominance:<./b> Will they fight others, or not so much? In order, they are: Extremely High, High, Well Respected, Respected, Medium, and Low

<.b>Appearance:<./b> Please have a picture or link along with a detailed description on the appearance of your wolf. Make sure to include the details!

<.b>Personality:<./b> Please be detailed. I don't want to see two sentences on your wolf's personality. This is a writing website so use your talent! Please try to make it at least 5 lines long.

<.b>History:<./b> Again, we would like to see detail. Go into how they got into the pack, how they got their rank and dominance, any family related episodes, anything you want!

<.b>Kin:<./b> Who's in their family?


<.b>Mate:<./b> Ask First!

<.b>Other:<./b> Anything else you want to add.

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Name: Black ribble (Ribble)
Age: 2 years old
Gender: Male
Rank: Juvenile Hunter
Dominance: Respect but, he's still young so he will get pushed around by the older wolves in the pack.


Ribble is a very young and handsome male wolf. His colors are; Silver,brown and black mixture Through out his whole body. He has a jet back nose and fluffy ears. Straight tail, great Posture, lean and strong body. Well-built wolf.
His eyes still have a green tint in them because of his age, when he gets older they will become more of a amber yellow color.

Ribble has two layers of fur. The outer layer is made up of tough,long guard hairs that repel water, snow and dirt. This layer contains pigment and gives the Ribble's coat its gray color. The inner layer is dense, thich and soft, much like wool. It traps air, which insulates Ribble and keeps them warm at tempatures far below what humans could tolerate.

In the spring, the inner layer of wool is shed to help keep Ribble cool during the summer. Ribble will often rub against objects such as rocks and branches to encourage the loose fur to fall out. This process is called "molting".

Ribble’s front paws are larger than his back paws, and they have a fifth claw, called the dewclaw. Bristled hairs and blunt claws enhance give him a tight grip on slippery surfaces like ice, and special blood vessels keep his paw pads from freezing. Ribble has a scent glands between his toes which leave behind a faint smell as he walk, This helps him/others to keep track of where he/ others has been so he/ others can navigate over long distances, and it also helps other wolves in the pack find him easily.

Ribble can be a really quiet and reserved kind of wold. He’s hard to get to know well. Hes Individualistic, having no interest in leading or following others so his is likely not fit to become a Bata or an Alpha. He's highly analytical; he can discover connections between two seemingly unrelated things and work best when he allows himself to use his imagination and critical thinking. He's a very brave wolf for his age. He's very younge and sill had a lot to learn before he becomes " a Part-of-the-pack hunter."
Ribble can also be a Warm-hearted wolf, but he does have his moments like every other wolf. He tends to put the needs of others over his own needs. He had a strong sense of responsibility and duty. He Values traditions and security as in he will not allow any wolf that is not in his pack into their territory.
Ribble has Well-developed sense of space and function witch means he will not get in the way of older and stronger wolves. He's very respectful.
Ribble is resourceful and intellectually quick witch makes him an excellent hunter. He’s Good at a broad range of things. Enjoy debating issues and may be into "one-upmanship". He can get very excited about new ideas and projects, but may neglect the more routine aspects of life. He's generally outspoken and assertive. He enjoys wolves stimulating company. He has an excellent ability to understand concepts and apply logic to find solutions.
Ribble is they type of wolf that may keep the pack on their toes. You will never be bored when you’re around him; he's very fun and foolish. He acts a lot like a puppy but more and more like an adult each day. He's very Curious and still likes exploring around the woods. He's very Independent for his age and makes a great addition to the pack.
Ribble lives a fast paced life-style so he rarely interacts with any other wolves, unless they Interest him in someway. He's a big risk taker who likes to live for the moment. He's very kind and loyal to his peers and Alpha(s) he can be mean. Just make sure you don't get on his bad side. Ribble has many Different types of personalities witch makes him odd or fun or anyway you look at it. He's a very outstanding wolf and knows his place in the pack.

When Ribble was born he was always the weakling on the littler. Pretty much the runt. He was very skinny and never really got that much milk from his mother. When he became about 7 weeks old when his eyes and ears were already developed. You could still tell that he was still the runt. His brother and sisters would always push him around. Ribble spent most of his puppy days just hanging out with his mother. Ribble's father on the other hand never took that much Interest in his puppies, he was more focused on the pack and protecting them. Ribble never really knew his father so he didn't have that much Emotion towards his father’s death. On the other hand his mother was a rack. She barely had the will power to take care of her pups anymore, but she couldn't just abandon them. When Ribble turned a year old he was in training to become a hunter. From that day on Ribble also grew stronger and more muscular, soon he was more fit then his sisters and stronger then his brothers. But he still gets pushed around because of his "lay back" personality. After Ribble just turned 2 years old his mother died from old age and lack of Nutrients. Ribble and his siblings were devastated but they moved on with their lives. On the other hand Ribble is still torn up about his mother because he spent most if his life with her because he was too weak to go explore and play with his brothers and sister.

Cash (father, Deceased)
Floam (Mother, Deceased)
Echo (sister)
Black (Brother)
Usjks (Brother)

Crush: None
Mate: Not likely to have one.

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Name: Winter Light (Goes by Light.)
Gender: Vixen
Age: 2 years
Rank: Hunter


Light is the type of wolf who gets looked at twice. She's beautiful to any wolf's eyes, but she doesn't know it herself. Winter Light's eyes are actually naturally brown, but when she stands in the sunlight, the different particles reflect off her eyes, causing them to change colour, depending on the weather. Light's eyes have an intelligent, yet soft look to them, making her whole face light up. However, sometimes they can become icy cold, if she's not in the pleasantest of moods. Her fur, as soft, thick and long as it is, is the colour of a sparkling snow fall in the middle of a cold winter. Light's white pelt is flecked with silvery fur, with the exception of the black stripe that runs down the middle of her face. Her fur sweeps out at the ends, causing her long tail to have a slightly wavey look to it. It ends in a dark silver, almost black tip that blends exceptionally well with the rest of her fur. Light has a lean, yet muscular body and she's quite thin. She's small, but quick on her paws.

Despite her almost fragile appearance, Winter Light is actually quite a stubborn wolf. She doesn't like to rely on others and is fairly independent. She has a gentle nature and is quite sweet, however, she can become dark within an instant. She tries to keep the peace, but sometimes she gets caught up in the middle of fights without meaning to. Light is intelligent and quite wise, despite her young age. She's a little sarcastic and doesn't always know when she has gone too far, resulting in many a hurt wolf. She's quite clueless in the emotional department and isn't very sympathetic towards others, because she's not entirely sure how to act when she sees another wolf in distress. Despite this, Light is actually incredibly loyal and she would do whatever was in her power to protect the ones she loves and assist in keeping her pack safe. She's a sweet natured young wolf and tends to put others before herself.

History: Winter Light was born a loner to an exiled wolf of BreezePack and his mate. She was an only pup, so received all of her parents' love and care. One night, Light and her family were attacked by rogue wolves, resulting in the death of Light's father, Lightning Storm. Light's mother, Lily told her to hide, while she fended off the wolves. Eventually the rogues retreated, leaving Lily injured. Despite this, Lily's motherly instincts kicked in and she was able to take Winter Light to the edges of another pack's territory, before leaving, knowing that she would not be accepted, but Light had a chance because she was so young and defenseless. The pack, did in fact, accept her in if she was able to prove herself loyal. Light succeeded and has been a part of the pack since. She doesn't know what happened to her mother, but she is determined to find out.

Lightning Storm (Father, deceased)
Lily (Mother, fate unknown)

Mate: Open
Crush: Open


*Please note that I copied her from another group.

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Name: Solar Flare (Solar, and sometimes Flare as well)

Age/DOB: August 7, 3 1/2 years old

Gender: Dog

Rank: Alpha Male

Dominance: Extremely High

Appearance: [image error]
[image error]

Solar is quite a handsome young wolf, though he doesn't pay it much attention. He has a crisp, Sloan pelt that is just slightly off-white, but most would just describe it as white. He has spots of cream and light gray all over his pelt, making it look like somebody sprinkled spices on his coat in some particular spots. His coat is primarily described as dirty white, meaning the roots are white and it fades to a light gray at the tips. His eyes are a dark amber color, complementing his pelt nicely. He is very strong and very well muscles, and it's clearly defined under his coat, which isn't too thick. His legs are strong, and enable him to run very fast, using his long and graceful tail for balance.

Personality: Solar is a very great alpha male. He is strong, tough, fierce, and a great fighter. But he can also be very kind, sweet, gentle, and loving when he needs to. He likes to keep order in the pack, and won't tolerate rule breakers. He doesn't like to punish, but if that's the only way to get his point across about his rules, then he will do it. He doesn't like to see wolves fighting and maiming just for the heck of it, and he makes sure that doesn't happen. He doesn't really know how to act emotionally to other wolves, and sometimes he ends up reading them the wrong way and slipping up. This tends to happen often with him, because again, he's not very good at reading other wolves. He's very sly and cunning, he knows what to do and what not to do, and for that reason he's a great role model for younger wolves. But he's not a stickler, as some alphas are. He's not afraid to have fun, and sometimes, but it's very unusual, he might even act like a puppy in his childish behavior. He knows when to be serious, and when to lighten up. In other words, he can have a lot of personalities, and there's not really any one word to sum it all up. In other words, one moment he might be happy and joyous, and the next he could be ticked off at something and unpleasant to be around. Solar is not a wolf you want to have on your bad side, otherwise you'll really regret it.

History: Solar was born as a lone wolf. His parents abandoned him at a very young age, without even teaching him to survive on his own. He didn't think he was going to make it, and actually prepared for his death at one point. But then he found the remains of a deer carcass, that actually had lots of meat on it. So he dragged it back to where he had been staying, and rationed it for several weeks until it ran out and he had to go hunting again. Since his parents never taught him, he had to teach himself. He turned out to be an excellent hunter, and he managed to make it on his own. Then he came across a bunch of lone wolves all in a clearing. Since he was already 2 1/2 at that time, he decided to start a pack of his own, and these wolves were in it. He became the alpha male, since he was the most dominant, the best hunter, the cleverest, and the strongest in both mind and body. His pack has been living and prospering happily ever since, and he hopes to keep it that way.

Mother (Deceased)
Father: (Deceased)
Sister: Aurora Borealis (Aurora)

Crush: Open

Mate: Open


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wanderer (ChloeMai) Name:Kaala Raine.

Age:3 years old.


Rank:Lead Huntress

Dominance:Well Respected.

Kaala is quite an eyecatching wolf. Her fur is a burgendy red colour, her overcoat a black giving her pelt a peppered,speckled look and her eyes are dark and exotic, almost like the colour of crushed coffee beans.She is quite lanky for a wolf, although she is of average height and is very prone to clumsy accidents from tripping up over her long legs. Her tail is long and bushy, teeth sharpened and claws ready to kill and bring down prey. Her ears are larger than most, but also give her the heightened ability to hear further away,

Kaala is quite a quirky young wolf. She has an odd outlook on life, and searches for the best in everybody. She often pushes the young hunters and huntresses that she leads, simply to get them to reach their full capability. She is always thinking of others, rarely putting herself first and aims to please. She has an odd sense of humour, and can be funny at times without even knowing what she is doing it. Kaala is extremley clumsy, often tripping over her own feet or carelessly bumping into something. Its suprising at how good a huntress she actually is, considering this trait, but nobody questions it. Most pack members are just happy that they are getting fed.
Kaala rarely cries, in fact, since entering the Mist pack she hasnt shed a tear. So if you manage to make her upset...Just be willing to pick up the pieces.
She is an strong willed vixen, determined in her own way and has a lashing temper if she is pushed to her limit, and then snaps.
She loves the small things in life, the ripples on water, the songs that birds tweet in the morning. Things like that. She is very thankful to have her life, and aalthough she struggles with her emotions at times, she is overall a happy wolf.

Kaala was born into a happy, vibrant pack of lone wolves who had banded together to make their own clan. Her parents were very laid back, and she had numerous litter mates, a total of around 7 in all, all of which survived to adulthood. She enjoyed her life in the small group of wolves and was never lonely, as she usually is these days.
When she reached the age of 1, Kaala was expected to bring down her first prey. Her hunting trip was smooth and easy as she used all of her earlier knowlodge what she had learned from her uncle, and pushed it into the thrill of the chase, finally bringing down the deer she had been hunting. After that she knew what she wanted to be, what she had to becom, but was quite content at the thought of staying within the loner pack. That was until, the hunters arrived.
The hunters with their shotguns turned up after about a month into Kaala's elite training on the subject of hunting. At first the wolves were cautious and wary, but became more comfortable with the humans and their guns after they had been there a few weeks. Then the gunshots began, echoing through the forests. Kaala had been deep withing their 'pack' territory, simply conversing with an elder wolf when her packmates began dropping around her. She tried desperatly to help as each wolf clung onto their lives, but quickly passed on. Kaala ran. She ran from it all, also getting shot in the process. She eventually halted at the river bank and with one last longing look, she crossed over, leaving the life she loved behind. She found the Mist pack, and they immeadietly agreed to take her in. She has been here ever since.

Mother-Rainbow Dancer
Father-Thistle Sharp
7 siblings-Deceased.


Mate:None yet :3


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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Name: Dream Seeker (Dream)

Age: 2 years

Gender: Vixen

Rank: Scout

Dominance: Low


Dream Seeker is a beautiful white-grey she-wolf. She has piercing amber eyes, flecked with green and white near the pupil. Her pelt is long and thick, perfect for withstanding the cold and harsh climate. Here and there, there is a patch of creamy fur that blends incredibly well with her base colour of grey. She is fairly small, but it doesn't bother her in the slightest. She has long legs, meaning she can run long distances without having to stop and matched with her petite build, she's quite fast and finds it easy to conceal herself if she's in danger. Her coat is glistening and beautiful, giving her an overall beautiful appearance, though she does not realise it herself.

Dream Seeker is the type of wolf who never runs out of stories to tell. She loves myths and legends and is constantly telling stories to the pups and elders to keep them entertained. She's a bubbly wolf and she's always there for others. If someone's having a problem, or they're worrying about something, they always go to Dream to talk it through. She's the type of wolf that everyone loves to be around. Dream Seeker is a little shy, which causes her to be quite quiet, but once she gets to know you, she's always nice to have around. She's incredibly loyal to her pack and would do anything to ensure that the ones she loves and her pack are kept safe. She can be a little distant at times and doesn't always know what's happening around her. She's often lost in her own little world, her mind filled with stories and thoughts that she is always too shy to express. Her feelings are a little bottled up and she can be quite distrusting of others, however, she is easily influenced. Others sometimes think of her as strange, but she doesn't mind all that much. She's not the type of wolf that worries about how others see her or what they think of her. She's full of life and love, a beacon of hope in an otherwise dull world. And she loves it that way. Dream always says that being the same as everyone else only makes you dull yourself. She doesn't judge others and is friendly towards everyone, making her loved throughout her pack, despite how different she comes across. Like her name, she is a dream seeker. She longs for love and adventure, no matter how difficult it is for her to find. Once she believes in something, she will never back down from that belief and will never let anyone tell her otherwise.

Dream Seeker never had a proper childhood. From the moment she was born, she was alone and had to discover herself on her own. Her parents stuck around long enough to ensure that she lived, but they believed that each wolf did not need help on their road towards life. They explained this to Dream, and because of the way she'd been brought up, she understood and accepted this fact. She has never held a grudge against her parents and still tries to get away to see them.
So, at eight weeks old, Dream Seeker set off on the road to life. She traveled a long time and met so many animals that helped her on her way, visiting farms, the sea side, towns and the countryside. She went everywhere and met everyone, the reason she has so many stories to tell and is so welcoming of others. She never regrets that her parents left her so young, because it opened up so many experiences and opportunities for her.
When Dream was a year and a few months old, she stumbled across the place she lives in now, she met another loner wolf who told her of the packs that surrounded the land, she set off in search of the packs, not intending to stay in any. She knew of the hostilities that the packs held, and was careful not to endanger herself in any way. She met wolves from all, and was surprised when they immediately turned away from her. Before that, anywher she went, she was welcomed, so the fact that she was turned away was a foreign concept to the young wolf. She was about to give up on meeting the packs and just move on with her life, when she met a wolf of Mist Pack, who was only too happy to hold a conversation with Dream, then introduce her to the pack. She was only too happy to meet the pack, but in the end it grew too much for her and she felt the need to leave. Her mind called to her to leave, because their were so many places still to visit, but her heart disagreed. In the end, she did, in fact, stay, however, she is known throughout the pack to disappear for times on end, but they never think much of it because everyone knows of her past and they know she'll return.

Autumn Leaf (Mother, unknown)
Darkening Night (Father, unknown)

Crush: Open

Mate: Open


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Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) Name: Forest Leaves
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Rank: Bata male
Dominance: High, respected

Foeest Leaves is a very color full wolf. He has black, brown, gray, tan and white patches of fur. He has a big body build and weights about 100 pounds. He has amzing dark eyes that seem to look at everything in a different way. On the back of his ears he has a brownish red color fur. He has huge paws and strong legs and shoulders. His hind leg is croocked from a bear attack, but doesnt slow him down.

Personality: Forest Leaves is a calm wolf at heart. He is wise and cares for other wolves in the pack. He looks to think of things in different ways. He wants to be in on everything, hates to be a lone and away from the pack. When you talk to him he says things like they are. He doesnt try to make bad things sound good. If i would died he will say thats what happen and that they all should move on from the death. He likes to push forward. He doesnt like to sit on one thing and think about it. He lives in the now and not in the pass. When he gets angery you dont want to be around him. He will get easliy annoyed with you and then might start a fight, only when he is mad. For most of the time he is calm and relaxed,

History: forest Leaves has grown up in this pack his whole life. He knows every wolf and how they act. Often when he was young he would sneek out of the den when his mother wasnt their and he would go to the pack. The wolves where all nice and inviting, not minding a pup. When he was six mounths he would join them on hunting trips even though he was way to young. He always scared his mother by doing that. He was fine. One day the pack killed a moose. They where eating when a bear came down from the hill side, but pack was to bussy eating. Sence Forest was to young to get in on the meal he tried to warn the others. They wouldnt listen. The bear was closer. Forest ran for the bear trying to cause a destraction. The bear charged him with a loud grizley roar. Finally the other wolves turned to see the bear has attacked the Forest. They came to his rescure and got the bear away from him long enought for forest limp away. After that he got a broken leg that healed a little crooked.
Mother Apple Tree
Father Maple Tree
Brother open


Mate: open


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Sam/Applejack♆ | 712 comments Mod
Name: Swift Mist (Swift)

Age: 2 Years Old

Gender: Female

Rank: Juvenile Huntress

Dominance: Low

Swift is quite an eye catching wolf, really. The base color of her coat is a soft off white color. She has highlights of gray all over her as well, but not because of old age. That's just her natural color. Swift has bright yellowy golden eyes that seem to glimmer like the sun and moon. Her pelt is medium length and of medium thickness. She has lithe, skinny limbs that are great for running, one of the reasons why she's a juvenile huntress. Swift has a large, bushy tail that she likes to curl around herself for warmth and comfort during tough times. She has large ears and a larger muzzle then most. She has a scruff of fur on her chest that curls downward and frames her nicely.

Personality: Swift is a very quiet and reserved type of wolf. She's not one to get easily noticed, but she's fine with that fact. She doesn't like attention and actually prefers to avoid it in the first place. She likes critical thinking and problem solving, along with logic puzzles. She likes to evaluate things and she absolutely loves to use her imagination. Often times, she will travel to her own far off world and imagine things. She has a great imagination, and often gets so in depth with it, that she needs to be brought back to reality and down to earth.
Swift is a very intelligent wolf. Her IQ is way higher then the average wolf's (assuming wolves HAVE IQ's). She's very sly and clever, and can pull tricks without someone ever even expecting her. They wouldn't because Swift Mist isn't that type of person. Since she's shyer and more reserved, nobody would ever suspect her and they usually suspect Solar even in some cases. Swift isn't really the type to play with other wolves. Occasionally, she may "play" through hunting or pay fighting, but she won't go off and play Hide and Go Seek or maybe even Tag. She prefers using her imagination or thinking through problems or tough situations.
Swift loves to hunt. She's always dreamed of being a hunter since she was first born, and she's been training ever since she could first stand and run. She has a finely toned sense of smell, and can usually smell prey before the wolves she's hunting with can. For this reason, she may make lead huntress one day. But for now she's just a juvenile hunter, not even a hunter because she's not old enough. She hopes one day though that she will be good enough, because it's her life's dream to make lead huntress.

History: ~~First Person, Swift Mist's Point of View~~
When I first stumbled upon the Mist Pack, I instantly knew that I belonged here. They welcomed me and took me in, accepted me as if I had been here my entire life. In some way, I suppose I had. I had always felt their eyes on me, watching me. Then I came upon THEM. They welcomed me, and I have been here ever since. But one day when I was about to go out for a hunt, a rival wolf stood at the edge of our boundaries. I smelled him before anyone else and sent out a high pitched howl of warning. My fur stood on end, my shackles raised and my muscles tensed, I advanced. I threw myself at the wolf and we rolled down the hill, towards the edge of a cliff. When I was on top, I jumped off and grabbed an out sticking tree root with my jaws to keep myself from skidding over the edge. I watched in horror as the enemy wolf went sprawling over the side, falling to his imminent death. I told myself not to look. Too late. I walked carefully to the edge of the cliff . . . and looked down. There he lay, motionless. His skull cracked open, liquids slowly leaking. I keeled over and retched at the sight of it, and tore my eyes away. I shamefully padded back to my pack, afraid they would punish me for killing him. Was I ever so wrong. In fact, they rewarded me. It turns out that that wolf, Black Blood had been his name, had been their enemy for ages, and I had killed him. I was rewarded with the position of Juvenile Huntress, and I accepted it gratefully. I've been here ever since, always hoping to advance to full huntress. Maybe someday, it will happen. She also thinks it would be nice to be Beta Female, so she has a crush on Forest Leaves as well as Black Ribble.

Mother: June Bug
Father: Dark Falls
Sister: Swiftkill
Brother: Bloodspill

**Note: Siblings are open for creation as long as you ask first. I probably won't say no!**

Crush: Black Ribble (Ribble), and Forest Leaves

Mate: Seeking Ribble or Forest Leaves, but Open


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wanderer (ChloeMai) Name:Ebony Rose

Age:5 months old



Dominance:Low at the moment because she is a pup. She will become highly respected as she grows older.

Rose is quite a pretty pup, and will grow up to be a beautiful, majestic wolf. Her fur is the colour of ebony, where she earned her name, and her eyes a luxurious pale grey that often seem hollow, but sometimes glimmer with happiness or excitment. Her claws a a silvery, metalic colour, verging on being a off-white colour. Her pelt is still downy and made up of 'puppy fluff' but will mature into a soft, yet course coat purely designed for warmth. She is small for a pup of her age, uncommonly so, although she quite enjoys being her current size, seeing as she can slip away from the other members of her pack relativly easily. She is slim boned and skinny, making her seem easily breakable.

Rose is a very curious young pup. She likes to know how things work, what the best ways are to do that particular thing, and how best to execute the plan. She is a quick thinker, always able to come up with ways to do things in a matter of minutes and is actually highly intellegent for a pup of her age. She gets bored easily, since she can simply discover how best to do it.
She tends to distance herself from the other wolves of her pack and rarely feels accepted. Not many pay attention to her and she is very introverted, to shy to make a conversation and not brave enough to approach anybody. She is quite self concious, due to the fact that she is missing a leg and is afraid other wolves will judge her and look at her differently because of it. She hates getting treated as if she were glass, easily broken, and just wants to be treated the same way a normal pup her age would.
Rose is a tender wolf pup, very caring, generous and kind. She will grow up to be a fantastic healer, although hopes to have pups of her own as well. Her inspiration is her mother, and she aims to be like her as she matures.

Ebony Rose was born on a harsh winters night. For as long as she can remember it was just her and her mother, and she discovered the reason for this when she turned three months old.
Her mother had been a part of the mysterious night pack, but when her father was on a spying trip had been found out by her mother, whom was a healer. They got together, but when her mother fell pregnant it was obvious that her, the pup, was part of another pack. Instead of the usual death sentence that the night pack sometimes inflict upon members, they just kicked her out and ordered her to never return, or face the consequences.
Rose's mother, Moon Star, left and travelled to the silver pine territory, in search of refuge with the father of her unborn pup. But she was shuned and sent away, Rose's father watching helplessly. He made no attempt to move, and during this time her mother became bitter and hated the pup inside of her.
In time she gave birth to Ebony Rose, and her heart softened as soon as she laid eyes on her pup. She vowed to keep her safe and care for her, and eventually Star returned to her normal self, the bitterness ebbing away and replaced for the love of her daughter. They lived as loners together and there was no denying the mother-daughter connection they shared.
But tradgedy struck when Rose turned 4 months old. They were attacked by a rogue male, which is how she came to loose her left hind leg. Her mother's jaw was injured, resulting in her being unable to feed very well. This is where everything went downhill. Star struggled to find sufficent food for herself and her daughter, since she had begun weaning her off milk. The two struggled on, Star knowing that her time was coming to a close, but denying it. They came to the outskirts of the Mist pack, and finally Star's legs gave way.
She still refused to believe that she was dying, making sure to keep her weary eyes open for the sake of her pup. Rose watched her mother with sorrowfilled eyes as she looked on.

Rose's POV (Point of View..)
Me and mother had been travelling from our previous den for days. She was emaciated, her bones visible through her coal-black coat so similar to my own. She was weak, any wolf would be able to see with their own 2 eyes that she wouldnt last much longer, and the thought saddened me so.
Her legs gave way at the outskirts of what she had informed me was the Mist pack, but my mother, bless her soul, my mother battled on to try and stay awake for my sake.
Her jaw was slack, the same postion it had been in for the past month, and it was obviously broken and was the reason for her being in her current state.
She looked so..Tired. But she wouldnt leave this world. Not for anybody. I crept closer to her, my eyes filled with grief as I met hers. She knew. But she wouldnt leave my side.
"I Love you Momma. You can go." I had whispered the words softly, but knew she would be able to hear them. Her nod was gentle, a slight tip of her head as her eyes gradually closed. I lay nestled in her tattered fur, next to her heart, as her breathing slowed, and her heartbeat became as weak as a butterflies wing, and eventually stopped. Forever. I had buried my head in her still-warm body, and let the tears that had been threatening to fall in front of her, out. I had never felt so alone in my life. So so alone It was a terrible feeling. My mother, my beautiful caring mother. Was gone.

Mother-Moon Star('Star' Deceased)
Father-Jem Coal('Coal' Whereabouts Unknown. Left Silverpines pack)


Mate:To young


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ϮAʛʛⅇℛʊℵʛ {Supernatural Freak} (Taggerung) | 84 comments Name: Strong Breeze

Age: 6 months old

Gender: Dog

Rank: Pup

Dominance: low now, will be well respected when older


Personality: Breeze is strong minded and doesn't like being told what to do. however, he usually complies because he isn't old enough to really challenge authority. He loves to have fun and play, annoying the adults with his antics. He can be very noisy, barking and growling when he's playing. He can also have days where he's not very happy, and just mopes around because of the loss of his family. He has big hopes of becoming a warrior or scout when he's older and having his own family.

History: Breeze's mother was a scout. She'd been out scouting two weeks after Breeze had been old enough to come out of the den. On the trip, two intruder wolves from the Glacier Pack came across her. They attacked her, and she fought them, but she was killed. Breeze's father looked for his mate when she did not return. He found her torn body, and returned to the Mist Pack, heartbroken. He mourned his mate, not eating, sleeping, or getting up. He slowly died of starvation, leaving breeze an orphan. Breeze knows why his mother and father died and wants to avenge them when he is older.

Kin: all dead

Crush: too young

Mate: Too young

Other: Is a very loyal and affectionate friend to Ebony Rose

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Alisha~Seek and ye shall find~ (HiddenTreasures) Name: Shadow Seeker(Shadow)

Age:2 years

Gender: vixen (female)

Rank: Scout


Appearance:Her fur is a blend of different shades of gray and black, making her blend in well with the dark. Nix has wide paws, a fluffy tail, and straight ears. Her blue eyes are the only light part of her. They are always alert. She is on the small side, but that won't stop her from defending herself from other wolves.

Personality: Nix is a quiet wolf, preferring to watch other than run around with them. She likes being close to other without them seeing her, not because she is shy, but because she doesn't like idle chatter. She is kind and gentle, especially to pups. Nix is quick thinking, and has a great memory, which helps when trying to get away.Nix is graceful, and she will step in when she thinks someone is getting to rough. All in all, she comes across as a mystery.

History: Nix was born in a cave away from the pack. Her families pack was running low on food supply, so the pack agreed for the breeding season, they would split apart. She was the first born, and grew faster than her brothers. One day, her father left and never returned. Her mother didn't know what had happened to him, but she had growing pups to feed, so she had to leave her pups to hunt. When Nix turned 6 mo. old, while her mother was hunting, a Wolverine attacked her siblings, killing them. She had enough sense to hide. When Twilight came back she attacked the wolverine who gripped her throat also killing her. After the wolverine left, Nix came out, unsure of what had happened. When her siblings wouldn't get up or her mother answer her call, she mourned them, then left to find somewhere safer. She came across a old female Newfoundland and followed her around. The dog didn't mind and taught her to take care of herself. SO she is a accidental loner.

Kin: Twilight(Mother) Shadow Runner(Father)
She had 3 siblings.


Mate: none


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Faith Dominguez (ViolettheVanisher) Name : StarFire

Age 2 and half

Gender (Vixen Femal

Rank (beta Femal

Dominace : very High

Apperance (http://www.google.com/imgres?q=female...

Personality : StarFire is kind and quite most od the time the other she can be Shea very out going she loving to play wth the pups and help all the back members and in a way she trying to truly find er happiness among the pack . But she very strong for them she loves to wonder around and just around everything.

History her dad dyied before she could really know him she she feels like that's always going to be missing apart of her. When her mom found this pack her mom was dying of a heartach of her mate and her other pups but she held on to life her mom is a alpha but not in this pack her mom told her that somebay Starfir. Will also be A strong Alpha someday and that she will look over all the pack just like her mom and once her father did but Starfire doesn't belive she doesn't belive she will be A good enough alpha or get a mate for that matter

(alpha father died
(Alpha mother died
(Brother died
She doesn't have any sisters

Crush ( the alpha him self but stays

Mate (afraid to find one
Others so loves to look after the pups

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She can't be Alpha female cuz Solar is alpha male. If she was alpha, she would need to be his mate. So just change that and then you're good! ;)

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Faith Dominguez (ViolettheVanisher) there like that do i need to change anything else ?

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Again, you can only have this in ONE place.

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