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The Killer Wore Cranberry: A Second Helping
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Untreed Reads (UntreedReads) | 985 comments Mod
Contributor and all around great writer Gail Farrelly talks up the new Untreed Reads Thanksgiving murder anthology The Killer Wore Cranberry: A Second Helping:

It just so happens that, as the subtitle ("A Second Helping") of the anthology indicates, this is a followup-book to the original The Killer Wore Cranberry, published by Untreed Reads in 2010. That book sold so well, Editor Jay Hartman figured readers were hungry for more.

The stories in the new anthology remind me of Laura Levine's Jaine (yep, that's the correct spelling) Austen mystery series, which I absolutely love. Levine's books are very funny; but, in addition, they always have good plots.

The entire post is up at Bronxville-Eastchester, NY Patch and you can read more about The Killer Wore Cranberry: A Second Helping at Untreed Reads.

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Chris Bauer (chrisbauerattnet) | 9 comments The Killer wore Cranberry is turning into quite a franchise--it's good to see.

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