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Prolouge question
Lara Lara Oct 23, 2012 01:41PM
maybe i completely missed the point but what was all that talk of "colors" about? at first i thought he liked some of her jogging clothes better than others but what would "no color" mean? then i thought maybe this was going to go the paranormal route and he could see auras or something, especially when they kept bringing up how good he was at reading people but that never came to fruition either.

did it go over my head?

Even I didn't understand..
How is it related to gangs???

It was refuting to her clothing and her orange hair. He needed to see her that day because he doesn't always see her but that day he needed her. That's why it also explained that he was in an area where people don't chose to go, the other car turns off before they get to where he's heading, he then goes on to tell Emmy that she should not be running alone around there.

It was in reference to gangs, gang members.

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