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message 1: by Jenni Elyse (new)

Jenni Elyse (jenni_elyse) So, I'm reading my first chick lit book, The Devil Wears Prada, and I have a question.

Is all chick lit riddled with profanity? I'm just wondering if it's this author or the entire genre. Any help would be appreciated.

message 2: by Samara (new)

Samara Not all the ones that I've read, I think it really depends on the author.

message 3: by Kourtney (new)

Kourtney (familywithbooks) | 53 comments It really does depend on the author. Not all swear up and down and all around. Then there are those in between where you get one convo with swearing and the rest of the book is without.

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