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Gillian Stieglitz I dont really understand why this book was challenged. I bleieve that this was a very educational book that talked about a young girl who was diagnosed with scoliosis, and explained some of the challeges she had to go through.

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Gillian Stieglitz what were the reasons it may of been challenged?

Catherine Gillian wrote: "what were the reasons it may of been challenged?"

Well I'm just guessing but one of the reasons may have been that Deenie's mother was completely useless and kind of dumb and there are a lot of parents who really object when parents in books are depicted as anything other than loving and sensible.

Also the mild sexual content.

Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder* They liked to try to ban pretty much every Judy Blume book

Jennifer Sexual content, in particular discussion of female masturbation.

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