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message 1: by Amanda (new)

Amanda | 94 comments Where has this month gone?! Hope everyone is still enjoying the book.

1. What is the significance of Martha Carrier's big red leather bound book?

2. Why do you think she asks Sarah to "keep this one thing a secret, even among your brothers" (page 150)?

3. Why do you think Martha makes Sarah promise not to try to read the book until she comes of age?

4. Identify and discuss some of the factors that led to the witch hysteria in 17th century New England.

5. Why did Martha choose to take a stand of innocence, knowing that a refusal to confess meant death?

message 2: by Lady Day (last edited Oct 23, 2012 09:07PM) (new)

Lady Day (LadyDay) | 228 comments 1. Maybe it reveals the deep dark secrets of her actually being a witch!

2. Martha knew that Sarah desired to be a close friend with her siblings as she'd been with her cousin.

3. Martha didn't think Sarah could appreciate the struggles that Martha and those that came before her had to face.

4. Some factors that stood out to me regarding witch hysteria in 17th century New England are:
possessing an eccentric personality, a stern disposition,being anti-social or using threatening speech,neighborhood antagonism,societal structure for older women & adolescent girls among others.

5. Martha took a stand of innocence because she didn't want her family to suffer any additional hurt or harm in the community.

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