Wolf Pact Wolf Pact question

Only one book??
Vanessa Osborne Vanessa Oct 23, 2012 07:59AM
So, I get that there 4 parts to this e series but will there be more? Will this be the only story about Bliss, Lawson and the rest of the pack? This book was way too short!

I think it will be it's own series, but for now, in order for us to be able to read this before the Gates of Paradise comes out, Melissa needed to publish it as an e-book. Otherwise, it wasn't going to be released until next spring, and Gates of Paradise would have been slightly confusing since some of the events in Wolf Pact will be in the story. I think the four parts to this book is just to make it more exciting, since most people were absolutely furious about the option of it only being an e-book. But I also could be wrong!

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