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if you want to keep your charrie, you have to copy and paste it here!

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Name: Mark
Age: adult
Gender: male
Appearance: light brown hair, brown eyes, freckles, tall
Personality: loving father and husband, hard worker, country boy, sometimes shy, honest
Family: wife, Courtney. daughter, Marisa.
Why: farmer family, traveling west for better soil
Role: farmer
Flaw: can be a little unfriendly
Other: country boy

Name: Courtney
Age: adult
Gender: female
Appearance: average height with shoulder length dark brown hair and hazel eyes
Personality: inteligent, kinda shy,
Family: daughter, Marisa. husband, Mark.
Why: they are a farming family, looking for better soil
Role: farmer
Flaw: always wants to be right

Name: Marisa
Age: teen
Gender: girl
Appearance: a little on the tall side, pretty blue eyes, freckles. long wavy light brown hair with honey highlights that she wears in braided pigtails when working and down when not.
Personality: intelegent, fights for what she thinks is right, caring, a little rude sometimes, total country girl
Family: mother, Courtney. father, Mark.
Why: they're a farming familly and came west looking for better soil
Role: farmer's daughter
Flaw: can be a little rude, but that doesn't always mean she's mad.
Other: her favorite color is blue. she's a total country girl. she may be a little rude or mean but is a good person on the inside.

Marisa's "pet" horse Lacy:
a pinto mare. She was Marisa's favorite horse and Mark agreed to let Marisa keep her as her horse. She puls the wagon along with some of the other farm horses.

family/wagon into: they have their own wagon pulled by Lacy and slallion. but jane got hurt so not magic pulls it instead of lacy and marisa rides lacy right behind it. ginger, james, and laure are traveling with them, and jane is riding with them because of her ankle

Name: James
Age: teen
Gender: male
Appearance: brown hair, hazel eyes, freckles, tall,
Personality: nice, clumsy,
Family: recently orphaned
Why: was recently orphaned and wanted a new life
Role: wants to be a farmer
Flaw: can be too sure of himself
Other: an animal lover 4 eva
crush: Marisa

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one child?

Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 49 comments Name: Rose ( given indean neme corn tassle )
Gender: girl
Appearance:long brown hair. round face. attractive. never will be tall. slinny. where's simple shirt and skirt.
Personality:brave, kind, would die for anyone, even if she never met them. religous, daring, smart, nolagable. good at servival.
Family:no family.
history orfaned at age of 9. parents and 5 siblings died of scarlet fever. been fending for herself. during a period in her life she was captured by senicas. she learned the language. the following year the village was raded by woodsmen and she was forsed back into the world of white men.worked as famhand. uncle died at her age of 10.
Why: whants to start a new, secure life, and whant adventure, to go out into te wilderness, which is a resone for many people in real life who went.
Role:well, she has sharp aim, workes as a farm hand and is noligable in that area as well as survival.
Flaw: she can't read. and every once and wile she has a bad pain in her leg, and even though she hides her pain, sometimes its so bad she can't waalk. also, she sometimes is haunted by her history.
Other: nothin'

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if you cut ben out of the picture you will have some post editing to do

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for sarah you put needs a family...

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i would put my whole family in one post

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Name: Willie Greens
Appearance: Brown hair, green eyes. He is short since he hasn't gotten his growth spurt yet.
Personality: nice, caring, fun.
Family: recently orphaned, he lives with his sister Ginger.
Why: He is doing what his sister tells him.
Role: child
Flaw: he is often sick.
Other: has a kitten name Dorothy.
crush: no one

Name: Nancy LaHay
Age: 19 1/2
Appearance: black hair; not very tall
description: blushes easily
Personality: Nice; sweet
Family: She adopted her cousin (Does anyone have a character that she can adopt?)
Why: She dreamed of being on the Oregon Trail since she was a child, no her dream is final coming true
Role:(what their occupation is...farmer, preacher, trapper...) House keeper and merchant
Flaw:(something that is negative about them)You tell what her mood is easily.
Other:(something other that is important!) She has a her own horses, she doesn't yet need a wagon.

Name: Ginger Greens
Appearance:(be specific; at least 3 sentences!)Long brown hair. Freckles, blue eyes. Tall. Wears a red dress
Personality:(be specific; at least 5 sentences) She is Curious, Adventurist, smart, nice, fun.
Family:(state there family members, and family history, or, if they need a family, or a wagon to travel with!) She has a little brother, Willie, and her parent's died.
Why:(why are they coming on this wagon train; at least 3 sentences) She needs a new beginning, her parents were killed in the city. She is trying to start a new life.
Role:(what their occupation is...farmer, preacher, trapper...) Teacher
Flaw:(something that is negative about them)She is a little to hyper
Other:(something other that is important!)Needs a friend

Name: Chance Lahay
Age: 16
Appearance: black hair; tall for his age; hazel eyes;
Personality: Nice; Adventurous
Family: He is adopted by Nancy
Why: Wants to explore the world
Role:(what their occupation is...farmer, preacher, trapper...) hunter
Flaw:(something that is negative about them) (Nothing right now)
Other:(something other that is important!) Likes Ginger, has a western accent.

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ooh but wait a sec, ginger has a little brother so does that mean we have to adopt him too? it it important to you that she has a little brother?

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I think Nancy will adopt Willie, so Marisa's family won't have to deal with that.

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aww but then they're adopted separately

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they'll probably need their own wagon. they can join at the next stop, so you'll have o wait a lil bit, or we can pretend that they were always there

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Name: Nancy / Wind Chime
Age: 16
Gender: F
Appearance: Changes from Indian to Cowgirl
Personality: Very sweet once you get to know her but also with a temper
Family: Black Hills of Dakota
Why: Her family was killed when she was 13 and she was adopted and raised by the chief of nearby Indian. 3 years later, her small tribe made peace and now travel with the new white settlers.
Role: She acts as translator and is a great hunter/trapper
Flaw: Doesn't trust white settlers and is a very dangerous fighter
Other: She has a horse named Cotton Tail and is the adopted daughter of the chief
Indian - anime girl Pictures, Images and Photos
Cowgirl - cowgirl Pictures, Images and Photos

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Name: Jes Holmes
Gender: F
Appearance:Long Straight blonde hair, a long light blue dress with a bow in the middle, no bonnet unless really warm outside, long stockings, lace around the bottom of the dress.
Personality: nice friendly helpful loving. nurturing
Family:Mom is dead dad is dead 12 year old sister named Sadie a husband named Paul and a little dog named Rex.
Why:Because we can't stay because of harsh times with Pauls work and Sadie's school/my job and we need more money and we are planning to search for gold in california!
Role: schoolhouse teacher/owner
Flaw:Our family doesn't earn a lot of money but we are very friendly! but sadie is a very rude girl
Other: Nothing but Sadie is a very rude girl

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