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Straight love stories told from the male perspective

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message 1: by Jael (new)

Jael | 1 comments Mod
Does anyone know of a good love story told from the male perspective? I'm doing research for my own novel, and am having trouble writing from the male perspective, as I am not male! :P So I thought I'd start this group and see what came up. Please post anything you feel is relevant.

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Looks like this topic needs to be dusted off. I think this is a great one! I'm surprised at the lack of activity. At the moment, only one comes to mind. Collision Course by S.C. Stephens. It's a story about a teenage boy categorized under, "angst". Totally not me, but I really love S.C. Stephens. So psychological and gripping, and really sad, and really sweet, and really great climatic scene at the end. I could go on forever...

message 3: by Madeline (new)

Madeline | 1 comments I like reading paranormal romance so I will suggest the Black Dagger Brotherhood novels. I don't venture out from PNR and Urban Fantasy often but it seems like it may be kind of hard to find a romance written from an honest male perspective.

I am very interested in hearing what others suggest.

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Looks like it's just you and me Madeline! I remembered another book by Karlene Kubat. First person guy perspective. It's not on Goodreads, but you can easily look it up and get the copy off the net. It's called Steelhead Blues. It wasn't a fantastic book, but I quite enjoyed it.

message 5: by Xiomara (new)

Xiomara (MikahA) I think there's a danielle steele book told from that perspective,Toxic Bachelors I think, but i've never read a book by her so I woulndt know if they're good.

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I've only read one of Danielle Steele's books. I felt that the romance took a bit of a backseat to the rest of the heroine's life, so I didn't like it. Plus the fact that the hero died with 40% of the book to go.

message 7: by Priyanka (new)

Priyanka Haldar (phaldar08) | 2 comments Belinda by Anne Rice, Northern Lights by Nora Roberts

message 8: by Priyanka (new)

Priyanka Haldar (phaldar08) | 2 comments You can also look in google. Hope this helps...

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Thati | 1 comments you can read tripping me up by amber Garza it has both the girl and boy perspective. i don't that really helps because its written by a girl but....

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Stu Schreiber Anybody home?

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