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ashleymarie Mayland School of Arts <--- Click here now!

Are you guys Familiar with the movie(s) step up? Your a fan? Well this group is pretty much like it. It's very fun and has a great plot and great people. You don't need to be a skilled Typer or writer to join! It's just for fun. :)

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Night of the Wolves <-- please click on the link and check out this group! It's very fun and its dying at the moment and I really need active members ;( please help me out! Thanks!

"Not long ago they appeared. The wolves of NightPack. Nobody is sure where they came from, but they're here. The most mysterious pack that has ever walked the earth. They have started disappearing. And they don't return. We search, but we do not find. Things are getting serious and we need to find out what is going on. Even if it means walking into certain death.

This is an advanced roleplay group, solely based around wolf packs. Create a wolf into a pack and roleplay them. These wolves must get to the bottom of the strange things that have been going on, and learn about the mysterious NightPack Wolves."

**Please note that this is going to be a realistic roleplay, in terms of the wolves. But the things that happen within the story are not realistic.

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Sam/Applejack♆ | 506 comments Mod
Wild Wolves (A Wolf Roleplay)

Long, long ago, all the packs lived in peace. They didn't fight, didn't quarrel, didn't hate. They were all content with life, until the fire. One night, a forest fire erupted throughout the territories, burning faster then anyone could imagine. All the wolves were scattered, and when the fire finally stopped, several were dead and far more were wounded. Food was scarce, resources were limited, and so fight ensued throughout the packs. Each pack blamed another for the cause, which remains unknown to this day. They couldn't be calmed, and resumed their fights. To this very day, they fight, and it's not going to get them anywhere other then down. Will you be the one to bring peace into the packs?

Hey! So, if you like/LOVE wolves like I'm sure almost EVERYBODY does, then you just HAVE to join this group! It's fairly new, and it needs some help to get started off. So please join, be active, and help us out!

Click here to go! --> Wild Wolves

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