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Erin (bleedinginkpen) | 76 comments Mod
Subject Taught:
Relationship: Does your character want to be in one? Have they been in one?

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Name: Mr. Edgar
Age: 24
Subject taught: English
Gender: Male
He is very strict and short tempered. He often doesnt pick favorites and has had a love for math since middle school. He is very understanding when it comes to his students.
Relationship: He has none but he used to have a wife who died at age 23 of cancer. He has been loyal to her ever since
History: He is a pureblood vampire and he lost his family in a robbery.

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Erin (bleedinginkpen) | 76 comments Mod
Name: Sylvia Dockson (Ms. Dockson)
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Subject Taught: History (Just plain History) and Chinese.
Picture/Description: Photobucket
Relationship: She is alone. She doesn't really think about romance; she's really into education.
History: Sylvia was born in China to two middle-class vampires who lived among a coven. Sylvia recently moved to America to escape the oppressive vampire covens in China. She's still working on her English, but she's glad to give the students the opportunity to learn Chinese.
Other: She looks younger than she is, but whatever!

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