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An old lady named Shelia lives here, taking in Unwinds into her tiny house in a bad neighborhood.

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Ryder trudged up the street, frowning because he smelled rain.

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Saskia sighed and followed. She pulled her collar up and hugged her jacket tighter to her, trying to hold out the cold.

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Ryder dug a pair of fingerless gloves out of his bag and slid them on as they came to an old playground. "Hang out here until dark?"

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Saskia nodded and swung herself down onto a swing that creaked dangerously as she say down. She rocked gently back and forth. "Come on then. Since we had better entertain ourselves till dark, you can start off the conversation."

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Ryder sat next to her on the other dented swing and swung himself quickly, blowing his hood off. He couldn't help but grin. "Alright, I actually don't really know you all that well; what's your favorite color?"

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Saskia cocked her head to the side and thought for a moment. "Erm... I'm gunna say blue? Right, my turn. Favourite song?" She pushed back on the swing hard.

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Without missing a beat Ryder replied, "Sing; My Chemical Romance." He kept the questions flowing, "Best book you ever read?"

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"Oh shit, really? Erm... To Kill A Mockingbird, The Hunger Games, Delirium, Hush Hush, About A Boy, Pride And Prejudice... seriously, the list goes on." She turned side ways on the swing, crossing her legs. "Biggest fear?"

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Ryder laughs about her comment but shuts up to think for a second. His biggest fear. Well, it certainly wasn't death; he'd shown that time and time again. Being unwound was up there, but he decides on, "Not doing anything meaningful with myself."

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Saskia nodded. "Wow, deep, Ryder," she said with a grin.

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"I thought so. But what about you?" He asks, eyes looking to hers.

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Saskia looked down and bit her lip as she thought about it carefully for a moment. After a few seconds, she raised her eyes to meet his gaze and said softly, "Not being forgiven. Especially by myself."

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Ryder nods, understanding for the most part. He swings slower, breathing deeply. "Soon."

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Saskia dragged her feet along the ground, pulling herself to a stop. "Dark enough?" She asked, nodding the sun setting low in the sky.

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Ryder nods and gets up. "Should be just around the corner..."

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Saskia set off down the road, keeping close to the shadows and a vigilant eye out for any unwanted meetings with strangers. She stopped outside a dilapidated old semi detached bungalow.

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Ryder looks at Saskia for a second, then knocks on the door. The woman answers and pulls them in. Ryder opens his mouth but she shushes him "I don't want to answer any questions. I'll just tell you I'm on your side and want to help you."

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Saskia glanced nervously to Ryder and raised her eyebrows as if to say, your call.

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"Alright, I guess this is what we were looking for." Ryder sighed and followed the woman inside.

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Saskia followed hesitantly behind him, glancing into the night as the door shut behind her.

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Ryder followed the lady to a basement that you wouldn't expect to exist. It was small and dark, but warm. "Stay here." She commanded, leaving them behind when she when back up the steps.

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Saskia gazed around and then dropped to the floor, pushing herself up against a wall. "Talk about a turn of events... kinda freaked out though..."

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Ryder pulls his matchbox out of his pocket and lights one do thy can see each other. "I know. It's pretty crazy. I'm not entirely sure to trust her, but what can we do?"

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"Not get murdered, kidnapped, unwound, beaten up, drugged and abused. That's we can do." She blinked, the light of the match glowing before her shut eyes. Opening them, she looked at Ryder over the flame.

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Ryder met her eyes for the few seconds until the match burned his fingers. He dropped the ash that collected and leaned back. "I guess your right." He murmured, then continued to think out loud. "I wonder why we're the only ones."

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Saskia shrugged. "Maybe she's murdered, kidnapped, unwound, beaten up, drugged or abused the others and we're the new ones in town. Or, more likely, she just hasn't got any more yet." She yawned. "I'm kinda hoping the latter myself."

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Ryder laughed, "Yeah, well me too." He leans back against a wall. He relaxes for a minute, not bothering to take off his bag. "You think we're safe?"

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Saskia raised her hands like a weighing scales, moving them up and down. "Well, face cops," she said, nodding to one hand, "or face old lady." She nodded to the other hand, raising it higher. "I think I know which one I'd rather pick."

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"True. I think we can handle her." Ryder puts his head on his bag and shuts his eyes, though it doesn't make much of a difference in the dark.

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Saskia leaned her head against the wall, closing her eyes. She wrapped her arms around her, one hand tighting gripping the wrist with the tattoo.

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Ryder drifted off soon, sleeping lightly. He snored softly but didn't move much.

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The exhaustion of the day soon dragged Saskia into sleep, and she curled up against the wall on her side.

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A few hours later Ryder woke to light streaming in a small window in th top corner of the room. He blinked until his eyes adjusted and rubbed his head.

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Saskia lay still asleep, pressed up against the wall, jacket pulled tightly around her, her bag as a pillow.

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Ryder looked at Saskia for a second and decided against waking her up. Instead he pulled out his iPod, popped in headphones and surfed the web and listened to music.

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A little while later, her eyes fluttered open and she yawned and propped herself up. She rubbed her eyes with the heels of her hands.

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Ryder jumped when he noticed she was awake. "Hello Sleeping Beauty."

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"Mhm..." she murmured incoherently, pulling her hair off her face and opening her eyes.

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He laughed a little bit and tugged out his headphones. "I'm starving. You think this lady has food?"

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Saskia looked at him. "Food? Yeah, probably. You can't torture people if they die of starvation," she pointed out with a laugh, fixing her earring back in her ear.

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Ryder laughed, "So true. Let's go find out what she has, then." He stands up and goes for the steps.

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"Do reckon she'll mind if we go up there?" she said, tipping herself onto her feet. She followed Ryder to the steps but stopped at the bottom.

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"What can she do?" Ryder asks, stepping onto the first step.

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"Well.. I can think of many things," she replied, folding her arms but following him up.

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"So can I, but my stomach speaks louder than my brain." Ryder tells her as he pushes open the door at the top.

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Saskia agreed and caught the door after him as he went through.

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Ryder looks around and locks on a pantry. He goes in and comes out with a box of cookies, just in time for the woman to grab his ear. "Excuse me, mister, ever heard of asking."

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Saskia watched him from the doorway, hand on her head. "Oh Ryder..."

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"Uh. Well, not really." The woman took the box from him, opened it and handed him a cookie, a ghost of a smile on her lips.

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