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There is a food court and plenty of places to steal from...

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Ryder darted out of the music store, an iPod clutched between his fingers. Maybe it was conspicuous to be running, but it was far worse to stick around. All he had to do was act like he'd seen a friend. He looked for another teen to approach.

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Saskia slipped onto a bench, head down. She wanted to be inconspicuous. The quicker she got food, the quicker she'd be out of there.

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Ryder spotted a girl in the food court and danced over to her, keeping up his quick pace. He sat down across from her and tried to look like a normal guy.

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Saskia looked up and raised her eyebrows. "Way to get noticed, sunshine," she growled at him, eyes darting around the mall.

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Ryder shrugs, looking around. "Do you see anybody after me?" He crosses his arms and puts his feet up on a nearby table.

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Saskia stared at him for a moment, then looked away, going back to gazing into space.

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Ryder eyed her. He pushed hair from his face and pulled out his "New" iPod touch. He started messing with it, disabling trackers and setting up internet.

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Saskia sighed and sat up. "So then, sweet cheeks, what are we? Run away? Unwound bit is obvious." She eyes him critically, pulling her hair out of her collar.

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Ryder looks up, tossing the wrapping into the trash and pocketing his new toy and headphones. He strikes a match and runs his fingers over it as he talks. "AWOL, of course. And you?"

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Saskia shook her head, grinning. "What do you think, sunshine? AWOL." She nodded to the match. "Don't burn yourself."

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"I won't." He promises, though it's apparent from lingering scars in lines and spots he very well might. "How long, may I ask?"

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((Gtg now, night))

Saskia laughed. "All of three days," she admitted. "Just got told this weekend. Had gone by the next morning." She saw the burn scars and frowned.

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"Nice." Ryder compliments sarcastically, though it is feat enough to get away. "Sucks, huh?"

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Saskia laughed and then shrugged. "Och, well, I guess I had it coming. Now I've just got to find somewhere to hide for the next year," she said, pushing her hair off her face.

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"Yeah, I suppose we all did. I hear there's a safe house somewhere around here and a lot more everywhere that unwinds can hit until they can find somewhere to stay for that year or whatever. It sounds like a good idea, but the trick is finding one." Ryder tells her in a more serious tone. Maybe he was pretty open and loud, but it was a whole 'nother thing to let an adult know your and unwind.

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Saskia rested her feet on the chair in front of her. "Ay now, that means you have to trust the people who run it. Easier said than done, when the last adults you were with were the ones trying to get rid of you," she said, in keeping with his serious tone.

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Ryder nods thoughtfully. He leans forward, pinching out his tiny flame before it burns his fingers.

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Saskia raised her eyebrows. "Little boys who play with fire get their fingers burnt," she pointed out wryly, watching the flame disappear.

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Ryder tossed what was left of the match onto the ground and squished it with his foot. In that motion his sleeve had let up and burn scars among others were exposed. "I know."

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Saskia nodded at his arm. "If I were a nosy cow, I'd ask where they were from. And then you wouldn't tell me and then be sucked back into whatever bad feelings you associate with those burns," she remarked, almost in a nonchalant manner.

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Ryder even smiles a bit. "Yeah, I guess. But are you a nosy cow?"

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Saskia shook her head. "I've learnt the hard way not to ask questions you don't want the answer to," she said dryly. "So I won't ask. I'll just wait for you to tell me."

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"I'll tell you if you promise to tell me a secret of yours." Ryder figures this is a fair deal and he does feel like talking.

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Saskia stared at him. "I don't make promises and I don't share secrets," she said sharply. She tried not to make it noticeable when she pulled her jumper sleeves further around her sleeves but failed miserably. "What do you want to know?" she said finally, in a weary manner.

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"I have no idea. I don't know anything about you. Come up with something quick otherwise, I'm not sharing either." Ryder tells her, eyeing the sleeves she pulled down.

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Saskia fiddled with her sleeves as she saw where he was looking. "I wasn't asking, was I?" she said feebly. She kept a firm grip of her sleeves and held them tightly around her wrists.

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"Oh please." Ryder says to both her words and actions.

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"Please? Really?" she said, giving him a pointed look. She sighed, growled a little and then, slowly at first, pulled up her sleeves to reveal a large scar down one arm. On the other, on her forearm, she had a tattoo of a bird in flight. "Something I shouldn't have got involved in," she murmured, nodding to the tattoo.

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Ryder's eyebrows raise. "Not exactly what I was expecting. What does it mean? What happened?" He doesn't fully expect her to talk, but hopes she does.

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Saskia gave him a long, hard look. "There are some people in the world that aren't worth trusting. There are some people who will do whatever they need to to get what they want. I was part of a... clique, I guess you could call them. And they weren't exactly the best role models." She pulled her sleeves back down again. "Why, what were you expecting?"

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"I dunno. You had better make sure that tat stays yours though." Ryder tells her, pondering her story.

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Saskia laughed softly. "Don't worry; it may be part of the bad part of me, but it's still part of me." She lent back in the chair. "So, tell me, what's your little secret?"

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Ryder copies the posture she had taken earlier, pushing the sleeves of his leather jacket and sweatshirt underneath up. He only exposed up to his elbows, but it was enough to show spotty flesh burns with white lined scars over them. "You saw me with the match. Sometimes things go wrong and you just can't forgive yourself."

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"A pyro. Fair enough. There's always something you can't forgive yourself for." She stared at the scars intently for a moment, then looked back at her own covered up wrists. "Seems boys who play with fire really do get their fingers burnt."

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"Not just me either. My brother he was too close. And now I'm slatted to be unwound." Ryder doesn't explain further, but drops the sleeves of his jackets back down, already back to snapping a rubber band on his wrist, keeping his fingers busy.

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Saskia looked at his expression and nodded. "I get the picture." She rubbed between her eyes wearily and then hugged her knees up to herself, skinny jeans pinching at her skin. She rested her chin on her knees.

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Ryder met her eyes. "Well, you hungry? I think I have enough money to get some stuff." He extracts a wallet from his pocket and flips it open, revealing the ID of an older man. He pulls out a twenty and hold it up. "Yes?"

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Saskia laughed. "If you know how to do it right, you don't need money." Getting up, she headed to a nearby cafe and ordered a couple of muffins and two coffees to go. They were made, and packed up, and as she drew to the till, she slipped her hand in her pocket, appearing to be rummaging for her purse. A panic stricken look filled her eyes as she patted herself down, trying to find it. Saskia began apologising profusely to the cashier, turning around as if looking for her purse. The cashier took pity and gave her the food. She smiled an apologetic thanks, keeping a distressed look on her face the whole time.

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Ryder's jaw was as good as on the floor by the time she came back. "Genius!" He stuffed the money back into his pocket.

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Saskia didn't stop walking, nodding for him to follow her. "It's not even stealing. He gave to me freely."

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Ryder got up, slinging his backpack over his shoulder and following her. "Yeah, but it's their fault anyways, so my mind isn't affected."

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Saskia saw the logic in this and shrugged, passing him a coffee and a muffin. "I guess so."

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Ryder takes a big chunk out of the muffin and sips the coffee. "Delish."

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Saskia shook her head at him laughing, and headed for the other end of the mall, to the less occupied shops.

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"So, where are we headed?" Ryder asks, still following her lead. He didn't have anywhere to go so he was content with whatever.

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"So there's a 'we' now, is there?" Saskia said, amused. She burnt her tongue on the coffee and cursed.

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"Well, there is always a 'you' and always a 'me' so why shouldn't there be a we?" He asks innocently.

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Saskia stared at him for a moment. "Because for there to be a 'we', there has to be trust. And it's not like I'm gunna be handing it out like lemonade, sweet cheeks," she warned.

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"You read into it too much. There can be a 'we' now, but there might not be in ten minutes." Ryder counters.

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