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message 1: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn | 24 comments Mod
I mostly have seen amazing reviews but the other day I say one that was all about how it was about killing your peers and violence. It got me thinking why do I like this book and so I wondered what you thought, do you like the huger games and why??

message 2: by Merryn (new)

Merryn (MeMerrynWhoYou) | 15 comments Mod
I just watched the film about a month ago and really enjoyed it. I think I enjoyed it because I knew that it wasn't real yet made me feel really sad whenever someone died. I have been meaning to read the books since then. Apparently the second book is nearly as good as the first but the third is no where near as good. True or false?

message 3: by Trisha (new)

Trisha I really enjoyed the series and, though there is a lot of violence on the surface, the overall tone was to remain true to yourself and do the right thing. It showed a lot of society's ugliness and class warfare, polical games, and everyone trying to manipulate things to their advantage. Some of these points may be lost on younger readers, which makes it an interesting, multi-level book that will elicit different feelings if they re-read it when they are older. Much like the Chronicles of Narnia, it seemed all magical and fantasy when I was younger, but I was surprised to find such heavy religious undertones when I revisited it years later.

message 4: by Jj (new)

Jj (Moop) | 21 comments i love them
best books ever

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