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*** THis is important, You CANNOT make or post a mythical, legendary, magical, or any other type of creature or being without asking or informing the mods FIRST. If it is not posted in the creature info then talk to the mods about it. That means on your profiles please ask a mod before you put the species, please and thank you!

** YOU MUST POST AT lEAST TWICE A WEEK! If you will be gone or cannot get on please tell us! If you don't we will not hesitate to kick out non-active members! ***
* No killing another character without asking first

*No controlling another character that isn't yours unless they tell you you can. (ask each time)

*Please try to keep any chat to the chat thread.

*No teleporting or vanishing randomly without any reason.

*No Godmodding, taking control over the game, mass killing, ect.

*No talking over the top of another charrie unless they say you can.

*No giant time skips (For example you can't time skip to a month later!)

*Please take turns when you are fighting. Its has to be realistic and you have to get hurt every-now-and-again.

*No sex scenes! (It can be hinted at but please stay clean.)

*When a your character is talking please use " " and proper English.

*interact with other characters.

*Do not be rude or mean to a character without a reason. (even if its a small reason)

*Be creative and descriptive.

* But most of all have fun in this magical and frightening world!

*Any pics are allowed, animal, creature, anime, real, or not. But they have to be appropriate, I don't want to see a plummer or a mile of cleavage!

*You are allowed to kill of your character as long as it doesn't mess up the plot a ton and there is a good reason to do it.

*respect everyone's ideas and opinions.

*line Minimum of 5 sentences.

* 7 sets of 5 sentences tops. (6 paragraphs or less)

*you have to be descriptive. No short sentences or lazy writing.

*No ignoring other characters, it rude and gives the RP a bad rep.

*If you do have a problem with another member or their character please message me. I really want to make everyone have a good time roleplaying, but DO NOT comment or post your opinions or thoughts of other player in the discussions. thank you.

* For fey names, please use a name that is like or is an original fey name. they cannot be just plain names or names that you think SHOULD be a fey name. it needs to be long and fancy. But your fey character does not have to go by that name, they can use another.

*Only Mods can control other characters (teachers or someone that works for the school, or others) But only if the creator of the teacher or other says that it is ok each time or if they say the character is up for grabes.

*Only Mods can use Vains. (They don't really need a profile except for what their past were like because they don't really have personalities, they are mindless beast.)

*Non-mod member cannot make a Vain attack the school.

*be realistic, if a Vain attacked a student character, they wouldn't be able to kill it. They wouldn't have the right weapons or skill, you have to have special training.

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* One day in the Rp is 1 week in real life
1 rp day= 1 real week.

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