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мєgαη ♥ღ❀ [ωє ∂ση’т нανє тσ тαкє тнιѕ, вα¢к αgαιηѕт тнє ωαℓℓ] ♥ღ❀ | 912 comments Mod
Blood-elf territory is a muddy and dark forest, it's dangerous and full of creatures you don't even want to imagine. It's border with the elf territory is a wide river

βεℓℓα のαωη  | 153 comments Pushing a branch out of his way, Chester tried to keep pace with Eris. The Blood-Elf girl walked only a few feet ahead of him, and she was completely ignoring him at the moment. That made him determined to annoy her until she acknowledged him. "Have you ever encountered any dangerous animals out here before?" He asked. It was a question that might set her ego whirling. Chester leapt over a dark puddle of mud that stained the grass around it. Everything in this forest was stained. Dark, dirty (and not the usual forest/natural dirty either), and dismal. The knit branches above made it difficult for a lot of sunlight to come down. Close by, Chester heard a strange gurgling.

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Eris still ignored Chester as she looked around with her mismatched eyes. "Shade! Strife! We have a visitor," she hissed in the code the Spy Army used so Chester wouldn't understand her, even if he heard her. She turned and added, in a more audible tone, "Many. There are too many here; I have encountered five already."

βεℓℓα のαωη  | 153 comments Chester smirked, for a brief moment, then his expression flattened into an open gaze, his eyes studying Eris. Now that he had gotten her to speak, he wasn't about to let it drop. "What kind of animals? Squirrels?" He asked. In his distraction he brushed his arm against a tall, thorny bush and flinched as it scraped him. He tried to inspect what had been done, but there wasn't enough light. Why should there be in the Blood-Elf's Territory?

Strife prodded the stick into the muddy dirt, drawing aimlessly. He sat on a rock his head hanging down and eyes closed, not really paying attention to what he was doing. Shadow sat on another, larger boulder beside him, sprawled out on it on her stomach. She sighed, letting her breath out sharply. That's when they heard Eris' call. Strife lifted his head, blinking his eyes into focus, and Shadow leapt off the rock stiffly. "Visitor?" Shadow muttered under her breath, stretching her arms above her head as she fast-walked in the direction of Eris. Strife darted from the ground to her side in an instant, shoving his hands into his pockets as he nimbly dodged branches and ferns.

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"The elf spawn," Eris spat, glaring at Chester.

βεℓℓα のαωη  | 153 comments Elf spawn...? Shadow frowned contemplatitivly. "I've heard of it..." Strife whispered to Shadow.

Then they came into view of Eris and Chester. Shadow paused and raised a brow, lifting her arms by her head and dropping her hands behind her as she studied Chester. "What's with the hood, scardy-elf?" She smirked. Shadow was curious to see this Elf's spawn's face. Strife stayed a couple feet behind Shadow, shooting glances from Eris to Chester, then to Shadow, and back to Eris. "W-why did you bring him h-here...?" He asked Eris in code.

Chester rolled his eyes, turning his head away. Is this what Eris had been planning? All because he'd stuck to her, she had led him into unfamiliar grounds to be bullied? He wanted to say something back, but his wit had depleted due to not having talked much to anybody in the past year. He also wanted to walk away, but he didn't know the way back. Then he had an idea for a change of subject. "Hey," he looked over at Eris. "You should show me how to hunt these wild animals here in the forest."

Shadow made a pouting face when she was ignored, shifting her weight onto one foot.

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