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Cupid Knows Best by S.A. Garcia

Cupid takes pity on Carl but finding a happy ending with Marcelino is a challenge. Cupid Knows Best by S.A. Garcia, available from Dreamspinner Press.

When it comes to his professional life, photographer Carl Conrad is at the top of his game. He molds impressionable minds at the university by day and jets off to Paris for gallery showings on long weekends. Unfortunately, he pays for it with his disastrous personal life: Carl kicked his boyfriend to the curb after one too many punches, so now it’s just him and his hamsters, one of which he suspects may be a space alien.

Then Cupid takes pity on Carl and hits him where it hurts. It takes Carl all of three seconds to fall head over heels in lust with set design student Marcelino Moya, despite the man’s questionable—okay, deplorable—fashion sense. Convincing Marcelino to give him a chance is the hard part, but Carl is up for the challenge, pun definitely intended.

Marcelino plays hard to get, but he isn’t immune to Carl’s charms. Carl talks him around to dinner, dating, and eventually moving in. There’s just one tiny word standing between Carl and perfect happiness. Why won’t Marcelino say it?

Length: Novel | Genre: Contemporary | Buy as eBook | Buy as Paperback

S.A. (SA_Garcia) | 302 comments My interview about writing and Cupid Knows Best is up at Brenda and Steve's blog. It's a great interview. Better yet, if you comment on that post, you will enter to win a ebook of my new release Cupid Knows Best.

Go here to read and a chance to win!


S.A. (SA_Garcia) | 302 comments Crawl in Bed With Marcelino and Carl!

Lee Brazil gets personal with the stars of "Cupid Knows Best"


S.A. (SA_Garcia) | 302 comments Today I'm holding court at Raine Delight's blog talking about writing, compromise and being asked the $60 million dollar question by my partner.


S.A. (SA_Garcia) | 302 comments Cole is letting me curl up on his Armchair today to discuss characters and how they drive us crazy while making us love them.


S.A. (SA_Garcia) | 302 comments Today I will occupy the Dreamspinner Goodreads page from 2PM to 6PM EST answering questions, providing free stories, and offering swag.

Be there or be square!

S.A. (SA_Garcia) | 302 comments I'm in high power promo mode today! IRM asked me so wonderful interview questions. I was extremely honest... maybe a little TOO honest. *snicker*


S.A. (SA_Garcia) | 302 comments Today I ramble about Gordon Merrick over at Eden Winters's blog. The post turned into a therapy session!


S.A. (SA_Garcia) | 302 comments I interviewed my guys Carl and Marcelino from "Cupid Knows Best" for Dawn's Reading Nook. They are a handful in more ways than one!

Carl: "Turning green sounds cool! I’d be the ultimate green man from Celtic fantasy. I’d have super powers. I would force living growth into every last crack and crevice.”


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S.A. (SA_Garcia) | 302 comments Today I am guest blogging at Sue Brown's blog, discussing my fears (big rigs and snakes on stone walls) and how I defeated my terror of writing a novel set in the here and now.


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S.A. (SA_Garcia) | 302 comments I have a free b-day story at Amber Kell's blog about a young man celebrating his 18th birthday at a Bowie concert in Amsterdam. Please drop by to read and enter my book giveaway!


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S.A. (SA_Garcia) | 302 comments Raw Words from My NaNoWriMo Story Nov 9th

I just introduced a new character in my sequel to "Cupid Knows Best." What do you think?


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S.A. (SA_Garcia) | 302 comments Announcing the "The Cupid Knows Best" Test Drive!

Not sure if this book is for you? Visit my blog to read the first three chapters.


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