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Dusk Nightborn Name: Dusty
Age: 14
Appearance: looks like this
Powers: Has both a demon and an angel lurking within his soul but doesn't know it... yet (also cannot use these powers at the moment)
Personality: Quiet, keeps to himself, Mysterious
History: Forgotten...

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Dusk Nightborn Today Dusty didn't have a very good day, he got picked on again, but that was the last straw, Johnny, the biggest of them put his hand on Dusty's shoulder. Next thing he knew was that Johnny was flying through the air towards the nearest window and he was already lunging at the rest of Johnny's mates that hadn't run off in fear. "Damn Man" one of the year 13's said as he saw Dusty walking into detention, "What did you do to get in here?" he asked Dusty, "I can't remember" he replied.

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Dusk Nightborn Both Highschool and Magic sounds cool

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Dusk Nightborn "Whats up with her?" Dusty asked the kid in the corner.
"Dunno, we don't really bother to ask her." "So no one here has any idea what she's up to?" Dusty asked the rest of the kids in there. They all had the same reply, "no".

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty took a look around and tried to see if there was some way he could escape this place, too many people in one place would set him off like what had happened when Johnny had been picking on him. "Has anyone ever snuck out of here before?" he asked. he waited for a while but no one answered, "I'll take that as a no" he said finally.

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty picked up the ball of paper that had been thrown at him. "Follow my lead" it said, he thought about it for a moment then glanced over towards where it came from to see the girl who took his blood looking towards him. "What is she planning to do?" he thought.

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Dusk Nightborn "Oh Damn, how the hell did that thing get in here?!" he shouted out at the top of his lungs as he moved closer to the door, which he could hear movement out of. "Everyone move out of the way!!!" he shouted as he backed further away from the center of the room.

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Dusk Nightborn "I'm Dusty, and thanks for the help getting out of there, how did you even know that would work?" Dusty replied, as he began walking towards his usual spot, the roof of the assembly hall, instinctively thinking that she would follow.

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Dusk Nightborn He didn't know what to do, he thought about it quickly, then decided that whatever happened, this strange girl he had just met meant something to him. He closed his eyes and waited.

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Dusk Nightborn "What is this?" he asked as he saw the necklace she had placed in his hand. As he waited for her to reply he started playing with the charm on it, intruiged by the craftsmanship put into the design.

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Dusk Nightborn "Strange, i didn't think that this kind of craftsmanship would end up in a standard charm dealers place, considering this is from a few centuries ago." Dusty said, "oh and if you're wondering how i know this, I study a lot." He could tell she was lying but he didn't want to just blurt it out, he had to find some way to get the truth out of her without being offensive in any way.

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty thought about following her, but decided not to, considering they had only just met and she seemed like a friend, he didn't want to ruin that possible friendship. He sat there for a while just staring at the charm and dozed off to a peaceful sleep in the warm sunlight.

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Dusk Nightborn As he slept, Dusty dreamt of two figures, on looked like an angel, with jet black wings and a suit of shining mithril armor, the other was a demon, with crimson red skin and claws that looked as if they would tear through the plating on a tank. When he awoke he found that he was lying in a pool of sweat that was dripping off the side of the assembly hall, and the moon above him shone as full and as gloriously as it always did on a clear night like this.

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty sat there, he felt strange this morning, something wasn't right today. Ever since that strange dream last night he felt odd, like something within him had changed, he decided that for the first time this year he should go to one of his classes. Just as he stood up he saw a group of people off in the distance, all wearing Black cloaks and hoods, and under those hoods was pure darkness, no faces at all. He felt a shiver run down his spine and then realised that he could smell a horrid rotting smell coming from where those figures where. There was a strong gust of wind, and just like that, the hooded figures were gone.

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Dusk Nightborn ((So did I))

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Dusk Nightborn yay! but how do you have it saying stuff like that

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Dusk Nightborn The first class Dusty went to was English, the teacher was short and didn't have a very loud voice, but as Dusty walked past he felt the power surging around this teacher. As he sat down in the far back corner and took his books out some kid came up to him, ordering him to move. He didn't. This seemed to make the kid extremely angry so he tried to punch Dusty in the face. Just as the fist was an inch from Dusty's face there was a flash of bright light that left the kid stumbling around like an idiot. Dusty had assumed that the flash of light had come from the teacher, but no, it had come from the boy who had just entered the room, he was taller than anyone else his age, and had long blonde hair done up in a pony tail, and on his back rested a long bow, with intricate runic designs carved into the wood. as quickly as the flash had occurred there was a blunt arrow flying at the kid, who had just regained his sight. Dusty watched as the kid fell to the floor in pain, before he crawled over to a different seat. Dusty just shrugged it off as something normal. Everyone else sat down finally, and then the class begun, as if nothing had ever happened. ((sorry about the length of this, i just couldn't stop writing))

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Dusk Nightborn ((they have a few classes together, but not many, just P.E., A.E. and probably something else))

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty walked into A.E and just sat down, he never got changed into any uniform or anything, he didn't even see the point of this class for him cause he doesn't even know what his powers are. The worst part was that Johnny was in this class. All that ever happened in this class was Dusty just taking hits and being target practice for all the other kids powers, although they never really seemed to hit him, and when they do he barely felt it. He decided that if he was going to be target practice for anyone, it would be someone who would stick up for him. He took a look around and saw the archer kid standing in a corner setting up his quiver and filling it with arrows, but as Dusty started to approach him someone else caught his eye. It was Sam, the girl he had met the day before, she was just sitting there on her own.

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty just stood there, his mind blank, he didn't even feel all the hits, he couldn't stop thinking about what the dream he had the night before was really about, and what it meant. Dusty's mind came back to him the second an arrow plunged deep into the wall beside his temple. He suddenly realised the pain that he was in, and he began to feel himself loosing control. He decided that he wouldn't let that happen, not again, not like the day before when he had broken the arms of 7 year 11's without breaking a sweat. As a second arrow skimmed his right arm he looked down and saw a group of wooden boards all stung together in the shape of a shield. He picked it up and started using it to protect the kid next to him, he didn't know why, but he came to the conclusion that it was the right thing to do. All of a sudden the hits were coming harder, but for some reason the arrows never hit him, only the wall around him. He heard the sound of wood splintering and falling to the ground, and realised that the shield was falling to pieces, thinking fast he jumped in front of the other kid and started taking the hits for him,even though he knew that this would just make his own rage even greater, and that would make him more likely to lose it. A few more direct blasts of heat hit his head and then he blacked out.

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Dusk Nightborn When Dusty came to his senses he was lying on the ground outside, he didn't know how he got there, and he didn't want to know, he was just glad he wasn't in there anymore, getting tossed around like a pinball. He saw someone off in the distance with a bow, and realised who it was straight away. As Dusty aproached him he saw that he was firing arrows into a tree on the outside of the school. Every single arrow seemed to hit its mark perfectly. When he opened his mouth to speak, this boy instantly spun around with an arrow pointed between Dusty's eye. "Oh, it's you" he said as he saw Dusty's face. "Yeah, it's me, but how do you even know who I am?" Dusty asked. "I've seen you around a few times, but other than that i know you from today, you've got to have guts to sit in Luke's seat and not move from there." The boy replied. "Well anyway, thanks for not hitting me in A.E today. And by the way, I'm Dusty." "Well it's nice to meet ya Dusty, I'm Thomas Hunter" said the boy as he extended his hand. Dusty took his hand and shook it firmly. "Here, take this" Thomas said as he pulled out a sword and a leather shield, "you might need it next time in A.E". "Thanks, by the way, do you know how long I was blacked out for?". Dusty asked as he put in its sheathe and attached it to his belt. "About half an hour, why?" The boy replied. "Just wondering." Dusty said as he walked off towards his usual spot after attaching the shield to his back.

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty sat atop the Assembly hall, just observing everyone, as he usually did, he saw Sam storming off towards a forest, but decided to wait for a while before he followed her. He waited until the school was empty, then leapt off the Assembly hall. He landed with a neat dive roll. "Strange" he said to himself, "I've never done that before." As he usually did, he shrugged it off, then began walking towards the forest Sam had headed into. As he walked in he took one last glance behind him, at the school, and saw figures, like the ones in the black robes he saw this morning, only these one were in white robes, faces again covered by hoods, but there was a rose-like smell in the air, not the smell of decay. A strong gust of wind blew past him, like in the morning, and these figures were gone, not a trace left behind. He shivered a little cause of these strange happenings. He headed off once more, eager to see Sam again to ask her if she knew what had happened in A.E, although he doubted she would have any real answers for him.

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty heard something hit the ground, something heavy, possibly a sword or a shield he though. He climbed a tree to get a better view of his surroundings and as he did so he saw a figure off in the distance. Either that was Sam or another one of those strange figures he had been seeing. He estimated that it would take about three minutes to travel the distance, and headed off immediately. After jumping through the trees for a minute he started to feel strange, but pushed on. He slowed to half his previous speed. He managed to get halfway to the figure before he fell to the ground in a pile. He began to hear voices in his head. "Come home, Boy!" one of the voices shouted at him in a demonic tone. Then a second voice, "Come back to us Child" it said in a gentle tone. The voices began trying to fight one another. As darkness started to get its grip on his vision he saw the figure in the distance moving. He then fainted.

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Dusk Nightborn As Dusty lay unconcious he saw what he thought was himself, he was just standing there, doing nothing. After watching himself stand in the same spot for a few minutes he saw two silouetted figures float out from the same spot, as if they came from inside him. On the left stood the Demonic looking figure that he had dreamt of the night before, but with armor that seemed as if it were made out of lava itself, on his fists he wore gauntlets of the same material, only they didn't fully cover his claws. His tail swayed slowly back and forth behind him, scraping the sharp point along the ground, and on his head, perfectly shaped horns pierced through the helmet, and a faint crimson glow surrounded him. On the right stood the angelic figure wings spread wide and behind them seemed to be a giant halo as if it were floating on his back. The white scaled armor shone blue in the light that was constantly surrounding this figure. In the right hand he held a seemingly unbreakable tower shield made from the same material as the armor, and the sword looked like it was some form of solid light, capable of piercing any armor. A minute after these figures had appeared, everything went dark again, then he saw a face. Sam's face. Then he woke up, gasping for breath as he lay in some sort of metal treetop stronghold.

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Dusk Nightborn "What happened?" Dusty asked, looking around at this strange place where he had woken up in, "what is this place? all I remember is the forest and then this strange dream, how did i even get, umm, where ever here is?"

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty looked at her, over at the other hut, then looked back to where she was a moment before, and saw that the shape of the metal had changed. "Wait up!" he yelled as he leapt out onto a vine and swung across, "Your ability, its something to do with metal, isn't it? That's how you stuck to roof just before" Just as he said that he saw movement off in the distance, but shrugged it off, probably just a deer or something he told himself

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Dusk Nightborn "You shouldn't be so embarrassed about it, I mean, I'm pretty sure no one would want to mess with you if you could just trap them in a massive metal dome." Dusty said, trying to make her more proud of knowing what her powers were and being able to control them. "I don't even have powers, or not that I know of. Although the headmaster seems to think differently."

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Dusk Nightborn "I've never known my powers, I don't even know who my parents are, or where I grew up. I just at the school one day and the headmaster found me." Dusty said, starting to look around this metal village curiously. "I've heard whispers from people walking around school, talking about this strange book. It's about a boy, who wakes up in a school one day, and doesn't remember anything, even though he speaks fluently. I haven't read it yet, though some of the stuff it they say in about what's in it seems familiar." Just as Dusty said that he saw more movement down on the ground, and became slightly suspicious of it.

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Dusk Nightborn "Woah, looks like an old book, have you read it yet?" Dusty said, leaping over to where she was standing to get a closer look at the book. just as he landed he heard some sticks breaking down below. "Is that usual? all of that movement and noise down there in this part of the forest?"

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Dusk Nightborn "Somehow I don't think that's the truant officers" Dusty said, trying not to be too loud. "Do you think we should go down and take a look at what it is or just stay here?" As dusty replied he had already started looking over the edge to see if he could see anything.

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty looked back at Sam, only to see that she had fallen over. "Dammit" Dusty said, as he felt his rage growing. Someone had affected her, he knew it, and in a flash Dusty drew the sword and shield that Thomas had given him, then leapt down to where he had heard the sticks break, only to find nothing. He started climbing back up to check on Sam when he saw two figures racing each other up towards the metal village, one in black, one in white. Dusty climbed as hard as he could, and just managed to beat the two figures up. He ran over to Sam and hid her in one of the huts, then went out to approach the figures. "Stop right there" he yelled, as he saw the figures off in the distance, but then he realised that they were fighting. Dusty went with his instincts, and snuck up so that he had a clear line to watch the figures from, lined it up, then charged them. The two only just noticed him when he grabbed them and tackled them off the edge of the village. He regretted it imediately, but what else could he do? he couldn't fight of two people who both undoubtedly had powers on his own, and it was the only way he could keep her safe without getting himself killed. As he saw the ground racing up to meet them, he waited till the last second, then let go. He heard bones cracking in unison with sticks lying on the ground, the last thing he did before he let the darkness of unconciousness claim him was look over at the figures. All he saw was the robes fading into piles of ash, hopefully along with the bodies he though, then all went black.

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty woke up a few times on the way to where ever this cloaked figure was taking them, but only for a few seconds. As he caught a glimpse of his surroundings they seemed to be in some sort of underground castle or dungeon. He blacked out one last time, that made a total of four times that he remembered. When he awoke for good he found himself in a solid stone room that had bars at the front, similar to a prison cell. He took a look around the room and saw Sam asleep on the only bed there was. At first he was enraged because she had gotten herself caught when he had risked his life to save her, but then he became relieved to see that she was safe, no injuries that he could see. He tried to stand to move closer to her, but as he raised himself up to his feet he saw a trail of blood leading down his left leg. At the sight of that injury he flinched and fell back down in sudden pain. He checked himself over and found he had a few more injuries, his right wrist was broken, which made his sword arm useless. He tried one more time and managed to pull himself to his feet, and slowly made his way over towards Sam, to protect her in case anyone, or thing decided to try to injure, or kill her.

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty felt as if his arm was burning to a crisp, but only for a second, then it seemed normal, enjoyable even. "What is..." He stopped "Nevermind, anyway i'm glad your ok, where ever we are it doesn't look like we are getting out of here anytime soon" He said, looking at the bars that blocked their escape. "Those bars don't seem to be made of metal, just some kind of rock, I checked while you were asleep." As he finished the sentence he felt his arm begin to sting greatly, as if it had been shoved into a cauldron of molten lava. "I'm guessing this isn't normal" Dusty managed to say through gritted teeth while he cradled his arm.

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty sat there for a few seconds, waiting for the pain to go away fully, then stood up and slowly made his way over to her. "I told you, now we better hurry and think of a way out of here before the next guard passes by." Dusty suggested. After limping over to the side of the bed he made a suggestion. "Maybe you could turn my sword into a crutch to help me walk, then we would have more of a chance of an escape." Just as he finished the sentence he fell over, the pain in his leg surged to a high, then diminished as he turned himself around to lean against the wall.

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty took a few steps with this new crutch. "I have no clue what's going on, but I've seen those figures that were fighting in the woods before, each in their own seperate groups." Dusty looked out the window and saw a figure in black walking down the hallway towards their cell. "Well here comes the next guard, wonder if he'll be anymore open to us about whats going on than the other guards." As the guard neared the cell there seemed to be something familiar about him, Dusty just couldn't figure out what it was. A few seconds after the guard arrived, he left, but there was something on the floor where he had been standing. As Dusty took a look at the object on the floor he saw that it was alive, some kind of living blob of metal. Dusty gently picked it up and carried it over to Sam. "I think you should have this." Dusty said as he placed it on her shoulder.

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Dusk Nightborn "It was on the floor where the guard had been standing. I think he might have left it there on purpose, and it looks like some sort of slime or something, so pretty much a living blob of liquid metal." Dusty replied as he sat down to rest for a while. He suddenly felt a massive surge of pain in his back, as if something was trying to burst out of it. He rolled onto his stomach to lessen the pain, but the pain just grew more. As he craned his neck to look at his back he saw huge lumps growing out of his back. "What the hell is happening to me?!?!" he shouted, realising instantly that all of the guards in the area would hear and come running. He heard the first rush of footsteps off in the distance, growing louder as the guards got closer and closer. "You have to hide me before the guards get here" Dusty told Sam through gritted teeth.

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty had to gasp for fresh air, this blanket clearly hadn't been washed in probably a year or two. His back just didn't stop aching, and whatever was growing didn't stop growing just because there was a blanket over it. He felt his shirt begin to tear from what was growing, and the pain began to make his world turn into a blur. A ghostly voice rang through his head. "Don't resist." it told him. He tried not to, but he just couldn't stop resisting. After a few minutes the pain slowly started to ease, and he heard the guards walking off into the distance to continue their patrols. "phew, lucky they went away, aren't we" Dusty said. He threw off the blanket and took a look at his back, what looked like white feathers were growing on these lumps, which now looked suspiciuosly like wings. As Dusty stood up he tried moving these lumps, they moved forward then back, in a flapping kind of motion. A second after he finished flapping these growths the pain stopped and feather had grown all over them. "I guess I have wings now." Dusty stated, "And they only tore a hole big enough for them to fit through my shirt, so that's even better. What do you think of them?" Dusty asked, completely oblivious to the blue glow around him.

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Dusk Nightborn "Great, first i grow wings and then glow blue, now Sam faints, leaving me all alone in this place." Dusty said with an obviously sarcastic tone. He took a look at his wounds and noticed that what had remained of them, and older scars, had completely vanished. He tried to lean on the wall but found it too hard with his new grown wings in his way, so he lifted Sam back up onto her bed and then lay down on his stomach and tried to doze of while he waited for her to wake up again.

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Dusk Nightborn Dusk slept for a few minutes, but that was long enough for his dreams to tell him something about his powers. When he woke up he stood up and tried conjuring an orb of energy, and slowly a perfect sphere of blue light began to grow in his hands. He concentrated as much as he could and it kept growing, until he heard a noise in the distance and lost concentration, it just seemed to fizzle whenever he lost concentration. After making 3 orbs he realized how tired he was, so he let himself sleep, telling himself that Sam would be fine for now, and would probably wake him when she was ready.

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty woke up being carried by some guards, and saw that Sam wasn't with him, and he was too confused at the moment to make an orb, he thought about what to do and then tried flapping his wings. He tried, but to no avail, the guards had bound his wing s to his body using some thick ropes. Dusty started to get angry, he wanted to at least have someone he knew nearby, why would they even take him and leave Sam behind. He felt a rage building up in his body, and saw the air around him turning blue. His wings broke the ropes binding them and then stretched out, pushing all the guards away from him, but also making Dusty crash to the ground. When Dusty got to his feet he saw he was surrounded by guards, but he knew that these guards had no clue what he could do, he focused, but this time instead of and orb, a shining blue sword and shield appeared in his hands. He knew the material they were made from instantly, Blue Mythril, and it appeared that the guards knew it too, cause they turned and ran. After about ten minutes of searching Dusty found Sam's cell and used his sword to cut the bars. "We're free!" Dusk said in a hushed voice into the cell, and turned to check that there were no guards coming from either direction.

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Dusk Nightborn After a few seconds Dusty looked into the cell. Empty. He opened lots of empty cells while trying to find Sam's one. It felt like days before he finally found it. He looked through the cold stone bars and saw Sam drifting off to sleep. It took a few swings of his sword before the bars gave in, and as he broke the last bar he saw Sam starting to come to. "Wake up Sam!" he yelled at her "We have to get out of here, now!". As he finished his sentence he heard footsteps far off in the distance to his right, so he turned and guarded the hallway as he waited for Sam to get up

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty was sure that he could hear wind coming from the opposite direction of the footsteps, but after a few minutes he wasn't sure cause the wind now seemed to come from everywhere around him. The wind just grew louder with every step, even when he went backwards. "Can you hear the wind around us?" Dusty asked Sam.

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Dusk Nightborn "Strange, all i can hear around me is wind, which you can't hear." Dusty said. As he looked around he saw some figures in the distance moving towards them. "Look for a way out, I'll handle these guys" Dusty announced, even though he was sure the figures couldn't hear him. "I'll catch up easily!" And with that Dusty drew his sword and prepared for combat.

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Dusk Nightborn "Let me just try something to give us a bit more space." Dusty said, sheathing his blade. He focus as hard as he could and made an orb, he grew it as much as he could, then threw it at the wall, which practically evaporated. Where a large group of cells was now lay a large open area. "Now that's good ground for a battle." Dusty roared as the figures finally came to the ground he had just cleared and he charged forward, sword drawn with a bloodthirsty look on his face

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Dusk Nightborn Ummm, that was completely off topic and kinda distracting from the rp... and i am disappointed now, i don't like interruptions

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Dusk Nightborn (Back to the rp!!!)

Dusty was impressed with himself, out of the nine figures that came at him he managed to defeat 6, then as the others ran shot an orb at them, taking down one more. When he looked over to check on Sam he saw she wasn't there. "Dammit!" Dusty said harshly as he sheathed his sword. He took a look down all the nearby hallways and couldn't see any sign of her. After a few seconds of frustration he realised that there was a faint grape smell coming from one of the hallways, he followed it and it led to a large room, with a few doors on either side. In the middle of the room stood another figure, but his robes were different. This one wore a jet black robe with crimson red designs swirling their way up either arm. After Dusty took careful note of the blades one the belt he realised finally that this figure had no hood, instead there was an actual human head. Neat black hair trailed halfway down the figures neck, and the eyes seemed to be wholly crimson, without pupils. As Dusty took a step forward he saw the wall behind the figure slowly slide down into the ground revealing a room covered in blood. Bodies lay everywhere in the room and a putrid rotting smell hit Dusty hard, making his eyes water. Once his eyes had cleared he saw Sam in a cage hanging from the roof. Off to the side stood another figure with a hood that revealed his eyes, very dark brown eyes that were fixed on Dusty. "Who are you and what do you want?" Dusty bellowed at the figures. The figure in the middle grinned a malicious grin and raised his arm, pointing at Dusty. "Me? Is that all you want, Me?! Then fine, just let her go free!!" Dusty Shouted enraged that he had gotten Sam invovled in this. "Let her go now and I'm all yours" Dusty said, almost in a rage now and completely oblivious to his wings losing their feathers and changing shape, turning to a dark crimson colour with skin stretching over them and large claws at the tips. His weaponry also change, leaving him with a large crimson broadsword. Once the transformation had finished he resembled a demon, with a hooked tail swaying along the ground behind him and large horns protruding from his forward. When Dusty realised he had changed a large grin grew on his face and he said in a doubled, demonic voice "Now the fun begins.".

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‹phasma› ‹house of memories› (holyroller) I'll stop, kay freak? Dusk? Why are you talking with Wingsy anyway? Not to be possessive or anything, but keep way away you know? Don't annoy her, Haha, it's not pretty what she can do. Kungfu or Kerate or somthing. Foxwings, Ant, want to do a Harry Potter rp? It'll have the Weasley twins... And well do it during whatever book you want?

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Dusk Nightborn Dusty couldn't control himself, all he could do was watch as whatever he became almost tore the first one apart. When he was finished with the first he noticed that his rage hadn't begun to subside, it had instead grown, and continued to grow constantly. As his rage built up he felt himself and his powers getting stronger. As he lunged at his next target, the one without a hood, he saw no fear in the eyes, instead there was admiration right before Dusty felt a sharp pain going through his back. He looked down towards his own chest and saw a sword had been plunged clean through his heart. Whatever was controlling Dusty let out a bloodcurdling roar as it snapped the blade on either side. A searing hot sensation seemed to grow as Dusty watched the wound in his chest seal up with the remains of the blade still in it. "That was a big mistake!" The demon voice bellowed as it looked up at the person and lunged once more, getting a tight grip on their throat. With one hand Dusty drew the broadsword on his back and went to swing, but just when the blade should have made contact and cut the person clean in half, the person was enveloped in a dark mist and vanished leaving only a faint echoing voice in his place. "Missed me." it said mockingly. With that Dusty's rage grew too much, making him pass out. As Dusty slept he heard the demonic voice speaking to him, "Sorry about the mess before," it said, "first time in centuries I've been let loose.". That was all Dusty heard. When he awoke he was in the same room as when he passed out, but he immediately realised that he was back to his normal self, no wings or strange weapons and voices, just his normal self. As he looked around he saw that there was no one in the room, not where he could see at least. When he tried to stand up he saw that there was blood seeping out of his knee and realised that he had fallen on one of the ends of the sword that he had broken.

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