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message 1: by Jute (new)

Jute | 170 comments Mod
What recipe is the kind you come back to again and again? Are you a cookie maker? Do you like making pies? Is bread your thing?

message 2: by Seawood (new)

Seawood I'm definitely a cake fan, but "melting" cakes rather than "beating" ones are my favourites. I didn't have a mixer for a long time and I'm just too lazy to hand-beat a sponge. My absolute favourite go-to is a chocolate marmalade cake, which has a lovely bittersweet tang to it. I want to try to adapt it to be gluten-free at some point.

message 3: by Theres (new)

Theres | 6 comments I like everything with chocolate in it (chocolate marmalade cake sounds really interesting!)! :) I also find yeast rather fascinating, and it smells good... So I love making cinnamon buns, since it is traditional here in sweden, and everyone loves them, but mostly they are just fun to make!

message 4: by Seawood (new)

Seawood Chocolate Marmalade Cake:


message 5: by Jute (new)

Jute | 170 comments Mod
mmm nice!

message 6: by Marsha (new)

Marsha (QueenBoadicea) | 32 comments Desserts. Chocolate. That sums it up for me.

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