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Go to the market and shop till you drop.

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Jammie walked AJ over to a stand of beautiful hats and scarfs. "Look at this!" jammie cried as she picked up a beautiful blue scarf with pink roses.

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"Ooh, it's so gorgeous," AJ said. "Try it on!"

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"Okay!" Jammie laughed. She wrapped the scarf around her neck and did little poses. Laughing she took her wallet from her purse and ought the scarf. "What else should i try on?" Jammie wondered with a giggle. She was having so much fun with AJ.

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AJ came across a dress. (view spoiler) It was the kind of dress she'd worn to dances when she was alive, the kind of thing she wished she could wear even when she was dead. She put her hand on the fabric, but of course couldn't feel the delicate lace under her fingers. Now, she wished she wasn't dead, just now, so that she could have this dress.

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"That's beautiful." Jammie said as she noticed AJ looking at the beautiful dress. "Could you wear it with that spell, whatever it was.?" Jammie wondered.

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"Well, if I can't drink or eat, could I wear things?" she wondered. She really wanted to wear this dress. "I think...we should ask Melanie. Do you have a phone?" She had one, but it broke when she drowned and was now just a broken ghost phone in her pocket.

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"Yeah, gimme a sec." She said digging through her purse. "Here it is. What's her number?"

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"Oh...I don't know," she said nervously.

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"Oh, well I guess we really can't call her then can we." She said looking at more scarfs.

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"Oh." AJ's face fell. She went to put the dress back. "Wait. Is there, um, any other way we could contact her? Do you know anything about fallen angels?"

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"Well I read in a book once if you wet-ten the ground then cry out the fallen angels name then they can appear but it's unlikely." Jammie said. She walked up to a little stand selling baked goods and water bottles and bought a water. She poured the water on the ground and cried "Melanie Rochelle fallen angel of Casa Della Magia! Appear!". The air over the ground turn into a black cloud and Melanie appear.

"What!?" She cried.

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