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Broken dreams, shattered hearts. It's the river of sorrow. Pain, agony, misery are it's life source. Every scream of hatred makes it fuller. It's water is stained red from the numerous lives it's claimed. You never know what's lurking in it's unnamed depths...

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†Devil's Archangel§ (Mephiles) | 192 comments Mod
Zaydan and Ryker walked to see the river that was making there hatred grow but even then they just kept walking still fine and looking for anything to do.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "Broken dreams,shattered hearts..."Leo recited remembering the saying around this place and smiled grimly.

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Zaydan and Ryker looked around because they heard a faint sound or words coming for the north."Zaydan did you hear that???"Ryker looked around to find the source of the noise."Yeah lets go and check it out."Zaydan pointed to were he thought the noise come from.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) He sensed people near but didn't turn around,there probally harmless! he joked to himself and chuckled darkly "No one here is harmless."

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Zaydan used the trees as his path and Ryker stayed on the ground. The say someone form some distance and then ran faster. "Ryker slow down!!"
Ryker did hear him and ran right past Leo.
Zydan stopped right beside Leo and just looked as Ryker kept on running.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "Can I help you?"Leo slowly turned to look at Zydan,scowling.

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"My Bad I thought you were something to kill and maybe eat." He waited to see if his brother was come back.

Ryker was slowly waking back. "were are you???"

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "Obviously I'm not."He snapped

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"No need to snap...dang you suck at controlling your emotions." Zaydan just looked at him with the same anger that shined in his eyes.

Ryker had came back but was not going to get involved in this staring contest

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "So?"He glared back at him sensing a challenge

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Meenu Elizabeth a d Alex walked to the river. Elizabeth on Alex's back. Sge had made him give her a piggyback ride.

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Alex smith (Kosho1) "do you know how much i hate you for this i dont even see how you got me to do this"he groaned as he walked

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Meenu "Its magic." She said in a sing song voice."I'm not that heavy." She knocked on his head.

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Alex smith (Kosho1) "i know that i just dont wanna carry you around"he said as he kept walking

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Meenu Elizabeth pouted."Thats mean Alex." She relieved him of her weight."Better?"

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Alex smith (Kosho1) He smiled and kissed her"love you"

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Meenu She giggled a bit and smiled back at him."But I love you more." Pulling him by the hand, she drew him closer to the river.

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Alex smith (Kosho1) "So why did you want me to take you here again"he asked looking at the river

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Meenu She shrugged."I really dont know Alex." She stared into the depths of thd river looking to see if anything was there.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "What the hell are you doing here,this isn't a place for romance and shit you know."Leo glared angry at them for ruining the mood.

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Meenu Elizabeth raised an eyebrow at Leo."What the hell are you doing here?"

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Alex smith (Kosho1) He just stared into the river ignoring them both He felt the need to kill something just looking at it he put his hand to his shot gun the feeling died down just a bit

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Meenu Elizabeth was starting to get pissed. What the hell was his problem anyways? Her hand hovered over her sword.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "I was here long before you idiots came here,really if you two plan on getting lovey dovey go somewhere else."Leo snarled.

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Meenu Elizabeth smirked."Lovey dovey?" She looked Leo straight in the eye."Go die in a hole somewhere you asshole."Her voice was sweet and pleasant.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "Been there done that,why don't you go drown yourself in this here river and make life a hell of a lot simpler for the world."He replied calmly

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Meenu She politely considered his statement."After you. As they say, ladies first."

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "So you admit that you're a he,wonder what your boyfriend will think?"

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Meenu Elizebeth laughed."Would you like to check to make sure?"

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Alex smith (Kosho1) he wasnt paying any attention to them fighting her sat there staring at the river intetly wondering what could be living in here

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "Look I honestly don't have time for you...I was just hoping for some peace and quiet,so I'd love it if you'd just leave me the hell alone."

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Meenu ((*facepalm*))
Elizabeth considered him fir a moment."Sorry but you dont own the place. Its not exactly like we were bothering you."

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Alex smith (Kosho1) ((I'm special :D))

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Alex smith (Kosho1) ((Hello??))

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Meenu ((Hey Alex:) Are you bored?))

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Alex smith (Kosho1) (( yes:( ))

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Meenu ((awww!! :( Dont you have any other rps?))

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Alex smith (Kosho1) ((They all died :( it sucks I'm really to lazy to go on others))

message 41: by Meenu (new)

Meenu ((That does suck....:( WANNA JOIN 'Into the Woods'?))

message 42: by Alex (new)

Alex smith (Kosho1) ((Yea:D))

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Meenu ((did you join?))

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Alex smith (Kosho1) ((I will have to get on later thanks for helping me :D))

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) "Whatever..."Leo sighed and sat down on the ground glaring at the river pouting.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) ((sorry I was gone so long,I was grounded.))

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Meenu ((tht must suck!!))
Elizabeth ignored Leo and walked to Alex.

UNIT-01(Dance's Bab) (GoAwayPlease) ((it did but I'm just glad its over...))

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Alex smith (Kosho1) Alex looked at her"you ok?"he asked

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Meenu She nodded slightly."Hes just a jerk and a big one at that." She smiled.

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