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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
This is considerably late, since real life has caught up with me, lately. But, here are the winners for last month!

In the month of September, a lot of people might be injured. Maybe you get kissed by a merman as one girl at Hogwarts already has been, or maybe you might slip on a rock, get bitten by something, breathed on by a fire-breathing kitten, or just simple get a cold. It doesn't matter. The hospital wing is your safe haven now! The member who is most injured in the month of September will get 60 points for their house.

Although Ella and Ariel had more posts than Jasper in the month of September, they didn't appear to be injured in said posts, but Jasper did! 60 points go to him and his house.

Citybus Lovesong
When you come to Hogwarts you can expect many things. Friendship, adventure, mischief and maybe even some enemies. But one thing you can be sure to find is love. Well, 80 points will go to the one who has love, but not at Hogwarts. You read me right! A long distance relationship. This can have started before September, but it has to have lasted until September! If you're at Hogwarts and your love isn't, you win.


There are some who never stray, but then again, there are some who are reckless in their relationship. If you're the one who has multiple lovers, you win this for 100 points.


Goin' Out With My Boots On
Hogwarts might have a lot of Brits, but this award goes to the American! Oh yes. 150 points will go to the house this American is in! You might just get certain a red white a blue portkey...

AMY! You knew it would happen.

This award goes to the one who is pure. A lot of mischief can produce, but 200 points will go to the one who stays out of it! The Innocence award will go to someone who has 1. Never had sex. 2.Never been in a relationship. 3.Never had their first kiss. *Keep in mind that all of these requirements aren't needed. Just one or more of the above!


The Light, or The Dark in me
400 points go to the one who bags their first Death Eater. This evil thing may go into prison, be forced to be your slave, or hung above you table with candles in their mouths for lighting. Either way, if you have defeated a Death Eater by any other way than killing them, you get these points.

I don't think this ever happened... Message me if I'm missing something, though...

We're giving all members another shot at creating the most involved character within the month. We expect to see detail detail and more detail, pictures, and lots of originality and imagination involved and 700 points will be rewarded to the house of that charrie!

I was really happy with the way everyone stepped up to this challenge. I've seen some of the longest charrie bio's ever in the folder, and I want to say thank you and that I'm proud of everyone who put so much effort into making a character.
After much consideration, the winner is:: DRUMROLL:: CALL ME DANGEROUS! (Otherwise known as Eden. You go twin.)
For her character, Sin, she wins 700 points for Slytherin!!

So here are your winners. We will be putting Octobers contest up as soon as we can! Have a wonderful time! ***IF ANYONE HAS IDEAL WINNERS FOR THE THINGS THAT AREN'T AWARDED YET, SEND ME A MESSAGE!

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Bad Wolf (SecretAgentNinja) OMG YAY

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
Amy, who is your most used charrie? Their house is where the points from your win will go.

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*warning spam* ABIGAIL! do you mind posting first at St. Mungos? you can delete this post after,

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Bad Wolf (SecretAgentNinja) My most used Charrie is Amy.

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
Sak, I will post there first! :) Give me a little bit, though. I might not be able to until tomorrow. I need to read my Bible and go to bed before I have to get up in the morning for church...

Gracieface, I thought so. And she's a Slytherin, right?

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Bad Wolf (SecretAgentNinja) SLYTHERIN AND PROUD

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^^ okay, what room was it again? if you dont post before i get off, i'll post first!

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Bad Wolf (SecretAgentNinja) ish

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Abigail (ImTheKidWithTheBulletSoul) | 2315 comments Mod
Lol, I saw your post.
Well, Gracieface, points will be awarded as soon as the others are filled.

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Bad Wolf (SecretAgentNinja) joy, and joyness.

Call Me Dangerous ~*Your Personal Sin*~ (Azali) ^_^ Thanksies :D

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Swaroop (SwaroopRocks) | 789 comments Mod
Congratulations to all the winners :)

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