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message 1: by Goggly (new)

Goggly | 5 comments Mod
if theres stuff like that you want tell me. the gw lastfm group has a fucking ebaumsworld pic sooooo yeah.

message 2: by Margaret (new)

Margaret (mnemotode) | 3 comments cigar and cognac

message 3: by Fred (new)

Fred Beswick | 7 comments a picture of roland barthes

message 8: by Goggly (new)

Goggly | 5 comments Mod

message 9: by Nicholas (new)

Nicholas | 2 comments i like that last one because she thinks its funny but the humor is clearly based on the fact that nobody knows or cares about post structuralism so therefore she is awesome and smart for putting it on a cake but as you can see by her appearance she is MAYBE smart but certainly not awesome

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