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Melanie (melanienmo) | 428 comments Mod
Training Scores are given a few days before the Games. They let sponsors know how powerful a tribute was in individual training. It is important to put your best skills forward if you want to get a high training score. You will be ranked from 1-12, one being the lowest score and twelve being the highest.

Please fill out this form completely. Your character's training score will be determined at a later date. *HINT* The more descriptive the role play, the higher the training score. The scores will not be graded on grammar and spelling.


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Sharyl (Dontblametheweaponblametheperson) | 476 comments Name: Vanessa Seeder
District: 11
Vanessa walked in the room shortly after she was announced. She had been dreading this moment since she was Reaped. The moment when the Capitol decided if she was good/bad enough to be killed, played around with, or try to be saved. Sighing she went to the center of the room and bowed her head slightly as a sign of respect for the Game makers.
Then, shocking the game makers, she burst into a run towards the knives. She grabbed all she could get her hands on and threw them all at the targets. She threw them at targets that were far away and still, close and moving fast, or far away and moving. Her knives hit a bullseye each time. She threw all the knives except one which she carried with her. She then raced to the obstacle course and raced through it, finishing in record time. After she finished that, she was just now starting to break a sweat but wasn't breathing too heavily, she ran to the rock wall and started climbing up it, her knife in her hand which made it harder but she was used to carrying things as she climbed. When she got to the top she looked around and waited for the right moment, knowing that suspense (if played right) could be her ally right here in this room. Sensing it was coming soon she leapt off of the top and landed on a tree branch that was near her. The branch swayed slighty underneath the unexpected weight but she trusted it to hold. She then looked up, found a target, aimed, and threw her knife. Like all of the other ones she had thrown it got a bullseye and did it's job. The knive sank hilt deep into a crack in the floor to the side of the room. Hoping that this had been enough to impress the Game Makers she leapt out of the tree and left the room.

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*~.Alana.~* Walker (SweetDoves) | 1055 comments Mod
Name: Romeo Orlando Lorenzo
District: 4

Romeo stepped into the gym calmly, although his heart fluttered in his chest. He knew he would do well, but well was not enough. He moved flewidly to the center of the room, and bowed stiffly. "Romeo Orlando Lorenzo." He said clearly, and then his time began. He leapt to the fishing station, snatching up a rod and setting it up so he could leave it there. 14 minutes left. He ran to daggers and snatched up a bunch, then hurried over to Ice Skating where there was skates ready for him. He slipped them on easily. He flew through the ice, whipping daggers at moving targets a hundred feet away, and hitting near bulls eyes each time. At one point he tilted backwards slightly, then regained his balance. He hoped none of the judges had noticed. He hurried off the ice. 12 minutes left. He dashed to swords where he picked up a broad sword and began slicing the dummies, fainting, parrying, going through positions 1-6 easily. He slit all their throats eventually. 9 minutes left. He ran back to the fishing, and reeled in a flopping fish, and he skinned him expertly with a knife. He cut out her eggs and lifted them to his mouth. Gross, but full in protein and an easy meal. He stole away to fire making, where he threw together a fire in two minutes flat. 5 minutes left. He began mixing together poisons, yes, the woman's weapon, yet still deadly beyond deadly. He chucked his chemicals into the fire, and the gym was filled with a toxic gas that made some of the game makers faint. Romeo stepped out of the fumes dramatically. He had built up a resistance to this poison, but it still took all his will power not to cough. With two minutes left, he began fist fighting imaginary people. He sprinted, punch, kicked, basically went ninja on his imaginary foes who had to be dead ten times over by now. He bowed again as the timer sounded, and strode through the doors, pleased. He had done... well.

Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” | 586 comments Name: Raine Wood
District: 6
Raine was actually glad she was reaped. Though she hated the idea of showing what she's got this way. "Raine Wood," she tried to announce with confidence. Raine took one deep breath. She took a look around. She walked over to the throwing knife station. These were the only weapons that she could actually use. She threw each one and each hit the target either at the middle or almost there. She even did some backwards, eyes closed, and both. Her dad taught her some knife tricks before her mom died, but she didn't list it as a strength, she'd rather list it as just a skill she could do. There was nothing else she could do other than animal befriending and plant identification, but that won't really interest sponsors. She had about 7 minutes left. She dashed to the trees. Raine practically ran u 2 minutes left, she bowed and left. Well too late now since she is done. Though she couldn't do much she thought she had done well enough to get a good score, to her perspective. At least if she got a bad score she would just die in the Games and never have to talk to her father again or just go with her plan. Oh well

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kuseyo Name: Librae C. Bledsoe
District: 8

Roleplay: "The sky is the limit Leelee, don't forget that." The woman smiled at her daughter, and brushed a dark curl behind her ear. Her pink lips pressed against her daughter's forehead, then she reached over to turn off the light.

"Night, mom."

Chanel flashed a heart warming smile, and walked out of the room.

Librae sat on a bench, waiting for her name to be called. She felt her heart beating loudly in her chest, aand her leg bounced rapidly. Desperate to get the evaluation over with. She wasn't as great as districts one, two, and four. They were career tributes--training since the begin. While she spent most of her life in a shop with taffeta, lace, and satin. What if she failed? She would let everyone down. Leaving her mother distraught, and not being able to see the boy again. And after so long. She wanted to make it worth something. Little was better than nothing at all. And Librae made sure of herself she would die with pride. When she won--if she won, she might celebrate by picking on Raph later. Maybe by puling his hair, or yanking his ankles from under his seat. This made her mouth curve into a small smile. Blowing her bangs away from her face, her hazel eyes met the door when it was her turn.

Here goes nothing, she thought, and sighed silently to herself. Her combat boots made silent clacking noises agianst the clean, tiled floor. Every step she took was a step closer to what would cost her everything. Librae stood in front of the circle of Gamemakers. "Librae Canzi Bledsoe of district eight," she introduced. Fifteen minutes. That's all she had to make an impression. Maybe that was all she needed.

"And what skill would you be demonstrating?," a man spoke up on the far right of the Gamemakers.

"Sorry to dissapoint, but I don't really use weapons. I can use a dagger pretty well, though. My skill is...different," she explained, a hint of mischeif flashng quickly, then disappearing.

The man nodded, with his eyebrows raised expectantly for her to continue. Librae returned the nod, and then her private session officially began. She grabbed the dagger and stood on the marked circle. She threw two at the dummies with a red 'x', but one missed the target and hit the arm. A disappointed murmer came from the people. Librae ignored them, and continued. Using her second dagger, she sliced one that came in her way. Stuffing that filled the doll fell at her feet, and she almost stumbled on one, but hid it as best as she could when she regianed her speed. Three more dummies were her next obstacle. But they were moving. Scowling, she threw the dagger she used before, which marked the throat. Her last dagger was straped at her waist, though she didn't plan on using it. Pressing her pointer and middle fingers together on both hands, she hit the pressre points on both the other dummies. The only trick she learned that seemed worth watching from district eight.

Librae stood, and glanced at the Gamemakers for approval.

"You are dismissed."

Doing as she was told, she exited the room. Dark lashes, made her light eyes seemed more dark and guarded. It was pointless. It seemed better to die then live in a world where other people had to go threw this.

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Megan | 200 comments Name: Cosette Grey
District: 5

Cosette strolled into the training center, her face filled with detirmination and false confidence. She knew she had to show off to get a good score."Cosette Grey, District 5" She called, walking over to the knives. She went over and picked up two knives, sending them flying towards the targets. One of them hit the bullseye, the other just to the left of it. She smirked. She threw a couple more knives before jogging over to the skating.

She quickly slipped on a pair of skates and took a confident step onto the ice. She lost her balance for a second, but caught herself. She told herself to pretend that she was chasing Ceale, like she had done before. She skated around the rink quickly and smoothly, leaning forward with her hands clasped behind her back. She came to a skidding stop, sending shaved ice flying in all directions. She brushed some off her shoulder before slipping that skates off again.

She walked into the middle of the room. "Thank you for your time" She said with a smile. She might as well let the gamemakers know that she can be charming, and get sponsors. She winked and then jogged out of the room, without looking behind her.

Beck (formerly Boo) (Boooty) Name: Ceale
District: 3
Ceale entered the room with an apprehensious yet hopefully clever gaze. He called out his name and information, and then walked over to the knives. He prettymuch had their attention, knowing it was lucky he was in one of the sooner districts. The gamemakers and sponsors weren't too drunkenly uninterested yet. He stood next to the rack of knives, and quite suddenly started throwing them in rapid succession. His arm was moving like a machine, and he threw bullseyes on various targets across the room. Three were missed in all. His eyes snapped open when his arm abruptly flew emptily forward. He looked down at his hands, not remembering closing his eyes. All the knives were gone. His cheeks reddened at the small chuckling going on with the Capitol people monitoring him. He jogged over to a javelin and through a couple, but he wasn't really feeling anything with that. He had already proved his physical. He started on camouflage, making himself blend with a waterfall. He shook his hair and jogged to a dummy. He started beating it up. He forgot he was in a training center, and went back to all his suffering. His parents leaving him. Abandoning him to his aunt. The constant abusal, verbal and physical, even playing at emotion sometimes. He gritted his teeth and felt the metal head hive way and pop off, clanking dully to the ground and denting. He knew he was showing off his strengths, and he didn't really overly want that. He had no purpose in life. His aunt would continue on in an even more venomous way than before, all her cruelty and evil overdoing him. What would he become? A drunk? An insane person who keeps up half the town with screaming from horrendous night dreams and terrifying children into tears with madness and unkemptly unwelcome storytelling. His sister... He wanted to be with her. He also didn't want to kill anybody. He wanted to die in a fight if anything, with weapons. A fast death. No demonicly grotesque suffering dying. He saw a bush of plants and started handling them, trying not to look stressed. He put them on the ground and an angry-looking animal sat down and started to take a nap. Now for the finale. He put on skates and jumped onto the rink, swirling around at crazy speeds. He then pulled a bow out and rubbed a few of the proper herbs on the tip. The serrated metal/steel point burst into flame. The small fore had a slightly blue undercast, but just a shadowing hint. He began shooting the ground, occasionally shooting few dummies near the viewing area. The ground and parts around it blazed with his special fire. They were trapped in their little area, the barrier a strong wall of waterproof fire. His arrows were hitting the ice in a line now. He continued shooting, burying the flaming weapons deep into the ice. They eventually started to formed a pattern. It was a circus board, with all the wiring and flashing bulbs. In the middle was said 'STAY STRONG, ALL THE DISTRICTS. IN HONOR OF ALL THE SACRAFICED FOR THE HUNGER GAMES.' he knew it was simple, lame even, but it was all he could think of. He leaped off the ice, hurtling over a fencey thing and running out with one remark. "Happy Hunger Games."

Beck (formerly Boo) (Boooty) Name: Erica Bowling
District: 2
Erica strode in, a smug overcast to her cunningly beautiful smile. "Erica Bowling, District two. Honor to be here, representing my district and all." she said with confidence, but she couldn't help a certain amount of awe and respect wash into her voice. She cut herself off with a smile, then turned on heel to the ice rink. She jumped onto it and skated around, throwing knives as she did so, a feral look enveloping her face as she hit the dummies in all the fatal positions. The neck, the heart, the eye, etc. She accelerated speed, shifting to a bow and quiver of arrows, resuming her shots with a concentrated air of a practiced killer. She jumpe off the ice with grace, looking like a gymnast as she flipped onto regular ground. She went onto a balance beam and sprints across it, still murdering dummies with her weapon. She scaled a tree and sawed off a branch. She let it fall and set it on fire, the actual burning taking a minute or so. She spent that time calling up an animal. She shot down a pack of wolves with no problem. Similar outcome happened with a bear. By the time she was done, she bowed proudly in front of the attentive gamemakers. She wanted to sat something smart, something they'd remember. She was finally living her dream. This was her purpose. Her life. What she had dedicated all her time, effort, and heart to. Her amazing stroke of luck had brought her here, standing in front of her idols. She bowed and tried to smack the smile off her face. "Thank you." she said before reluctantly exiting, surveying it carefully as if she hoped it wouldn't move into her mental house if memories. As if she wanted it to stay in the present, this moment.

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Sharyl (Dontblametheweaponblametheperson) | 476 comments Name: Seth
District: 11

Seth watched as Vanessa went into the evalutation room. He knew that meant he was even closer to his turn at trying to impress the game makers. He waited twenty minutes before Vanessa came out of the room again, her face showing no emotion. He watched her walk out of the room he was in, he hoped she did well enough to get sponsers in the Arena.
Sighing, Seth waited until he was called. Finally he was and he went into the evaluation room. He walked to the middle and said, "Seth, District 11"
He then looked around and saw the weight lifting section and he was suddenly reminded of a game he and a few of his younger friends used to play when they were all ten.
The point of the game was simple. Who could throw something the farthest. You just had to grab a weighted ball and then swing it around and around in a circle and then let go. The person who threw the weight the farthest won. Seth had usually won those games as a kid and decided that since he didn’t have any other kind of plan then that would have to do.
He walked over there and grabbed a weight that was around 90 pounds. He was used to carrying more but decided not to push it and besides…the game makers couldn’t see the mass of the weight he held.
He went to the far side of the room and faced the trees on the other side. He lifted the weight up and started swinging it around and around. He spun and he spun, the weight going up over his head, getting lighter by the second from it’s own momentum. It was wonderful. He spun with the weight until he felt as if he didn’t have a care in the world, then he let go. As soon as the let go he put a hand against the wall to steady himself as the world spun before him but the Game makers didn’t notice that. They were looking at where the weight had landed. When his vision cleared he also looked. It had hit the farthest tree in the room, making it look like he had aimed it there on purpose. Wondering at the amazement of it all he nodded to the Game makers and then left the room with a slight smile on his face.

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Sharyl (Dontblametheweaponblametheperson) | 476 comments when will the scores be up does anyone know?

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ĸay | 347 comments Name: Jemina Aurora Clarr
District: 1
Jemina leaned against the wall as she waited her turn to be evaluated. She didn't twiddle her thumbs or bite her lip or tap her feet or whistle in the silence. She seemed more of a statue than a living being, if anything. She looked over at the boy from District 7, who was staring right back at her. They locked eyes in an intense glare contest, before he raised her hand and gave her a gesture. A slight thumbs up. It made her smirk--only slightly. 

However, she didn't look at anybody else that she knew.

"Jemina Clarr."

She immediately stepped forward, the doors opening before her.

A few hoots and whistles from the younger men were called her way, as she tried her best to ignore such remarks and stood before them.

"Ah yes, you are from District 1, I presume?" An elder spoke.

"Yes, sir.." she answered blandly.

"I can tell by your glamour. Anyways, will you be showing us any special attributes this hour? You only listed one thing as your best weapon..."

"U-Uh, yes, sir..."

"Hmm. Luckily, we've set up a special session for you. You may begin.."

Robotic tendrils sprouted from the floor, grabbing Jemina's ankles and pulling her into what seemed a pit with a giant minus plastered on the dark floor. Her senses heightened, jerking back and slipping her arms and legs out of their grasp. She reached for the blade rack, only for the arms to grab another arm and leg, straining her back. Her fingers reached as far as they could, inching towards the hilt. Her nails dug into the tile before they began to screech. A metal limb then wrapped around her neck before she took hold of the sword and sliced the metals into pieces, having them retreat.

She swallowed hard, panting.

A few of the higher order clapped, before she shakily stood and bowed.

"T-Thank you.."

And left.


Name: Garret Sawyer
District: 7
Garret sat patiently in the waiting room as he watched people come and go. Like always, he had a drag in his mouth. His leg moved repeatedly up and down nervously, as it was always natural in events like these. He felt a bit enclosed due to the gray stone walls and the proximity of how far they were apart, making him more on edge. Luckily, he had his cigarette to concentrate on, as it was the only thing keeping his heart rate to a minimum.

"Garret Sawyer." Summoned the woman from the speakers.

He sighed heavily, standing up and not thinking to put out the drag, placing his hands in his pockets before the doors opened before him. The scenery wasn't at all amusing nor captivating. The same size of the gym, only nothing spontaneous or out-of-the-ordinary set-ups. He came to the center where the Gamemakers stared heavily down at him as if he was bait to a bird of prey.

His natural, half-closed eyes pointed themselves right back at them as well.

Before he began, a comment was made, "Are you going to put that out."

It was more of an order than a question.

Garret rose a brow at them, "I didn't realize I was being scored by my preferred annoying habits."

The one who spoke seemed to be a bit taken aback...and slightly ticked, "Very well. Carry on." He motioned.

Garret shrugged, keeping his cig in his mouth and not bothering to tap off the ash that was gathering. He grabbed a steel sword, twirling it curiously in his grip, before the circle around him began to spawn with target dummies. The sound of ringing steel and slicing rubber filled the air for only a few seconds before it was silent. Seven dummies in all, with three of the heads cut off and the four others with the bodies barely hanging together.

After a long wait, Garret stared back up at them, ".....Are we done now?"

Without an answer, Garret put out his drag in a bowl on the stainless steel table. It wasn't meant for cigarette ash...until now. He then nodded his head and left the room immediately, his footsteps fading before the heavy doors shut closed.

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Sharyl (Dontblametheweaponblametheperson) | 476 comments ((I know that I asked this earlier but when will the scores be up?))

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*~.Alana.~* Walker (SweetDoves) | 1055 comments Mod

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*~.Alana.~* Walker (SweetDoves) | 1055 comments Mod
Name: Kvinna Ökade Styrka
District: 7

Kvinna was not nervous. Though others believed so, sponsors were useless- to her, at least. Walking into the centre, she barked her name and distric emotionlessly. As if they'd remember. Her bright green eyes were hooded, and she met none of the makers eyes.
Strolling briskly to the bows and arrows, she flipped a quiver onto her shoulder and nabbed a bow. Turning, she sprinted to one end of the gym in amazing speed. She had short bursts, though not distance. Drawing an arrow carefully, she aimed ahead of a target a least a hard away. Her eyes brightened as it hit bullseye. She quick released the remainder of the arrows on different items around the room, dealing fatal blows, though not perfect bullseyes.
With a dozen minutes left, Kvinna went to Climbing. It was no the most impressive of stations, but she was. Cracking her knuckles, she bent her knees and shot up the huge and fake tree. Within minutes she reached the top, and was down in half the time.
Next she moved to animal befriending. With the eight minutes the remained, she turned to the makers and told them the following:
"For three days I have trained this savage wolf to do everything I command." Whistling sharply, her Moon charged to her, blue eyes alert. She sat abruptly at Kvinna's teeth, although she did not meet her eyes. Kvinna allowed a smile and began.
Sit, stay, come, lie down, up, hide, hunt, kill, pin, kisses, howl, growl, bite, go and be back, stalk, track. All these her Moon could do. Her timer rang jus as she was finishing up, so she turned and bowed stiffly. Kneeling, she asked for a kiss and grinned as the wolf did so happily.
Walking out, Kvinna suddenly hoped it had been enough.

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*~.Alana.~* Walker (SweetDoves) | 1055 comments Mod

Jemina Aurora Clarr district 1: 8
Erica Bowling district 2: 8
Ceale district 3: 9
Romeo Orlando Lorenzo district 4: 10
Cosette Grey district 5: 6
Rain Wood district 6: 7
Garret Sawyer district 7: 7
Kvinna O. Styrka district 7: 9
Librae C. Bledsoe district eight: 6
Vanessa Seeder district 11: 7
Seth district 11: 7

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Megan | 200 comments Tied for lowest *gives self high five* YEAHHH BUDDYYYY

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Sharyl (Dontblametheweaponblametheperson) | 476 comments a lot of 7's and 6's wow

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*~.Alana.~* Walker (SweetDoves) | 1055 comments Mod
:P hehe yeah.

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